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Boquete Hospice – Blood Donors

I received the following request to post.

Hi Don:

Would you please post this for all of us?

Read all about it! Register your blood type.
http:// boquetehospice. com/ blooddonors.html

We are not asking you to donate blood on a regular basis.

We are asking that you register your blood type for future use.
Blood donations are needed for persons who need blood on hand for surgery or in case of an accident.

Rarer blood types are hard to find and it is especially important that you register if you have a rare blood type.

Register your blood type or if you need blood contact:
Mary Lynah, 6533-0967, mhlynah @ gmail.com, or Clair Edmonds 6887-6083.

The registry is confidential, kept by Mary and Clair who are both retired RN’s living in Boquete.
We have 90 persons registered and need another 110 persons to register, bringing the total to 200.
We added 8 people last month.

You will be asked to provide your name, telephone number, age, blood type, medications, medical conditions.

See complete qualifications at: boquete hospice.com. Click on blood donation.

Hospital Chiriqui and Hospital Mae Lewis do not have blood blanks. If you go in for surgery they will ask you, with very short notice, to provide two pints of blood of the same type as your own.

Organic Produce sale at Restaurante Maná

I just received the following email from Jorge at Restaurante Maná

From: Jorge Luis Cedeño

To: Don Ray

Hola Don,

Just wanted to inform you and your readers that starting this Saturday, December 19th at 10AM, Finca Santa Maria and Restaurante Maná will pair up to sell organic produce at our restaurante every Saturday. This is an effort to bring our community here in David, healthier and chemical free food.

At Restaurante Maná, Vicky and I are working on a new menu that will integrate as much organic food as possible.

Please come and help support our efforts to a healthier eating life style!

Thank you!


From Finca Santa Marta Continue reading Organic Produce sale at Restaurante Maná

Visit To INDELCO in Clinica San Fernando

My eye exam was in the Clinica San Fernando in Panama City. This is a very modern and well equipped medical facility. The actual exam was done by INDELCO (Instituto de Laser y Cirugia Ocular).

I really did not know what to expect on the eye exam. Had I known more about it, I would have prepared better. The exam was basically to take photos of both eyes at 5 minute intervals after an injection of Fluorescein. Continue reading Visit To INDELCO in Clinica San Fernando

Panama City Doctors

Recently, I have had a few people searching for Doctors and finding an old post that references a dead URL. I requested information from the US Embassy and received the following. Unfortunately, these are only in the Panama City area and doesn’t cover the other provinces.





E-Mail: Panama-VISAS@state.gov


The American Embassy Panama, assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or reputation of the persons or medical facilities whose names appear on the following list.

There are many medical and dental facilities available in Panama City. The telephone numbers of some of these institutions are:




Hospital Punta Pacifica 204-8000


CENTRO MEDICO PAITILLA 265-8800/269-5222



HOSPITAL PEDIATRICO 229-2299/229-2477



SANTO TOMAS HOSPITAL 227-4122/225-1738

(Panama Public Hospital)



All the listed institutions have English speaking physicians.

Continue reading Panama City Doctors

H1N1 Global Pandemic Message

I received the following email message from Lic. Wee-Mingh Fung (President of the Chamber of Tourism of Chiriquí). If you have been watching the news on TV, this will not be any surprise, but I felt it was important to let you know that Panama is not ignoring the situation. Below is my English translation, followed by the original Spanish message.

Hello All, I am forwarding a story of importance.

The World Health Organization is declaring that H1N1 is now a global pandemic. This is the first time this has been done in 41 years. This disease has already affected over 74 countries and more than 27 thousand people in other countries and apparently has not been contained and continues to grow.

This statement can further negatively affect the state of the global economy ….

View news in:

Abdiel, please forward this story to the other members of the Chamber of Tourism of Chiriquí.


Lic. Wee-Mingh Fung
Cámara de Turismo de Chiriquí
David, Chiriquí, Panamá
Office: 507-775-0253
Fax: 507-775-7115
Mobile: 507-6677-5261

The original Spanish version follows: Continue reading H1N1 Global Pandemic Message

Worth Discussing

I received the following email, which hits on one of my gripes about Panama.

From……: CH

Hi Don: Since moving to Panama, I am wondering why nothing is said or posted by a Dr., regarding the loud music. I don’t mind, but my main worry is with the volume for every event, there should be repercussions with hearing and Panama people. My husband was in the army and on the gun squad and the repeated noise has left him almost deaf on his right side and there is some loss of hearing on the other. Last night approximately 6PM, 2 vans were parked on the street near Super 99 and they were giving pamphlets. You can almost feel the concrete move with the vibration and I had to cover my ears because there is nothing wrong, to date, with my hearing. Panama people should be advised that this is a health issue for them in the future and especially for the children.

Continue reading Worth Discussing

ACS Message Related to Yellow Fever

I requested information on the Yellow Fever Vaccinations from the ACS and they sent me the following:

September 30, 2008
The Ministry of Health reminds Panamanian and foreign citizens that there are three places equipped and authorized for vaccination against yellow fever in the Republic of Panama, where an international vaccination card will also be provided.

The centers are: the international vaccination office of Metropolitan Health Region, located at Los Ríos (reverted area), main street, on the side of the Institutional Protection System, building 237; office of International Maritime Health in the port of Cristóbal, Colón province; and the office for Regional Epidemiology Coordination in the district of David, Chiriquí province.

Attention hours for those who need the vaccine are Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and the cost is five dollars.  Passengers in transit and coming from countries that are not included in the list of 45 countries with risk of yellow fever transmission, according the World Health Organization’s (WHO) classification, are not required to have the international vaccination card against this disease.

For this vaccine to be effective it must be applied 10 days before the stipulated travel date and the dose duration (efficient protective titers) is 10 years.

The health measure announced by the Ministry of Health, of requesting as of next November 1, that all national or foreign travelers that enter Panama from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission be vaccinated, seeks to prevent the resurgence of the disease in the country.

It is necessary to remember that the last cases of sylvan yellow fever in Panama were registered in 1974 and the Ministry of Health tries to comply with what is established in the 2005 International Health Regulation (RSI), in preventing the spreading of epidemics and improving cooperation among countries with that same objective.
Its adaptation is oriented towards current world challenges in view of the reappearance of infectious diseases, of the growing risk of international spreading and of the appearance of new health alerts with worldwide repercussions.

According to the WHO, 111 countries (including Panama) require that persons who enter their territory from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission be vaccinated.

Panama has an established epidemiological monitoring of yellow fever, proper attention of suspect cases, continuous education to the health team on disease prevention and control, information, education and communication with the community of prevention and control measures of yellow fever,  a viral, transmissible, preventable and acute infectious disease, of rapid evolution and variable seriousness that is transmitted through a mosquito bite.

Continue reading ACS Message Related to Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever Email

I received the following Yellow Fever email:

From……: Mike Owen

Hi Don. Here is a message I posted on Gringos and Americans in Panama.

FYI. Four of us went today for our yellow fever shots. Talk about an
easy process. In and out in half an hour. Usual amount of paperwork
and signatures but very painless. While we were at the office, I had a
call from a friend in Coronado telling me that lines were “Out the
door” in Panama City. One person waited from 7.00am until closing time
and never got their shot. If you are going to do it, do it now.

I have been planning on getting mine. I guess I will wait and see how Mike does first. 🙂