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David Gas Price January 10

IMG_0256It has been a while since I posted the price of gas in David. I took this photo yesterday.

Remember for U.S. comparisons, you have to reduce the octane rating by 4. Therefore, 95 octane (in Panama) is 91 in the U.S. and 91 (in Panama) is 87 in Panama.

The price of Panama’s 91 octane (what I buy) is $.65/liter or $2.46/gallon. Best price we have seen in some time. You can see that diesel is slightly cheaper.

Gas As of July 25

I think all stations in David are now on the Metric system. To get the price per gallon multiply by 3.78.

91 octane (Panama), which is 87 octane in the US would be $3.91.
95 octane (Panama). which is 91 octane in the US would be $4.27.

Remember that Panama uses the European octane system and you have to subtract 4 to get the US octane.