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What Is it?

Yesterday I was brought this fruit from Costa Rica. It is shaped like a pear. In Costa Rica it is called a Manzana de agua (water apple). I haven’t tried it so I can’t describe how it tastes.

Are you familiar with these? What is it called in Panama? I know the first word, but not the second. The first word is Marañon.

My New Baby

I have a new baby. It has been a while since I checked and today I noticed it. It looks like it is going to be ready in another week or two. Currently it is only about four to five inches and I think it needs to be a little larger. What do you think?

New pineapple

One good thing about living in a tropical environment is that pineapples grow well. When you buy the pineapple, remove the top and plant it. This will produce a new plant and fruit will follow.

Pretty neat.

That Is A Couple of Nice Mamones

I hope I spelled it correctly. Mamones is a fruit that I enjoy buying here in David. You will see it being sold a lot along the side of the road. I understand it comes in red and yellow, but I have only seen the red ones.

It is interesting to look at and interesting to eat. You easily break through the outside skin and you find the fruit, which is similar in texture to a pealed grape. When you eat it, however, it is nothing like a grape. The fruit is soft and tough and chewy. The flavor is a combination of sweet and sour at the same time.

From what I hear the yellow ones are less acidy and sweeter. You can’t get them year round, but when they are in season, I try to buy them often.

Panamanian Tangerine and Orange

One thing that I still have a little trouble getting used to here in
Panama is the color of some fruit. To me many of the citrus fruits look
almost the same and none look like I was used to in the US. The flavor
is good and if I didn’t see the fruit before I tasted it, I think I
would identify it correctly.

It is the color. For example here is a photo I just took of a tangerine
and a orange.
Tangerine Left - Orange Right
Both of the fruits are ready to be consumed. The tangerine on the left
almost made it to an orange color. However the fruit on the
right, an orange, looks like it should have been named a green not an
orange. I have to feel of them and by their softness I can tell if they
are ripe enough. It is just one of those things that doesn’t seem right
to me.