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I have been meaning to take this photo for several days. There is a coconut tree on a street near me. I have been noticing that some of the hanging coconuts had holes in them. Today I remembered to take the photo, but when I walked to the tree all of the coconuts had fallen.

Here is a photo of one of the coconuts that was in the tree. Remember, it was hanging with the rest of the bunch of coconuts. Can you guess how the hole got in the coconut way up in the tree?

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Pandería Santana

Between Concepcion and David, on the right side of the road as you head toward David, you will find Pandería Santana. I have been planing to stop for some time and returning from Santa Marta yesterday seemed like a good time.

This is sort of in the middle of nowhere, but I bet it is a blessing to those that live in this rural area. Many travel by foot, bicycle, or bus in this area, and to have a nice bakery close by has got to be a treat. Continue reading Pandería Santana

The Crop

Yesterday I took a photo of my pineapple crop. I have three pineapples that are getting close to picking size. Remember, if you buy pineapple, buy them with the green tops on if you want to grow your own. Later twist the green part off and plant it. I think these (only one in the photo) were done that way a little over a year ago.


On my walk the other day, this Marañón seemed to be asking if I would immortalize it by putting its photo on the Internet. Who could resist such an invitation from such a beautiful specimen.

You may not be familiar with this fruit in this form, but you are probably familiar with something that comes from it (cashews).

Strange Pineapple

As you well know, I haven’t been doing much posting lately. I am still fighting a cold and it just hasn’t left me with much energy. I decided I needed to get out today and went to the farmer’s market this morning.

I bought lots of fruits and vegetables, but the prise was this strange pineapple.

It looks like a mutation. However as you can see in the following photo, it was only one of several of these odd looking beauties.

I will find out how the flavor is after I let it ripen a little longer.