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Wall Hangings

Two signed and numbered limited edition Lithographs by Phillip M. Turner. I bought both in 1967 .

Big Horn #141/500.- Still has original price on it of $201.
Wise Talk – #332/500. While price is covered up, it was similarly priced as the Big Horn.

You can have them for $35/each. Both are 20” x 26”.

A signed photo of the U.S. Capital. I had it in my office when I worked in the D.C. area.

$15 and it is yours. 20″ x 16″.


Items for Sale

If interested call 6638-3372 or email donraycc @gmail.com (remove the spaces.

Halliburton Briefcase – $75

If you know anything about Halliburton cases, they are built to last.
This case is in very good condition. There are a couple scuff marks that can be covered with shoe polish. Following are two Links to give you an idea of the construction Link 1 Link 2.

SOLD HP Air compressor with different connectors. $25

Here is a similar item on Amazon.


SOLD Two drills – $35 gets you both.

Black & Decker 3/8” Hammer drill. Like new. Used about 5 times.
Older Craftsman 1/2 HP drill.

Heavy duty 18’ Jumper cables. $10


Shoe Shine kit. $5

Casa en venta por el propietario en David, Chiriquí / House For Sale by Owner in David

Álbum de fotos al final – Photo album at the end. English version follows the Spanish version.

Casa en venta por el propietario en David, Chiriquí $330,000

Moderna residencia ubicada en Villa Venice área del Terronal, cerca del centro comercial con restaurantes, supermercados, bancos, etc. Posee cuatro habitaciones, cuatro y medio baños. Garaje cerrado de puerta automática con capacidad para dos carros y espacio para almacenamiento.

Esta vivienda posee un amplio concepto de diseño abierto que fluye desde la sala de estar, pasando por el comedor, desayunador y cocina.
Tres abanicos de techo y un aire acondicionado de gran capacidad se encuentran en la sala y comedor. Cada una de las cuatro habitaciones tiene un baño completo, abanico de techo y aire acondicionado Split. El dormitorio principal cuenta con un amplio walk-in closet.

La sala de estar está equipada con un televisor de pantalla plana y sistema de sonido envolvente. Todas las habitaciones tienen conexión para televisión por cable e Internet. También hay conexiones de Ethernet en la sala de estar y el dormitorio principal. El internet de alta velocidad es proporcionado por Cable Onda.

Techos de dieciocho (18) pies sumado a las amplias ventanas junto con las puertas corredizas de vidrio que dan a la terraza. La cual ofrece un amplio espacio que permite colocar un segundo comedor o mesa de billar. La terraza posee un medio baño y área de lavandería.

Desde la cubierta de la piscina se puede apreciar la vista al jardín posterior que cuenta con una variedad de plantas y árboles frutales junto con un pequeño estanque. La piscina está rodeada de una cubierta de madera con zona de estar bajo techo, convirtiéndola en un lugar ideal para reuniones familiares y con amigos.

El espacio de la vivienda es de 2,626 pies cuadrados (244 metros cuadrados) y el tamaño del lote es de 8611 pies cuadrados (800 metros cuadrados).

Garantizando la seguridad, el vecindario cuenta con seguridad privada y una patrulla policial nocturna. La vivienda está equipada con un sistema de alarma y ocho cámaras de seguridad que abarca todo el perímetro de la casa y puede ser monitoreado a través de Internet. Además, la casa se encuentra reforzada por portones y verjas de hierro. Los gastos de la cuenta de electricidad están alrededor de $50 a $60 dólares por mes, lo cual favorece el ahorro de energía.

Para obtener más información, correo electrónico sevendeforsaleelterronal@gmail.com
o llame +507 6638-3372 (Inglés) o 507 6509-2671 (Español).

English version follows: Continue reading Casa en venta por el propietario en David, Chiriquí / House For Sale by Owner in David

For Sale – Brother – HL-2240 Printer

BPThis Brother – HL-2240 printer had been shipped to Boquete by the deceased gringo of the current case I am supporting. His daughter said to ask $50 for it and she was hoping it will go to someone that will use it.

I understand that it was lightly used. It is in the original Brother packing box. If you have an interest, please contact me. I will send the funds collected to the daughter in the US.

Splendid business opportunity for sale!

I received a request to post the following. As I state with all such posts, it is up to the interested parties to do their own due-diligence.

The opportunity of a lifetime! This property/business/opportunity we offer you is approaching its time in development. Our vision for this storage business has steadily continued to grow into different chapters and the growth of this area (with tremendous rise in population) has not disappointed.

In 2007 we realized that there were no public storage facilities in the area yet people were moving here and building homes, especially in Boquete. 8 years later we know we were on the right track – our storage capacity and business has more than doubled since its inception and opening. With the growth of our business also came older age for the 3 owners/partners. We have ideas and ambitions and plans, and will continue with them, but the business now needs some younger blood for continued successful growth.

Today our 1.02 hectare titled property, located on a major new 4-lane highway, prime location between 2 rapidly growing areas of Boquete and David, is 85% leveled, 40% utilized, contains a nice 3 bedroom house our manager lives in, and a 38 foot fifth wheel motor home which sits under a grove of trees, for the owner’s use.

In addition 13 marine containers are divided into 52 storage units of various sizes, and we offer car, boat, and RV storage; an income of over$5,000 monthly is possible. We have always averaged 75-85% occupancy and have expanded as necessary. Every year we have increased our income.

In addition we host a monthly flea market going strong for 4 years now, about 60 – 80 vendors, a nice side income for the owners. We also have a small corner of our property leased for 20 years for an internet tower. In addition to the rent, we also get free internet. We also accommodate RV’s traveling through Panama with camping and hookups. An onsite ozone clinic funded by two of the owners is also available and not included in this sale.

The property is shaded with many trees and plants and features a year round creek running through the property and a creek outside running front of the gate. There is never a water issue as our 40 foot deep well provides us with pure drinkable water all year long.

Above is what we currently have built; below is a look at prospective opportunities for the prospective buyer:

The north end of the property houses the flea market and 3 block and concrete storage units. The storage units currently provide $630 per month in rent and the open flea market area provides approximately $800/mo net to the owners. The total square feet of this area is 30×80 (2400 square feet, including the storage units). (Two of these units measure 15x9x10ft, one measures 30x9x10). Total monthly revenue from this area is currently $1,430 per month.
Suggestions for alternative uses of this space and further development are:
Expand the storage business in this locale, 6 more units (approximately 40 sq. ft.), at a cost of $5, 000 each ($30,000 total), and with 70% occupancy rate you will amortize your investment in two years. After that it is pure profit. Currently we are keeping the flea market as a community service since we’ve initiated Phase II of the business in the back lot.
Alternatively this north area can be converted to a business mall with rents of configured units of approximately $2.50/sf, yielding each unit approx. 270 sf, at a rent of $675/month = $4,050 per month ($48,600/year). This is a prime possibility given the growth in the area north and south, the location, and lack of shops, restaurants, and services.
In the back lies a grassy area and seasonal creek (mostly year round) where 6 condos can easily be built. This is a more ambitious project as the cost of construction is around $100/sf. There are no condos in this area and they would be welcome. Most people now moving to Panama (Chiriqui) are looking to rent or live in a smaller space. Easy for locking and leaving. Also some buy condos as an investment and rent them out. Condos at 1000sf each cost $100,000 and each can sell for $140,000, more or less. Possibly 6 units with a pool and stream running by would be a good project. Total costs equal over $1,000,000 but the return on your money will be at least 10-15%.
Another idea that was presented to us in the same area is a small hotel. Figure a cost of about $1,000,000 again for the construction, and possibly 15 rooms for rent, plus a swimming pool. Rooms about $90 per night each night = $1,350 per night (total capacity), = $40,000 per month, optimum.

All the above have been developments beyond our scope and plans at this time. There is also room for expansion as the lot south of the property is for sale at a very reasonable price.

Note: The cost of operating a business is much less than in the United States or Canada. Our employee earns $22 per day, 6 days a week, plus benefits including the house for he and his family to live in.

Price: $750,000.00 Price Reduced $679,000
Contact Linda 6503-7756 or chiriquistorage@gmail.com for more information

HERE is a Video of the property.

For Sale Restaurante Stella’s Marina (derecho de llave)

I received a request to post the following.

Selling key right (derecho de llave) from Restaurante Stella’s Marina in Pedregal de David

Price 15.000.- US$ including permiso de operaciones and alcohol license.

Whole Inventory of the restaurant, Gas equipment, gas grill, deep-friers, gas stove, working tables, refrigerators, deep freezers, micro-wave, soup bowls, platters, dishcloths, espresso machine, cups, tables, chairs, music equipment, and a lot more.

All equipment is used but functional.

Monthly rent 588.50 $ included tax,

Rent includes to security and water.

For more information contact Walter & Annabelle.

Email address unholzw @ yahoo.com (remove the spaces)
Walter cell # 643 15 850
Annabelle cell # 643 62 059

Items for Caregivers

I received a request to post the following.

My husband passed away 2 weeks ago, and I have a lot of things for caring for him that I am now trying to sell.

I have two almost new items, a fully electric hospital bed purchased at Hogar y Salud (used only 3 weeks): $1,200

A mobility scooter that comes apart into 4 pieces so it can be carried easily in a car. The scooter was used only 3 or 4 times. It goes up slopes and includes an extra battery: $1,275

Other equipment: A commode/shower chair, $75;, a bath lift chair for people who want to use a bath tub but can’t sit down or stand up by themselves, $375; a bath tub hand hold and 2 suction cup hand holds, $20; and 3 ramps made for thresholds and bumpy places to allow a wheelchair or scooter to pass easily, $75 for all three.

Other care items:
261 overnight, extended wear diapers that allow a person to go all through the night without a change. I shipped these in, because they are not available in Panama, $200

136 special pads that extend the capacity of ordinary diapers by 11 to 14 oz, . These also are not available in Panama, $20 for all.

Two bed pads with handles that allow a caregiver to turn a patient easily. These are much better than draw sheets, because they don’t hurt the caregiver’s hands, $50 for two.

If you know anybody who would be interested in these items, please have them call me at 6517-3921