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Granny’s Sausage in Boquete

I was told that there is now American style breakfast sausage available in Boquete. Actually, David Johnson, who I met this morning, calls it Tennessee sausage.

This is a family owned business. David said he finally gave up on getting good sausage in Panama and started making his own.

It comes in Mild, Regular and Hot. I ordered and picked up two pounds (one Mild and one Regular) this morning. The price is $5.50 a pound.

I hope it is what I am looking for. I have had a tremendous craving since PriceSmart quit carrying Jones Farm links.

I understand that Granny’s Sausage is available every Tuesday meeting in Boquete. If you want to try some before I report back, write David at Grannys-sausage@hotmail.com.

Gluten Free Products.

I received the following email related to gluten free products in Super 99. I will add that Organic Life also has gluten free products.

From……: Tammy

As a mom to a two year old celiac child I was please to discover that super 99 is currently stocking many gf food items. They are located in the health food section. Currently they are the only chain food store in david with a gf selection This might be of interest to your readers


Let Them Eat Cake

I am finally getting around to posting the photo above. We had some friends over to watch the SuperBowl game on Sunday night and I have been promising to bake something so long that most had decided I had forgotten how.

I will have to admit, I almost have. The Pecan Prailine Cheesecake above, didn’t come out as pretty as I had wanted, but the flavor was not bad. In Texas, we would have had a huge spread for Super Bowl Sunday, but whether anyone believes it or not, I eat a lot less now.

Instead we had some Pizza from Popeye’s Pizza (I still think this is the best Pizza in Chiriquí), a small bowl of chips during the game and topped it off with cheesecake.

Great game, good friends to enjoy it with and full tummies. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Save Me Some

I was up at the Frontera yesterday and bought some tortillas that I can’t get in David. While I was there, I noticed that they have a flavor of the Dos Pinos Ice Cream that I haven’t found in David.

If you find it in David, let me know. It is Crema Irlandesa. This is my second post. I may have to take an ice chest to the Frontera. 🙂

Making Pupusas

It has been a while since I have been able to go to Rosita’s Hideaway and eat pupusas. Last Saturday we checked off that to-do item.

I have been meaning to take photos of the process that ends up on the plate in front of me at Rosita’s. I checked off that to-do item also.

I asked Rosita if she would mind my taking photos and she graciously granted permission for me to show you how it is done.

This is Rosita taking some dough and making it a ball.

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Velvet Ice Cream

I have been keeping this to myself, but I guess, in good conscience, I should pass it on. El Rey has been carrying a brand of ice cream called Velvet. It is a US brand coming from Ohio. I try to pick up a carton every time I think about it.

I especially enjoy the Spumoni. To me, this is one of the better ice creams I have found in David. I personally can’t stand Breyer’s and Blue Bunny has to be some of the worst ice creams on the planet. I haven’t found a flavor of Velvet that I don’t like.

Try not to tell too many people. I don’t want to find the shelf empty the next time I go to El Rey.

Tammy’s Restaurant Revisited

Yesterday, we went to Boquete to take Sofia to Paradise Gardens. We were in Boquete at lunchtime or as I call it – BURGERTIME.

One person had the lunch soup special which was a Mediterranean Chicken soup. This was the only photo I took, since I had the same burger that I had on my last visit.

Another had the rotisserie chicken, which was attacked before I could get a photo. Everyone raved about their food. Tammy’s is one of the best values in Boquete.