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Carnival Is Over

WOW. Another Carnival is over and I avoided getting wet. Our guests wanted to drive up to Boquete yesterday, so after trying some of the FAT Tuesday Gumbo at Mana’s, we took off for Boquete. I did get to go through Dolega, which is as close to the water as I wanted to get.to the water. Going up to Boquete was not bad around 2:00 PM. I saw the truck with the water hose spraying off to the right, but I didn’t have my camera out.

Boquete was very calm. All the crowds and action were in Dolega yesterday. The flowers of the flower festival were open to be seen yesterday, so we walked through and I took some photos.

If you didn’t get to the 2010 Boquete Flower Festival, this will give you an idea of the flowers, without the crowds. The price to get in yesterday was 50 cents.

Lets see the flowers.

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Exposición Estándar de Flores del Club de Jardineria de Chiriquí

Saturday afternoon I made it to the Flower Exhibition of the Chiriquí Garden Club. If you didn’t make it to the show, then you will be able to see most of what was there in the following photos.

This was a very colorful show and I think you will enjoy the photos if you are into flowers.

Here is a few photos to give you a taste of what you missed if you didn’t go.
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Will Eating A Flower Make You A Blooming Idiot?

I really have the nicest neighbors. They are always bringing me something good to eat. It is a wonder that I don’t weigh 500 pounds. One of my neighbors is a nice lady from Costa Rica. The other day she brought me this potato salad to try.

While it looks like many other potato salads, this on also contains parts of a flower. Apparently this is a common dish in Costa Rica. The name of the flower is called “Flor de Itabo” or something like that. Maybe one of the Costa Rican readers can correct me.

This potato salad had a very distinctive flavor that I really can’t describe, but I did enjoy. After eating it, I started wondering if eating a flower would turn me into a blooming idiot. With further thought I decided the flower was too late to have any effect.

Below is a photo of the plant that provided the flowers. You won’t see any of the white flowers on this plant because, well, er, my neighbor borrowed them to make my potato salad.