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Mercado Cadena de Frío in David

Gosh. How time flies. In June we went to the new Farmer’s Market in David. I intended to post before now, but something always distracted me.

What really makes this late is it has been open for close to a year based on what one of the shop owners said.

There is an outside market to the back, but what will interest most is inside the building.

Lilliam bought a large amount of items and all were high quality and better prices than those in our local neighborhood markets. Not good enough for me to drive there because my neighborhood markets are too handy, but if I wanted fish products, I might be willing to drive over.

The building was new and clean. There is a fast food area that we didn’t try because we were there early. Some of the restaurants were open and serving breakfasts and others would open later.

There were also a large number of shop areas that were not occupied. If you haven’t been to Mercado Cadena del Frio, it is worth a visit.


Remember, if you stop by the shops, tell them you learned about them from Chiriquí Chatter.

Photos including a map to the market follow:


Saturday Farmer’s Market is Larger

We have guests coming in for the holidays and went to the Saturday’s Farmer’s Market to stock up on vegetables. It is larger than it was the last time I was here. The reason is that the Farmer’s Market down town was closed and all of the vendors had to find a new location.

You can go to this location and find vendors now all during the week, but not as many as on Saturday.

This photo shoes the block that used to be empty on Saturdays now full on both sides.

The following photo is looking down the block that was used in the past. To the left is the Public Library. Continue reading Saturday Farmer’s Market is Larger

David Saturday’s Farmer’s Market

On the way back from the airport on Saturday, we stopped at the David Saturday farmer’s market. It has been a while since I have gone to one and I thought I should take some new photos. Basically, most things haven’t changed since my last post on the same market.

There was a covered tent for Maggi products. I have never seen them there before.

Many of the farmers sell directly out of the back of their truck. This one was selling platano, papaya and oranges. Continue reading David Saturday’s Farmer’s Market

David Saturday Farmer’s Market Revisited

It has been a while since I took photos of the David Saturday morning Farmer’s Market, and some folks don’t make it to the archives. Therefore, I will do it again.

First let me tell you how to get there.

If you are on the street that runs by Hotel Gran Nacional, the fire department and the Municipal building, you are close. The market is on the street behind the Municipal building. and fire department.

I got there about 7:30 this morning. You will get the better produce if you get there early. As you can see from this photo, the little shops are pretty full.
Continue reading David Saturday Farmer’s Market Revisited

ABEL Market in David

On the way back from the farmer’s market by the library yesterday, I stopped at ABEL’s market. I needed bananas and the market I had been going to had slipped up and showed me they were charging gringo prices. The last time I went in to buy bananas they priced them at two for a dime. Recently they had charged me three for a dime (which I thought was high), but this was a new person and to him I was a new gringo. I asked why two for a dime because the last time it was three for a dime. I had been used to two for a nickel, but this market was close and had good produce. After the question he decided that three for a dime was the correct price and I decided that it was time to shop for another market.

ABEL market is the one I found.

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Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market

I happened to be by the David Library this morning and noticed that there were several small stands set up with several of the farmers selling their products. I got there a little after 12:00 PM and some were closing up. I asked and found out that the venders arrive about 6:00 AM and stay until 12:00 PM or when they run out of products. I will have to get up earlier one Saturday and go when all the stands are well stocked.

I picked up several things including a bag of new beans, which look like they would be perfect for chili. I think another batch of my chili is not far off. I also got a couple bags of what appears to be raspberries.

I took this photo of some small papayas that I thought were interesting. This is a close-up and the fruit is no more than two inches long. To the upper right you can see a small onion to help you gauge the size.

small Papayas