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Feria Internacional de David – 2008

I went to the fair yesterday. Jerry and I got there around noon. It doesn’t start getting crowded until about 4 or 5 PM. It is closing at 2:00 AM this year. I thought it went until at least 4 or 5 last year, but I was told they are closing earlier to avoid problems.

Just to do things different this year, I started on the left side of the park after entering. Here are a couple photos taken in the ride area. You can see that it is awaiting the kids to arrive.

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Feria de la Candelaria

I received the following email about a fair in Concepcion. I am sure it is going on other days, but I haven’t seen a schedule. It may be going on now for all I know.

American Style Oldies at the Feria de la Candelaria

Fans of American Style Oldies will be able to rock and roll at the Feria de la Candelaria, in Concepcion (Bugaba) on Sunday, January 27th, at 11 PM. The band, Panamaniacs, will be presenting songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, including some latin selections popular in the USA. This band, which consists of 4 North Americans, an Ecuadorian, and a Panamanian, hails from Volcan, and has been playing together for the past year. So plan on catching the tunes you remember; poodle skirts and Nehru jackets optional. This is sure to be a great ending to your day at the fair.

Feria Cientifica,Tecnologica y Cultural de David

I received an email, from a Chiriqui Chatter reader, about a Scientific, Technical and Cultural fair that is going to be in David next week. It is hosted by Universidad Tecnologica de David. The dates will be November 15, 16, and 17 and it will be at the University in Urban Lassonde. The hours will be 9:00 am to 8:00pm.

The fair will feature a myriad of events for adults and children. There will be offers of different services available here in David (clinics on different tech subjects, health issues, bingo, food, sports competitions and an exhibit and sale of orchids from the Orchid Society of David). There will also be artisans displaying and selling their work. If you remember G.Patino-Hendrickson’s art work, you can see it up close and personal there.

There should be something for people of all ages.

Directions: From the Ave. Brenes (the street that runs in front of Super 99) go toward the InterAmericana highway. At the Y (where the gas station is) bear left to first street. Turn left and take to the end. The university is on the left at the end of the street.

Fireman´s Fair

Today, tonight and tomorrow there will be firemen´s fair in David. It is being set up in front of the Library which is close to the main fire department in David.

Here is a photo of the farmer´s market that is always open on Saturday. It is always in the same area in front of the Library. Today, the entrance that I normally use was closed off in preparation of the firemen´s fair.

Someone asked the other day about the types of beans that are sold here so I took this photo. There are more varieties sold here than are in this photo.

Feria Internacional de David 2007

Well, this isn’t going to be easy. I went to the fair today and took over 150 photos. I have put all of the photos in the Chiriquí Chatter photo album. The challenge is to choose a subset to give you a flavor of what the David fair is like.

I really had a great time today. I went early because it was a little overcast and I knew it would be cooler. It was a great day to be out there. However being early (I was there a little after 10AM) you miss out on seeing all the people and the kiddos in the midway area, but if you want some of that you can check out the 2006 fair post and photos.

Let’s go ahead and enter and see what we see.

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Multiple Fairs Coming To The David Area

David International fairThe 52nd International Fair of David will run from March 15th through March 25th.

This fair is really a big deal and there will be a bigger turnout than there was for Carnival.

For my 2006 visit to the David Fair go here.

On a smaller scale, but of local interest, there was a post in the Gringos of David Yahoo group about a fair in Playa Barquete this coming Sunday

I don’t know if I will get to go or not. I have tentative plans to drive to Chiriquí Grande that day, but if my plans change, I will check out the Feria. Here is the Yahoo post. Continue reading Multiple Fairs Coming To The David Area

Norm Did It Again.

Norm wrote another post on the Gringos of David Yahoo group and rather than re-post it here, I think I will just give you the URL so you can go there and read it. I think you will find this post of his on Bugaba as interesting as the one he did on the current Fair in Bugaba.

Also if you are not familiar with this Yahoo group and are a gringo thinking of moving to this area, the Yahoo group will be another source of information.

Feria de la Candelaria Bugaba

There was a post on the Gringos in David Yahoo Group that I thought deserved a second post here. I would like to get a little time and go up and see it. Maybe you would too.

Here is Norm’s post:

Feria de la Candelaria Bugaba
Enero 26 al Febrero 4

Bugaba, aka La Concepción, is hosting the annual Feria de la Candelaria. I caught the horse parade last year and it was fantastic. Continue reading Feria de la Candelaria Bugaba