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Feria Internacional De David 2011 (Been There – Done That)

Yesterday, Lilliam, Natalie and I did the David Fair. I was only planing a short stay, like an hour, but we arrived at 3:00 PM and returned home about 8:30 PM, after having a great time.

To be honest, I only went for one reason and that was to have an opportunity to visit with the people working the Cable Onda and Cable & wireless booths about the recent programming changes deleting ABC, CBS and NBC. I was able to accomplish that after entering the fair grounds.

Both Cable Onda and C&W were prepared and had the answers. The answer is that the new law that was passed, removing the channels, was done under pressure of the US due to the licensing arrangements by those networks. Those channels are not supposed to be “legally” received in any Latin American country. It should not be a surprise that there are rumors that these channels are being received in Honduras or Nicaragua, because I did say “legally”. I do not believe that any company operating legally in Panama can provide these channels anymore.

So, with that, if you want to point the blame at anyone for this change, you can point it back at the good old USA. Just like the mountains of paperwork you have to fill out to get a banking account, it is not Panama’s fault.

It might be a good reason to start writing your home state representative and telling him he is an idiot for preventing extra income to go to the US by licensing these channels outside the US boundaries. Should these network broadcasts not be a part of the “free trade” agreement that the US Congress can’t seem to get passed? Thank God the US can’t regulate the beautiful weather I have 365 days a year or the singing of the birds I hear every morning or the flowers I see all year long. I need to read more books anyway.

So much for that. I have got my answer and will take some time to analyze what I want to do about it. Out of my 100 or so channels, I am only watching about 5 and I am not sure that is worth the money I am spending with Cable Onda, but that is a post for another day.

Now for this year’s David International Fair.

When we left the pavilion from talking to Cable Onda and Cable &Wireless, we made a beeline to Diary Queen. In the past, I always got to the fair early and it was a good place to cool off and have a chili dog (one of those things I miss from the US). Yesterday it was too early to eat, but I did manage to suck down one of their Moolatas – YUM!

I made yesterday a two time DQ day because we stopped about 8:00PM and I did order my chili dog. The only thing that could have made it better was to have some chopped onions and cheese on the top. It was almost the perfect way to end a perfect day.

Another spot I always take in is the agriculture pavilion. I only took one photo and it was of this cornucopia displaying some of the items grown in Panama. Continue reading Feria Internacional De David 2011 (Been There – Done That)

Feria International De David – 2011

I never pay much attention to Carnival time, because it just isn’t anything I am interested in. You have to enjoy getting wet to enjoy a Panama Carnival.

However I do enjoy the David Fair. I try to make it each year and haven’t missed many. I have to admit that most of the real party people go in the evening and I usually hit it during the day.

The David Fair this year will run from March 17 through March 27th. I hope to make it. If you want to see last year’s fair, you can go HERE.

2010 David International Fair

Yesterday, I did make it to the fair. I did not see the Cabalgata in David. When I saw people protecting locations along the Cabalgata route at noon for an event that was to begin around 4:00 PM, I knew I was going to pass. Not to worry. Lee Zeltzer posted his experience in the Boquete Panama Guide.

We arrived at the fair about 3:00 PM and parked. Parking was $2:00 and entrance was 75 cents for jubilados.

This fair is an international fair and I think these flags represent who participates.

There a fair amount of photos to follow. Continue reading 2010 David International Fair

World Speed Record to be Broken in David?

David, Chiriquí could be the location where the current world speed record is broken and a new one set.

Mark your calendars. Saturday March 27th, Jim ‘Jet’ Neilson is going for the record. Since the David Fair is from March 11 through March 21, this is the following Saturday.

There will be a Commercial Fair in the Chiriquí Mall Parking lot. The schedule can be seen HERE.

Stay tuned.

2009 David International Fair

Saturday I took a tour through the this years David International Fair. I got there around noon as I had heard that there was a Colombian horse competition. More on that later. I didn’t take as many photos as in past years, but if you don’t see enough, visit previous fair posts. The fair is pretty much the same every year.

Parking was $2.00. Entrance to the fair is 50 cents for jubilados. This photo is looking out the main entrance at the street filled with beverage vendors. At night these will all be full. You can see a roller coaster in the photo. I didn’t walk in the area that normally has the rides, so I don’t know if they were all moved or just some of them.

Saturday was a very hot day. Maybe that was the reason, I had a hard time really getting into going to the fair this year. I would like to go at night some time, but to do that, I would recommend going in a group. At night the fair will be filled with loud music, tons of people a few who want to remove your wallet from your pocket. Continue reading 2009 David International Fair