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Thanksgiving lunch at Hotel Ciudad de David

I received a request to post the following. Mark your calendars. November 24. Map to Hotel is HERE.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a great Lunch Buffet !


Hotel Ciudad de David
Salón San José – 3rd Floor
Live Jazz

Thanksgiving Lunch Buffet

Salad Bar
Corn Bread
Pumpkin cream with apple and cashew nuts
Cobb salad
Quinoa salad with turkey and blueberry
Coleslaw salad with smoked salmon
Spinach salad with crispy pumpkin and shallot vinaigrette
Mixed lettuce salad

Main Course
Rice with nuts and cranberry
Roast turkey with its classic stuffing and cranberry sauce
Pork loin in fig sauce, honey and Cajun
Green beans casserole, asparagus in béchamel and shallot
Mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows
Grilled cobs with BBQ and chive cream

Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin cheesecake with chocolate and nuts
Apple tart with maple syrup

US$ 20 + 7% per person
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

For reservations please call 774-3333 or send us an email eventos@hotelciudaddedavid.com

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

I received an email from Nick Miles who is the director of “The Complete Works of Williams Shakespeare (Abridged), a production put on by the Theatre Guild of Ancon. He wanted me to make you aware that it is coming to Chiriquí.

This production will be in Boquete on March 26 after a 3 week engagement in Panama City. It will be in the Ampitheatre at Valle Escondido beginning at 5 PM. This is ONE SHOWING ONLY performance!

Just think the entire works of Bill Shakespeare in just 97 minutes. Ah poor Yorick, I knew him well.

For more information see their website for the Boquete performance.


Mark Your Calendars

I received this for one of the CC readers. If you have never seen it, you may want to mark your calendar!

The cabalgata is held every year on March 19, the patron saint day of David, San Jose de David. This year it is a Saturday.

According to the mayor’s office, it will begin in the large field near the stoplight at the intersection of the Pan Americana and “Mac Donald’s street” (Calle F Sur), go downtown past Cervantes park, and end at the Parque de las Madres on “Super Baru street.”

It normally steps off around 3pm. I like to show up at the starting point around 2pm to take photos.

I just received the following route map.

Volcan Quilters – Grand Opening of new facility

I received a request to post the following:

Volcan Quilters o Acolchado de Volcan

Open House Saturday December 5 from 2-5 pm
On Saturday, December 5, we are celebrating the grand opening of our new facilty with an open house. There will be refreshments, door prizes, lots of conversation and beautiful items for sale to ise for Christmas presents and Mother’s Day. Tickets are $2.00 and enter you in the drawing for the prizes.
gran inauguración.

El sábado, 5 de diciembre celebramos la inauguración de nuestro nuevo facilty con una jornada de puertas abiertas. Habrá refrigerios, premios, mucha conversación y hermosos artículos para la venta a ise para los regalos de Navidad y el Día de la Madre. Los boletos cuestan $ 2.00 y que entran en el sorteo de los premios.

WE have moved into Volcan. We are located behind the elementary school on the main street. Turn right or left on the street between the school and Farmacia Don Bosco. A park is directly ahead of you As you face the fire station, which is across the park, we are the large green building on the right-hand corner of the park.

Hemos entrado en Volcán. Estamos ubicados detrás de la escuela primaria en la calle principal. Gire a la derecha o a la izquierda en la calle entre la escuela y Farmacia Don Bosco. Un parque está justo delante de ti. Cuando te enfrentes a la estación de bomberos, que está al otro lado del parque, somos el gran edificio verde en la esquina derecha del parque. Estaremos allí casi todos los días durante unas horas hasta que nos organizamos.

Marianne Brown

Snakes of Panama Workshop – 6 October 2015

I received a request to post the following.

FREE workshop – A detailed workshop lasting about 2 hours, including information on:

Why care about snakes anyway?
Snake concerns in Panama
Identification of common Panamanian snakes
Living around snakes safely
Training workers and assisting local residents to understand snake
Special session for small children followed by supervised activities.
The lecture and workshops are both free. We appreciate donations made to Team Snake Panama. We also will take orders for our bilingual field guide, The Venomous Snakes and their Mimics of Panama and Costa Ricaand Team Snake Panama t-shirts.

We also plan to have a representative from Maps of Central America offering maps and guides for sale with a percentage of proceeds being donated to Team Snake Panama. Check out http://mapsofcentralamerica.com/ for information on available material.

Location: Skateworld of Boquete (about 1.9km south of Centro Ivan Mercado in Alto Boquete)

When: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Please plan to purchase drinks and snacks at Skateworld of Boquete if you would like refreshments.

If you have any questions, please contact me at teamsnakepanama@gmail.com.

If possible, please register prior to Tuesday so we can get a reasonable headcount so that Skateworld of Boquete will know how many tables & chairs will be needed.

Here is the link to register. Each person attending should fill out a separate registration form. If your family has 2 adults and 2 children, you should fill out four registrations.


Dr. Julie M. Ray
Team Snake Panama & La MICA Biological Station
El Copé, Coclé, Republic of Panama

Chiriquí Activity Club – Actividad de Club de Chiriquí

NOTE: Updated May 26, 2015. I received a warning about this Chiriqui Activity Club. See it HERE.

I received the following for posting. It is refreshing to see an organization targeted toward both Panamanians as well as foreigners. The site is written in English and Spanish and is obviously aimed as being a cultural exchange.

I have been an avid reader of Chiriqui Chatter for a long time and have found your posts to be informative and enjoyable. I wanted to share some new information with your readers. There is an activity club forming and they are organizing a language exchange and some interesting outings. All inquiries should be directed to:

Website: http://chiriquilife.wix.com/chiriquiactivityclub

Email: ChiriquiLife@gmail.com

**** An Alert ****

Our neighborhood WhatsApp group had a notice distributed about an up coming program at the Children’s Hospital (Hospital del Niño – Panama City) on Monday 23, Tuesday 24, and Wednesday 25.

Now maybe most of the residents in Panama are aware of this, but it is important enough that I am going to post the message in English as well as the original WhatsApp message.

Here is my rough English translation:

Doctors from the Shriners Hospital for Children in Shreveport, Louisiana will doing free evaluations of children with orthopedic problems. The evaluations will be performed on the first floor behind emergency room. Some of those evaluated may be approved for surgery and all expenses, including transportation and a chaperon, will be paid by the Foundation of Abou Saad Shriners.

The following documentation must be brought to the evaluation: Birth Certificate, Vaccination records, and recent X-rays of the affected area.

The program is for children a few months old to under 18 years.

Interested parties may receive more information by calling 3 15-1515..

The original WhatsApp message follows:

para avisarles que el lunes 23, martes 24 y miercoles 25 de febrero en el Hospital del Niño, en planta baja detras de urgencias; los medicos del Shriners Hospital for Children Sheveport, LA estaran atendiendo a los niños con problemas ortopedicos gratuitamente y de ser aprobados para cirugia entrarian al programa de la Fundacion de Abou Saad Shriners para ser operados en USA con todos los gastos pagos acompañados de su tutor. Solo deben traer: certificado de nacimiento, control de vacunas y la radiografia del area afectada mas reciente. El programa es para niños de meses hasta 18 años. Si saben de algun caso pueden darle estos datos o que llamen al 3 15-1515
Por si conocen a alguien q le interese

If you know of a Panamanian family in Chiriquí that might benefit from this program, you might want to make sure they know about it.