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Another English Class Opportunity – Saturday at 11 AM

I just received the following:

From……: Patricia
Email…..: luna_santos143@yahoo.com

Hi Don! I just received a phone call from the director of the school Nueva Luz, the one that has classes in American School on Saturdays and Sundays, and she asked if I knew anyone interested in participating in an activity with the English group. I guess the teacher has had a hard time finding volunteers. It is this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, at 11am. I told her this was really short notice, but I thought maybe she’ll get lucky and someone is free around that time… Anyways, if you can help, or know anyone that can help, they can contact me or just go straight over there. Thanks!

Time Well Spent

Yesterday I went to the American School to assist in an English lab assignment for a class of seventh grade students. Volunteering for these types of sessions is something I always enjoy. No matter the age of the students, I feel rewarded for the time I get to spend with them. All of the students had prepared questions to ask, such as , “What is your favorite color?” or “Do you like the culture of Panama?”.

Here is a photo of the first group I met with.

The majority of the students in this class had a good grasp on English. Even when it was coming from one of a Texas origin. The bright smiles of all the students seem to brighten my day. Continue reading Time Well Spent

Want To Help With an English Lab Exercise

I received the following email from Patricia asking for volunteers for two days next week. The American School is behind the DIJ (via Boquete) on the next corner. Contact Patricia if you can attend. I am sure I can make at least one and will try to make both days.

From……: patricia pagel
Email…..: luna_santos143@yahoo.com

hi don,

i was wondering if you could help me out again. my 6th and 7th grade groups at American school have been practicing interviews. i would like to invite some native English speakers to come spend time with the kids.

i would like to allow the kids to interview different people, asking about simple things like personal information and likes-dislikes, and asking opinions on different topics they have prepared.

i will be able to have these interviews next week- Wednesday (November 17) from 12-2 for 7th grade and Thursday (November 18) from 12-2 for 6th grade. please let me know if you or anyone else is interested. my home phone number is 730-3435, cell phone is 6903-4550 and my e-mail is luna_santos143@yahoo.com

thanks for your help,

Patricia Pagel

English Class Practice this Saturday

There will be another English Class practice session this Saturday at the American School. The students have an exam prior to the English Practice. The practice session should start around 10:30.

If you think you can make it send Patricia Pagel (luna_santos143@yahoo.com ) an email to get the instructor’s name and directions. It was not on Patricia’s email to me. Maybe Patricia will leave a comment with more information. Here is the post of the last class I attended.

UPDATE from Patricia:The activity will take place at American school behind the DIJ, the instructors name is Marvin Guerrero. It will be from 10:30ish until 1:00 pm. anyone that has any questions can call me at 64556256. thanks.

Learning in Two Directions

Saturday, I stopped into the American School for another session with some English students. Patricia had asked for some volunteers and six showed up.

As we did last time, we broke up into small groups and switched every few minutes. That allowed all to experience all of the different accents among the English Speaking volunteers.

I took some photos of each of the groups. Ray was the volunteer in the first group. Both Ray and his wife were at the previous session.

Continue reading Learning in Two Directions

Conversational English Event – Saturday the 10th

I received the following request for Conversational English Event. If you can assist, pleas contact Patricia.

From……: patrica
Email…..: luna_santos143@yahoo.com

Hi Don! It’s me again! Just letting you know that I am having another activity with my students at the University Nueva Luz (Located in the Terronal-American School). I am in the afternoon now, and this group is not as advanced as the morning group. But I still want to see their interaction with native English speakers. This time the students will be offering a “brindis” of tipial Panamanian foods. The activity will begin around eleven thirty and last until about three. I want to try to involve both groups together this time. Mostly because one group is more advanced and maybe the others will see that they too will advance just as the others did. Anyone volunteers for this activity and will be greatly appreciated. It will take place on Saturday 10th. If any one has any questions they can contact me at 6455-6256 or luna_santos143@yahoo.com Thanks!

English Conversation Practice at American School

Yesterday there was a request for guest English speakers to participate with students of the American School in conversation practice. These are activities I always enjoy. This was the first time I had done this activity at the American School, which is a stone’s throw from where I live.

There were five English speaking volunteers, so the students were broken up into five groups. In the time I had, I was able to talk with all but two students. I am sure this activity will be held again.

For English speaking retirees that are interested in meeting Panamanians, and helping them learn the English language, this is an excellent way to do it. If you follow the TAG ( English Lessons), you can see some of the past times I have done this.

This is the first group I was with.

Continue reading English Conversation Practice at American School

Say What?

Saturday, Dario invited me to be one of his conversation labs for his English students. I know he had at least one other English speaking helper in another class room.

Dario broke up his class so that there would be smaller groups and it would allow more time to speak with each student. I always enjoy helping in these classroom settings.

It is currently school vacation time and these students are taking private lessons to advance their skills.

Here are the first three students I spoke with. All three were speaking English very well.

Here was the next three. I had met the student on the left in one of Dario’s Saturday conversation classes. Continue reading Say What?

Another Dario Class At Universidad Latina

Yesterday evening I got a call from Dario inviting me to one of his English classes. He said he had another person from England and he thought the contrast in accents would challenge his students.

Dario separated the class into two groups of 5 and put a different accent in each group. Here is the first group that I was in. See if you can find me among the students.

Here is the second group with Norman.  He is a Chiriquí Chatter reader and had contacted me in the past because he had a monkey stolen, I was happy to learn that he had recovered the monkey. Continue reading Another Dario Class At Universidad Latina

Conversational English

This morning I was able to assist Dario in another of his English classes. I always have a great time when I do that. Dario likes for his students to have access to other English speakers that have different accents.

I ran out of time today and didn’t take any photos. Today, I got to visit with two young ladies. One from Brazil, who is a nurse now living with her Panamanian husband in David and one, that is a native of David, who is a lawyer. I had met the lady from Brazil in a previous session with Dario.

For an hour and a half we talked about many things. I learned a little more Spanish and hopefully, they learned a little more English.

If you are not getting to know Panama from the locals that speak Spanish, then I say that you are not really getting to know Panama. I am always amazed when I leave at some new thing that I learned. Still the best thing about the classes, is that I feel I walk away having met new friends.

Dario mentioned that he has another evening class in Universidad Latina that he wants me to help him with in the near future. I will try to take photos hat evening.