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Opportunity for Panamanian Students

I just received this information from a Chiriquí Chatter reader related to an educational opportunity sponsored by the Fulbright Association in Panama City. Spread the word, if you know of some Panamanians that might want to apply for this educational program in the U.S.A.

Community College Initiatives
Program overview

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State is pleased to announce the Community College Initiatives Program. This international educational exchange program enables individuals from Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, South Africa, and countries in Central America to study at a community college in the United States to develop professional skills. Eligible fields are Agriculture, Applied Engineering, Business Management and Administration; Health Professions, including Nursing; Information Technology; Media; and Tourism and Hospitality Management.

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Universidad Latina’s Thanksgiving Program

I mentioned in a previous post that there would be a Thanksgiving Day program in Parque de Cervantes last Sunday. I got up and decided is wasn’t going to rain and made it to the park around 8:30 AM.  The photos that will appear in this post will be a small portion of the photos I took. I have had a request from a Panamanian, to use my photos in his blog. When I get the address to his blog, I will put it HERE. I have added an album with all of the photos taken. You will find it HERE.

Now lets get started. You can see there is still evidence of the previous day’s and night’s rain in the following photo.
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In Case You Want To Follow Suit

I received a request to assist a student in a class project in the US. The project was to receive postcards from around the world from Spanish speaking countries. Following was the specification of what was desired.

Dear Mr. Williams,

Frankie and I thank you for your help!

At your convenience, please mail a postcard to:

Srta. Purdy, Class 3-21

Saint James School

830 West Broad Street

Falls Church, VA 22046


If you speak Spanish, would you please write a sentence on the card?

Frank’s 3rd class is studying US geography and each student has mailed ten letters to various states requesting postcards to aid/interest/excite their study. His Spanish teacher has dove-tailed onto this project, having the class mail two letters requesting postcards from Spanish speaking countries.

Thanks, again!


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Cambridge Bilingual School in David

I finally got around to going by the last Bilingual school, that I know of, in David. I spoke with Vice-Principal Paola Ramalli. She said, if any reader needs any further information, you could contact her at paolaramalli@yahoo.com.

She said that the Cambridge school has Pre-kinder through the twelfth grade. There are mandatory classes in Spanish, which are mandated by Panama. She said that a couple students that just completed the twelth grade were able to pass the TOEFL.

The school has about 500 students and classes are a maximum of 20/25 students per class. Continue reading Cambridge Bilingual School in David

Fourteen Plus One = A Good Time

Yesterday, Dario invited me to attend one of his evening Universad Latina English classes to provide a conversation exercise for his students. My last visit with one of Dario’s classes had only two students. This class had 13 students. When you take Dario plus his thirteen students and toss in an aging extranjero, it makes for an interesting evening. At least for the aging extranjero.

This was the first evening class I have gone to and the parking lot was completely full. I got the last spot. Continue reading Fourteen Plus One = A Good Time

Linux On Display (Soon)

I have a couple activities scheduled for next week. First, Dario is having a final examination for his students and this will complete the series of three readings/translations with his class. I need to find a suitable topic to read for the class.

Second, I have a local store that has committed to put up a Linux display. The owner said he has had many people that were dissatisfied with Microsoft because it was too easy to get viruses and they spent too much time on that and too little getting to use the PC.

I have configured a PC for him that has the ability to demonstrate Linux in both English and Spanish. The KDE desktop makes it easy to have both configurations running in the same PC at the same time. I also included the Gnome desktop, which will show the difference in looks between Gnome and KDE.

I had completed this the installation before I went to PC. When I returned, the store owner said he would like me to enable a wireless connection, so that he could connect it to the stores Internet. It took me about four hours to figure what to install and test it on my own wireless environment. Continue reading Linux On Display (Soon)

Panama Maritime Training Services

Dario invited me to help him with a class he teaches at the Panama Maritime Training Services. Like my previous visit, this exercise was to provide interview practice and grade them on their proficiency.

There were six students out of 15 that were in the class. Nine were missing. Just like last time I had a set of possible interview questions. These were typical questions that each of the students should expect to be asked during an interview.

Anyone that has given interview or has been interviewed, knows that the objective is to demonstrate competence in communication as well as knowledge in the work area and a desire to have the job.

Of the three areas, the one I want to talk about today is the last one. I think out of the six students, four of them answered the question, “Why do you want this job?”, with similar answers.

Each described their family and told how much this job meant to them, because they could send money back home to help their family. That means their father, mother, brothers and sisters. I felt that all, that answered that way, really felt the desire to help.

I have to tell you that hearing the desire, really makes you wish you could do more in assisting them to obtain one of these jobs. Anyone, that has been on a cruise, knows that the support positions on a cruise ship require very hard work and long hours. However, the pay scale on a cruise ship compared to the pay scale in Panama provides a lot of incentive. I wish them all luck.

Here are five of the students, Dario in the tan shirt and one gringo.