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WOW 8.8 Quake in Chile

Panama was on a tsunami watch for a while, but it has been removed from the list. That is the largest earthquake I can remember.

So far, I only read of 78 deaths. How can that be?

I see that Chile is recorded as having the largest earthquake on record in 1960. It was 9.5 on the Richter scale. They have obviously been through this before and their building codes must be better than other parts of the world. Makes me wonder about Panama’s building codes. I just won’t think about that anymore or I won’t sleep tonight.

UPDATE 2: I have had an enormous number of hits on the Tsunami warning post of August 16, 2007. I believe it is safe to say that Panama is out of the woods on the current warning. I believe current warnings have expired for Panama.

Earthquakes South of David

Apparently yesterday there were a couple earthquakes 110 miles south of David in the ocean. One was 6.1 and the other was about 4.9. I felt nothing in David.

URLS from USGS follow:


The Panama Website shows three yesterday. It’s URL follows:


Instituto de Geociencias – Universidad de Panama

The website Instituto de Geociencias is in Spanish, This ENGLISH GOOGLE TRANSLATION will give you a lot of good information. Instituto de Geociencias is associated with the University of Panama and especially established to study seismic activity in Panama. It also has good information on Chiriquí’s seismic history. The main link is in the Chiriquí Chatter Link’s area.