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Dogs For Adoption

I received a request to post the following.

Hi, Don – On Friday the 18th, my employee and I rescued a mama street dog and her seven puppies. All were sterilized at our clinic on October 20th. At that time the puppies were just six weeks old. Three were adopted at our clinic on the 20th, but the mama dog and 4 puppies still need good homes. Here is a link to see their pictures:

The mama dog is wonderful and loving, and she and the remaining puppies are adorable. I’d love to keep them all, but I already have 14 adopted street dogs and that’s my limit! Please help give these dogs a good life!

I (and the dogs) are in Volcan.

Dottie – skype: muffiemae

Please visit my web site at http://www.spaypanama-chiriqui.org

My 14 rescued street dogs: http://tinyurl.com/24l4y49

Saving just one dog won’t change the world, but it will surely change the world for that one dog. …

Abused Dog Needs A Good Home

I received the following for posting.

To Chiriqui Chatter…
Can you please post this, Help needed to find Good home for Abused Dog.
This adorable little girl showed up at my house this past Saturday, and has since seen DR. Sam in David. He informed me the open gash on her neck, is from someone pouring scalding hot water on her, her left hind leg is broken and will require surgery. She’s being treated for anemia, result of flea and worms and she has a broncial infection.
Through it all, she is being an absolute sweetheart…or as I’ve been saying..”Angel”.
Some very generous people are offering to help with financial support for the surgery but I would love to find her a good loving home. She deserves it.

Contact – monikarmartyn @ gmail.com For more information.


Criadero Uruguay

I received a request to post the following. As with all things of this nature, it is up to you to do due your own diligence:

From……: Jean Tello
Email…..: criadero_uruguay@hotmail.com
Url…….: www.criaderouruguay.com

Good Morning Mr. Ray
My name is Jean Tello Eymard, my wife and I are owners of Criadero Uruguay,(FCI and Club Canino de Panama sanctioned kennel) a kennel based in Cerro Azul, province of Panama, we are breeders mostly of Old English Sheepdogs, Beagles, Tekels. Id like to know your advice regarding the best way to advertise among the expat community in the Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro area.
Thank you very much.
Jean Tello

Howling Success January Classes

I received the following request for posting:

Can you post these for me? Last class I had a great response from you post.
Thank you much!

Have you looked at my new blog? www.dogfetish.com I have had it up for a over a month and it’s going great! I used your idea of the Cluster Map and wow I love it.

Howling Success K9 Services
Bravo Doberman
Dog Fetish

La Acequia, Panama

Upcoming classes follow (too bad the classes are only for dogs):

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Canine Withdrawl

In my sixty some years on this planet, I have, with only a few exceptions, always had a dog. I have had eleven dogs. The breeds I have owned include four terriers (a Scottish terrier – Scotty, a Manchester terrier – Fritz, a Silky terrier – Taca, and a mixed terrier – Skippy), a Pekinese – ?, one English bulldog -Jeanie, one Weimaraner – Una, and two poodles (a miniature poodle -Carmel and a standard poodle – Pepe).

Of all the dogs, the last two Skippy and Pepe were my favorites. Losing them was like losing a best friend. For that reason I want to have a place next year that might allow having a dog. I am in canine withdrawal.