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Dental Esthetic Special For June

I went by Dental Esthetic today to make my followup appointment for teeth cleaning. This is a two month followup and and if all goes well my next would be six months. Then if all is continuing to go well, I would move to a nine month schedule. I now have an appointment for next week.

While I was there Dra. Miriam Rodriguez told me that she has two specials running for the month of June (Mes del Padre).

The first special is a two for one cleaning special. For $30 dollars two people can get their teeth cleaned. Talk about a bargain.

The second special is an inter-oral examination using a camera which allows you to see any gum disease problems in your mouth. Also included are six x-rays. This special is priced at $20. She did this on my first appointment and seeing your mouth under this close inspection is an experience.

Finding This dental office has been really good for me. I like the professionalism of Dra. Rodriguez and think the quality of care is every bit as good as the Dentist I had in Texas, which would have cost me a fortune without insurance.

Don’t forget, if you see Dra. Miriam Rodriguez, to tell her that you read about her clinic in Chiriquí Chatter.