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New Traffic Light In David

Yesterday, as I was leaving the Gringo’s of David get together, I noticed that David has added a new traffic light at the corner where you turn to go to the airport by the police station.

The changes just keep coming. There are a few more locations that need to have traffic lights now. In the time I have been here, there has been a pretty large increase in traffic in David as well as other areas in Chiriquí.


Today I wanted to buy some cordial glasses. Drinking a little Baileys out of a Mason jar kind of takes away from a social event, so I decided to splurge and get something more appropriate.

I went to MUNDIAL RAWSA. I have shopped there many times before, but I don’t remember ever sharing information about this store. When I first found it, I thought I had made a tremendous discovery.

The owner, Albis de Tedman, carries a little bit everything. She has all sorts of kitchen cooking items, some of which I have only found there. She has all sorts of glasses and serving items. The place really cannot be described well. It is not a very large store, but it is packed as full as it can be packed.

I also know that Albis will sometimes order special items, if she doesn’t carry them. I remember needing a oven thermometer, which she didn’t have, but she had catalogs with some that she could order.

Albis is a very nice lady and speaks English. The store is located in Doligita in David, across the street from Romeros and in the set of stores to the left of EconoHogar.

Here is a flyer, that is in Spanish, but describes a little about the store.

Someday when you have some extra time, stop in and have a quick look around. If you see Albis, tell her you read about MUNDIAL RAWSA on Chiriquí Chatter.

Second Set Of Traffic Lights Are Active

I had to drop a person off at the bus terminal this morning. Be aware that the traffic lights are active now and you can no longer turn loft off Ave Obladia. That was a surprise, so I just circled the block and now went through the light making a right turn toward the bus terminal.

Surprise, you can’t do that either. The entire street in front of the bus terminal is now one way. I had to turn right and go through the market area.

Had I known all of this to start with it would have been no problem. You just come up the back street behind Hospital Cattan and turn toward the bus terminal.

Maybe there was notification of the changes on the radio, but I didn’t know about it. If you are going to have to go to or drop someone off at the bus terminal, plan your route ahead of time.

I Stand Corrected

Last April 10th, I wrote “What’s Wrong With This Picture”. Specifically, it was this photo that I was referring to.

I have changed my mind and decided that it wasn’t put up in error. I guess I just wasn’t wise enough to recognize the wisdom and thought that went into MOP’s decision to install it.

Since my post, I have been at the intersection many times. Often, when the light turned green, someone tries to turn left. However, there is a stream of cars coming from the other direction and they can’t turn left, thereby holding up all traffic that is wanting to go straight ahead.

To make it worse, the green light time, for the two-way traffic, is shorter than the light time for the one-way direction. MOP knew what they were doing. Since they didn’t install a left turn signal, turning left should not be allowed. I stand corrected and have reversed my first opinion.

So what do you do if you want to go left? You have to drive to the next corner and turn left, then left at the next corner, and then right when you come to the one-way street. Since this street has no left turn lane, a left turn signal would not have worked.