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Royal Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2011 Part Seven – Tenerife

Our third port and the first after spending six days in the Atlantic was Tenerife. It is the largest of the Canary Islands.

Since we were going to spend two days in Palma De Mallorca, we decided just to take a walking excursion around a part of the city to get an idea of what it was like.

This is the first photo I took in Tenerife. Do you notice anything unusual about it?

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Royal Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2011 Part Six – Sunsets Are Awesome

Live is a little like a day on an ocean cruise. There is a beginning and an end. Just like the end of a day on the ocean, some of the most beautiful parts of our lives occur during our sunset.

Many of us move to Panama during our sunset years. I can honestly say that the most beautiful times of my life are happening now.

Remember sunsets are awesome. Let me share some of the sunsets I witnessed on the cruise.

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Royal Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2011 Part Five – Curacao & Barbados

Today I am going to cover the first two ports of RCCL cruise. The first stop was Curacao. It is really a beautiful Dutch settlement and one of my favorite stops on the Caribbean route. While I took several photos, most are no different than last time. Being lazy, I will direct you to the post of our previous cruise to see some of the sites of Curacao.

I will however post this one photo. Those from Boquete always seem to know how to show the rest of us up. While I was feeling a little tuckered out from the walking I had done to get across the long bridge to the see the rest of Willemstad, I see Chris looking chipper and ready to take on the world. He was zipping along with Ruby on one of those new fangled motorized Segway devices.

Maybe he looks so chipper because he knew he was going to be the star attraction in the evening’s juggling show. Continue reading Royal Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2011 Part Five – Curacao & Barbados

Royal Caribbean Cruise April 24, 2011 Part Four – Towel Art

If you have been on a cruise, I am sure you have found towel art in your cabin when returning in the evening.

For such a simple thing, it is still something I always look forward to.

Here are a sample of the friendly creatures we found during the cruise.

Sunglasses always make their way to the towel art if the are left in the room. Kinda gives it a personal touch.

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Panama Marine Services

I am still working on more of the cruise postings, but I thought I would add this related post. As you may remember, I used Jularmo Travel & Tours to make my and Lilliam’s arrangements for our cruise.

What I want to tell you about today is another business that is providing the opportunity for Panamanians to be a part of the Cruise Industry. The business is Panama Marine Services.

One of the owners of Jularmo Travel & Tours has over 30 years experience working in the cruise industry and has worked in many positions aboard the ships. This experience is very valuable to the cruise industry because of cruise industry’s demand to find qualified employees that are multilingual.

Panama Marine Services holds qualifying interviews in David for the major cruise lines. In David, Maritime Professional Institute of Panama is located in the same building as Jularmo Travel & Tours and it is the training arm that provides all of the mandatory training needed to qualify individuals to interview with Panama Marine Services.

The other day I was talking to Jessica Moss and she invited me to see one of the qualifying sessions in process. I was interested because I had seen several Panamanians on the Grandeur of the Seas cruise to Spain and one had told me he had been able to get his job by interviewing Panama Marine Services.

Here is his photo that I took during our cruise.

I knew him from Hotel Best Western, where he had worked as a waiter. Continue reading Panama Marine Services

RCCL Update From A Fellow David Blogger

I received the following email related to the RCCL Cruise I took back in 2009. I thought the updated information might be of interest to others. Thanks to Larry for sharing.

I share your enthusiasm about the Royal Caribben cruises out of Colon. Thought I would share with you my experiences with RCCL.

At the end of RCCL’s first season out of Colon they took the ship (Enchantment of the Seas) back up to Fort Lauderdale in April 2009 where it operated for the next six months for what they refer to as the ‘Florida season’. The repositioning cruise was an 8 day blast! It followed the same itinerary – Colon; Limon, C.R.; Cartegena and Santa Marta, Colombia; and Aruba. But, when it left Aruba, instead of returning to Colon, we sailed for two days to Fort Lauderdale. Continue reading RCCL Update From A Fellow David Blogger

Thanks To Viaje Crisol and Grand Tours

You may remember that I only had one blip in a perfect cruise last March. That was because my connection to Colon was missing in action.

After a couple letters to Royal Caribbean and Viaje Crisol’s never ending persuit to gain a refund, I received a check last week from Grand Tours.

I actually thought Grand Tours did a great job on my return from Colon to Panama City and will have no problem using them again. Alls well that ends well. Apology accepted.