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Armed Robbery in Boqueron

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Place: Meseta in Boqueron
What Happened:
three criminals broke into a house and tied up the house owner and his wife with electric wires. They entered by the back door and threatened the man and his wife with guns, after that, criminals stole 1,500 dollars, one checkbook with blank and some others signed. In addition, the bad guys took some credits cards from Banesco, General Bank, BAC Azteca and others.
The victims are Eric Azura who is 33 years old from Salvador and his wife Ruth Castillo that is panamanian. They could not describe the criminal because they were wearing masks.
They even did not know if the criminal had car or not, but there are some clues that indicate the criminals live in David and there are at least two or three of them that are “working” in the area.

Boquete Robbery

I received a request to post the following.

hello everyone,

bad news. we were robbed yesterday and our dogs are missing. they are wearing tags with our phone number, but no one has called. last time a flyer that susie b. put up brought our luci back to us. i am hoping for another miracle. please print this flyer and put it up at the places you frequent – especially in David (where our car was found). hair salons, gyms, restaurants, supermarkets, are all good. somebody knows something and the dogs might be a clue to the recent robberies. please feel free to forward this to anyone and everyone. thanking you in advance. dee and rich


WARNING: Home invasion Yesterday in Brisas

The following thread is currently running on Boquete Ning.

Just a few minutes after 5, this afternoon, AAC received  a call from a neighbor asking for help in Brisas.

He was getting home with her wife when 3 men got inside their property through the gate before it shut, and aimed a gun at his face. They tied them down,  beat him on the face to the point that his nose was broken. And after that locked his wife in a room. They took 500 dollars, tv, lap tops and their 2013 Hyundai Tucson Silver colored.

The wife is Panamanian and they told him to do not call the police or they will come back and kill them. The robbers took all their cell phones and cut their land line phone. It was after almost 2 hours that the victims were able to release them selves and ask for help.

The police went to the place . AAC is in touch with the police in David who have  the license car number to try to locate it as soon as possible. 

I will pst more when we have the information. Please be aware of your surroundings 

This sort of thing is becoming more common. You may want to follow the thread on Boquete Ning.

Robbery at PriceMart – April 30

The following was posted on Boquete Ning and is worthy of repeating.

On Thursday, April 30 a lady visiting Boquete went to PriceMart to shop. At about 10:30 A.M. as she exited her car, a man around 30 years old was crouching near her door. One of his hands was hidden and he indicated by his movements that he had a weapon of some kind inside his shirt. He demanded money. She produced some money and gave it to him. Fortunately she retained her passport and other documents.

The man entered a mid-sized blue sedan and drove away. She reported the incident to a security guard inside the store, but he said he could do nothing.

Be aware of your surroundings when you park at PriceSmart or any other large parking area.

This lady was new to the area and did not have the Alto al Crimen Hotline number in her phone. An immediate call has the possibility, though slim, of having police intercept the criminal(s).

I Err On The Side Of Caution

Maybe it is time to put out another warning to newcomers to Panama. Crime and gangs are on the uptake in Chiriquí and though out Panama. Crime has been continually growing since I arrived in 2003, but more recently it has become physically violent.

In the past it was mostly petty theft and crime of opportunity, such as leaving a new step ladder where it was easily stolen. Now it is often more important for thieves to enter a home while it is occupied, especially if it is known that there is a safe inside and the combination is needed.

Crime always increases during holidays and festivals. The Boquete Jazz Festival is approaching and there will be two opportunities for thieves. One, the many people going to the festival and two, the empty houses when people are at the festival.

Recently there was a 80 year old man was killed in Caldera. His hands and feet were tied and he suffocated because a plastic bag was put over his head.

In the La Prenza Article, it stated that there had been 9 violent deaths in the first 25 days of 2015 in Chiriquí. The increase in crime is attributed to the growth of gangs. Continue reading I Err On The Side Of Caution

local Bus Robbed December 25

The young man that takes care of our pool has started working in Hospital Regional. Last night he was taking a local bus from Divala and three young men got on the bus on the Interamerican Highway. One had a gun and the others had Machetes.

I don’t know how long they rode the bus, but around 7:45 PM at La Estralla, before Concepcion, they took control of the bus.

They took everything of value from the driver and passengers. He said he is now only going to travel with his cedula.

I don’t know if it is strictly the time of year or if crime is on the uptake.

If I have to make a run to El Rey at night I always get multiple warnings from Lilliam.

Be careful out there.

Banking and Crime Related

I received an email about some U.S. Citizens that had their bank account closed and were robbed after leaving the bank with their account’s money.

I called the individual, who was no willing to discuss much on the phone, so I was unable to really assist her.

Here is the net out of the story as I understand it. It has two issues. First the bank “mysteriously” closed the account. If you are a U.S. Citizen and have recently tried to open an account in a Panama Bank, you may have noticed that the banks are not that interested in having U.S. citizens as clients. The U.S. banking regulations have become too onerous for some banks and it is just easier to operate without U.S. intervention

The banks have the right to close anyone’s account as I see it.

The second part is that after leaving the bank with all of the account’s money, the individuals were robbed. Again, this is not all that surprising. I have mentioned in several posts that a practice of some thieves are to station people in a bank watching for large withdrawals and to follow them in order to rob them.

This especially true this time of year when people are removing money to shop for Christmas gifts. If you know that you are going to be leaving a bank with a large amount of money, it is best to plan ahead for that event.

If you are a U.S. citizen and are robbed, I would advise reporting it to the police and to the U.S. Embassy. The Embassy can’t do anything to get your money back, but if there is a trend, the Embassy can put out an advisory notice of the trend.

Scopolamine in Panama

I thought I would pass on some more information that recently was posted on our neighborhood watch WhatsApp group.

This warning was sent from friends in Panama City to neighbors on my block, and they shared them.

The warning involved the use of Scopolamine, which has been called the zombie drug in Colombia. With Panama being a neighbor of Colombia, it is not hard to imagine that it is now in Panama.

When Lilliam read the message, she said it had been in Costa Rica a few years back. She then gave me a long lecture to not open the door for anyone that is outside that I don’t know.

When I first read about it, i didn’t give it much credibility, however now that I have done some research, I think the warning should be posted. While doing my research, I found the Snoops writeup on Scopolamine, and if you are’t careful, when you read it, you could assume it is a hoax. Snopes is a site that debunks many hoaxes.

However, if you carefully read Snopes, you will see that it is refuting some cases in the U.S., not that the drug exists and has been used in Colombia.

Especially this time of year when many are going to be shopping in Plaza Terronal, there will be some opportunist thieves looking to relieve unsuspecting people of their purchases or money.

The crooks uses several methods on the victims. One is to pass out fliers or tickets that have even dosed with the drug. Another is selling fake perfume and getting you to smell it.

If this drug is inhaled, then it puts the victim in a state that allows them to follow commands given by the thieves. I remember a fellow writing me about a year ago and what he described happening to him in Boquete sounds just like Scopolamine.

You can do what you want, but I consider this a threat and worth paying attention to.

Crime Update

My morning email contained an email from the Boquete District. An individual was opening the lock to his finca when two thugs attacked him. One hit him and threw him to the ground while the other took his bag with all his ID, both from here in Panama and from back in the U.S. along with some money and his cell phone. Along with those items they also took his U.S.passport and his Panama Air ticket.

He had called to ask the procedure for getting a replacement passport. The process is not that difficult. You have to report the theft to the Panama authorities and receive a document from them of the passport theft.

Then you have to contact the U.S. Embassy in Panama City and make arrangements to go there and get an emergency passport. They will make it a priority item.

Crime seems to be on the uptick. There have been recent armed robberies in restaurants and fincas. All of these types of crimes seem to fuel the gun advocates promoting guns as a solution. In the case above, had the individual had a gun on his person, it would most likely have been taken from him and he might have been shot with his own gun.

I believe in being as prepared as possible to prevent being a victim, but there will always be cases in which you couldn’t be prepared. In those cases, I believe the best thing to do is remember that things can be replaced. Life can’t. Continue reading Crime Update