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La Palma, Costa Rica or Bust

Are you ready to drive into Costa Rica? Ok. lets be on our way. I got all the paperwork that I needed from my insurance company in David, but the PTJ in David was unable to process their paperwork. Not to worry. We can do it in the Frontera.First thing we will do here is to go through the exit side of Panama and get the passports stamped. While I was in line, I saw them checking cars for drugs and took this photo.
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Do You Have An Extra Car?

I have a friend in Costa Rica that is looking for a good used car (no junkers – please). Preferably it will be a 1996-99 model of a Toyota Rav4 or a Suzuki Vitara. It should have power windows, power steering, AC, and be a four door.

He will need the model and year to compute the taxes that he will have to pay in Costa Rica. If you or a neighbor of yours has something you think might be of interest, send me the particulars (including condition and mileage) and I will email it to my friend.

Trip To San Jose, Costa Rica

As you can see, I have returned. While it was a good trip, I am always glad to get back home. I took the TRACOPA bus from the Frontera to San Jose and the round trip price was about $20. The trip is about 7 hours by bus and that makes the trip about the same as a bus trip from David to Panama City. As always I took photos to give you a taste of what the trip was like.

I am going to only post some of the photos I took here. The rest are in the Chiriquí Chatter Photo Album.
After getting my passport stamped on the Panama side, I headed to the Costa Rica area to get it stamped for entry to Costa Rica. With the passport stamped on both the Panama side and the Costa Rica side, the trip is ready to begin.

Here is the TRACOPA bus waiting to be loaded.

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Ashes to Ashes – Dust to Dust

I mentioned yesterday that I made an unexpected trip to Costa Rica last Thursday. Today, I will explain the purpose of the trip. I am not sure how to best describe the time I spent since it was not a joyous occasion.

Panama is my home and one of the reasons I like it here is the people. A couple of years ago when I was in need of help I was basically taken under the wing by a family here in David. Since that time they have become my family. I have come to know and love each and every one of them. To an individual, I have found them all to be hard working, honest and extremely caring people.

On Wednesday Lilliam, my friend, confidant and sole-mate, received word that her brother and his son in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica had been shot and killed. The funeral was expected to be Thursday or Friday. Last year I had gone to this family’s family reunion in Rio Claro, Costa Rica. I met Lilliam’s brother, who was called Chino by his friends. I don’t think that son was there that day and was probably running the family business.

Having met Chino, his wife and others in the family, I also felt a connection and loss but certainly not to the level of the rest of the family. The journey to Puerto Jimenez was going to be a difficult journey and I was asked if I would mind driving. Of course I had no problem and I was very happy to be included.

We were able to leave Paso Canoas about 4:45 PM Thursday afternoon and arrived in Rio Claro about 5:15 PM. Since it would be between a 3 and 4 hour drive to Puerto Jimenez, we spent the night in Rio Claro and followed Lilliam’s niece and her husband the following morning.

To the point that we turned left off of the InterAmerican Highway, this was the best condition for the InterAmerican Highway in Costa Rica that I have seen. You could see that many spots had been repaired and there were few potholes.

As we began the drive on the road to Puerto Jimenez, the road was good. Here is a couple of photos showing how it was at the beginning.

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Unexpected Trip Into Costa Rica

You may have noticed that I have been away for a few days. I had to make an unexpected trip into Coast Rica driving a car and I thought I would post a little of what was required to do that. The following took place from 9:00AM until about 4:30 PM last Thursday. There was another 30 minutes in the process this afternoon.

If you live in Panama and have a car that is paid for and want to drive into Costa Rica there are a few things that you have to do.

First you should go by the insurance company that provides insurance for the car and request a permission document for you to take the car into Costa Rica. I guess you could forget this step, but you should know that your will have no insurance coverage should the car be in an accident or stolen while you are in Costa Rica. I am also not sure if you open another set of problems when Costa Rica finds that you will be driving without insurance.

The insurance step was pretty painless. The only thing is it is not instantaneous. We had to wait over an hour to get the document. There were other things to do, so the time was not wasted.

The next thing you have to do is go by the PTJP and have them inspect the car and document the chassis # of the car. This is required for other documents you will need to get at the ADUANA office. The PTJP is on the highway to Boquete on the right side of the road about a half a mile or so from the InterAmerican highway. You will see this sign.

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A Time For Remembering

I spent a little time over in Costa Rica Saturday and Sunday. While I was there I happened to see some kids playing and it dawned me that adults need to be more like children. It takes very little to make them happy.

Here are a couple of photos of some kids having the greatest time in a small outdoor children’s pool. If you click on the first of the two photos, you will see a short video I took after they had forgotten a camera was watching them. I had been watching them run on the road that you can see in the bottom part of the photo. This was a dirt street with lots of rocks. There is no way I could have walked on it barefooted and these kids were running like it was nothing at all. Ouch!

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