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Home Invasion

Home Invasion

I mentioned the other day about another home invasion in David. I mentioned that the fellow at the hospital information desk did not know the whereabouts of the individual I was asking about other than knowing he had been in the emergency area.

I know the individual for many years and I wrote him. I am including his replay.

Hi Don Ray, 

I spent from 3 AM Friday until 7 AM Sat. all in the Emergency Room. I have 4 cracked (They say broken) ribs. They wanted to hold me overnight to make sure there was no internal bleeding and that I had not punctured a lung. The guy had my ankles bound. He pushed me and I fell against the dining room table. I am okay as long as I am standing or lying down. It is the getting up or getting down that hurts.

I made a report at the police office before I went to the hospital. A pair of officers from DGI came to interview me. Two other pair of officers came to visit too. I have the case number and email address and phone of the guy who did the translating. The one good thing that happen is the bad guys did not take my passport

My landlord lady took great care She took me there and checked me out. She  paid the hospital bill. She even paid the pain medication. The landlord even had the handyman change out my locks on Sunday. We think some how they had a key. There was no forced entry.

The emotional damage is a bit hard to handle.

My friends around here are watching after me. It will just take 2-3 months for the ribs to heal at my age. I had a cracked rib before years ago.

I am doing okay. Thanks for asking.

Report on Shooting in Volcancito on Wednesday

The following was distributed by Boquete News and was a member alert from Rodney Direct. Home invasions are continuing in Chiriquí.

Member Alert

Jan. 8, 2016

To: Released with permission to News Boquete

We have an early, unconfirmed but authoritative report on the shooting of Richard Moore in his home in upper Volcancito on Wednesday morning:

At approximately 10:30 in the morning on Wednesday, January 6, Richard Moore was preparing to take a shower when he heard noises on his terrace. His wife was away at a class, and he was alone in the house. He went into the living room (naked) and saw 3 black men on his terrace…with a gun. He turned to run away and they shot 9 times, hitting him once in the back shoulder and once in his ankle. They entered the house and demanded he open his safe, which he did. They took the contents of the safe and other items such as Kindles and laptops. They then tied him up and left the house. His wife returned to find him tied up on the floor and bleeding. He underwent surgery on Thursday for 6 1/2 hours to repair his ankle. A $5,000 deposit was demanded by Chiriqui Hospital before they would admit him. The police responded and report there is lots of evidence, including fingerprints.
We wish Richard a speedy recovery and we will keep you up to date as new information becomes available.


Any questions? info@rodnydirect.com

October 27th Security Meeting at BCP in Boquete

There was a meeting today at the BCP in Boquete. It included a presentation by Rodolfo Aguilera (The Minister of Security for Panama) and was attended by Emigdio Walker Vasquez (Mayor of Boquete) and Juan Arauz (The Boquete police Chief).

For a synopsis of the meeting, click HERE.

I can see that some of the things that were presented at the last Warden’s meeting at the U.S. Embassy are being implemented.

It was mentioned, in today’s presentation, that some of the programs were were being used in New York, and if I remember right, our presentation at the Embassy was given by an ex-member to the New York police, who was working with Panama officials.

It is also important to note that today’s meeting followed President Varela’s meeting in David on related topics yesterday.

This is a beginning. Today there is talk. With tomorrow, I hope there will be more action. Some actions have already been taken with measured results.

From looking at the Boquete presentation and reading about yesterday’s meeting, I see a lot was aimed at drug trafficking. In the area of gangs it appears that they are working to offer gang members other opportunities and enticing them to leave.

What I didn’t see was an acknowledgment that crimes by minors need appropriate punishment.

I didn’t attend the meeting and that may have been covered.

Crime Awareness at the Chiriquí Flea Market

An email I just received.

Hi Don Ray,

Preparations are nearly complete for our crime awareness rally this Sunday, although I can use more volunteers between 9:30 and 1pm. (Volunteers only need to take the questionnaire on the clipboard with pen provided, and say “disculpe” to Panamanians as they are on the property, and ask them to look at the crimes committed and ask them to please fill in the questionnaire.) Oh, and then I will take the results, and make copies for, all the government officials to see; Dipuda Athena Athanasiadis, Mayor of Dolega, Governor of Chiriquí, etc.


This is the program, very simple, mostly aimed at Panamanian citizens:

I will have the following 2 lists in Spanish:
1. Crimes committed in Chiriquí 2015
2. Questionnaire to citizens about crime, their awareness, and what to do to change it. Here they are in English:


1. Caldera murder and home invasion – August
2. 2014 Food Box robbery – Volcancito
3. 9 year old kid around Super 99 road in David shooting the shop owner
4. Recent robbery in David at the Do It center
5. Home invasion and attempted murder in Potrerillos
6. Home invasion and injuries by pistol in Potrerillos
7. Robbery in Brisas about a month ago (stole electronic stuff)
8. Robbery in Skateworld about a month ago
9. Robbery of people we know in Gualaca a week ago
10. Attempted break in in Palmira
11. Robbery in Potrerillos – $1000 tools taken from a friend’s house – September
12. Robbery at Handicap Center – September
13. A couple robbed of household belongings and 2 dogs, Boquete
14. Armed robbery of the owners of the Fish House in Jaramillo Centro
15. A couple robbed at gunpoint in Santa Lucia
16. An indigenous guy in Jaramillo – sister in law returning from her job in Boquete and was attacked near Romeros (she later died)
17. Beverly Hills Garden – Los Algarrobos – October – robbery of $1500 from staff and clients
18. Los Algarrobos, Panamanian family theft of jewelry and 2 laptop computers – no one home


Are you aware of all the current crime?
Are you aware of the ages of the offenders?
Many are underage – should they be prosecuted like an adult, released to their parents, and/or wear an ankle band with a chip in it and be forced to do public work?
Do you have a legal weapon at home for protection?
What are your suggestions for keeping a safe neighborhood?

Do you have boat horns or other devices to warn neighbors?
In the last year or two have you been affected by home invasions?
Have you ever been broken into? With violence?
Neighborhood in which you live.
What was the follow up?
Did police respond and was anyone caught?
If so, who?
How were they dealt with?
Should the law be changed to allow minors (under 18) to work legally?

Name________________________________________ Cedula#________________________________

(Thank you for your participation; your responses will be delivered to the proper government authorities so your voices can be heard)

Linda Pedersen If you want to help please call me at 6503-7756

Getting Caught With Your Pants Down

For those new to Panama, a PUSH is a place known as a “Love Hotel” or BYOB (Bring your own broad or boy). It sometimes is used as a way to have a little privacy for couples living with parents.

It is also used by men or women sharing time with someone other than their significant other.

Kris wrote a post on a Push Button on her blog, If you want to see inside.

Yesterday, it appears that three people posed as clients to gain entrance to the Beverly Hills Garden establishment and robbed clients and staff for more then $1,500.

As you can see, crime is not just hitting the residences.

Amazing what news I get by subscribing to the Chiriquí Noticias Twitter.


Crimes Against Foreign Citizens Living In Panama – Proposal

I received the following request.

Request…Would you please run the following in Chiriqui Chatter?
Thank You..Dale & John
– – – –

Crimes Against Foreign Citizens Living In Panama – Proposal

The Ambassadorial section of the US Embassy in Panama has the ability to address security problems of US Citizens with the Panamanian government. ( Likewise, other ex-pats living in Panama have their own Embassy officials they can contact with regards to their safety concerns. )

· As US Citizens living in the extended Boquete areas of Panama we can collectively present “our security and safety issues” to our US Ambassador in Panama.

· We can present the crime statistics and the opinion of our local police officials regarding the youth who are committing these life threatening home invasion crimes against American Citizens living in the extended Boquete area… and why the capture, arrest and release without prosecution of these criminals continues to encourage these violent crimes against American Citizens.

· If correctly presented, we feel working via our Embassy is the most effective means of motivating the Panamanian government to change its laws concerning under-age offenders committing the life threatening crimes against Americans…not only in the extended Boquete area but throughout all of Panama.

· We feel a group of concerned citizens (consisting of Americans living in the extended Boquete area) need to develop a proposal for the Warden to consider presenting to our Ambassador.

· Once the Warden is in agreement we anticipate the Warden (possibly accompanied by a few delegates) will need to meet with our US Ambassador (or their appointee) in Panama City to present our concerns.

· … American Citizens living in other regions of Panama can work with their Warden and Embassy in a similar fashion
… Ex-pats from other countries living in the extended Boquete area (and other regions of Panama) can work with their Warden and Embassy in a similar fashion.
Dale Jackson & John Sandeen

Anti Crime Rally

I received a request to post the following.

Hi Don,
Can you please post this? Thanks, Linda

I have an idea I want to share with you, the community. We are ALL sick and tired of crime in Chiriqui; I’d like to sit back and do nothing, but I feel it is OUR – that is – ALL OF OUR – duty to work together and try to make positive changes we can live with. This is our chosen home.

We have the flea market every first Sunday of each month, and a secondary new one on the third Saturday of the month. The Sunday market attracts about 70 to 80 vendors and maybe around 500 people come through the market in the course of three hours (a good combination of Panamanians and gringos). Here’s my idea – we’ll set up a table, invite the mayors, Athena, police, media, and public. I see a questionnaire for both Panamanians and Expats asking for input about how to treat our maleantes – like a vote – to present to the powers that be. And this should NOT be the only anti crime rally – just another in series. Chiriqui Storage is centrally located, attracts crowds from David, Dolega, Potrerillos and Boquete, so why not go with the venue and use this opportunity?

I cannot sit and keep watching; I need to do, BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!! I need volunteers to help organize this. If you think this is a good idea please email me at chiriquistorage@gmail.com for your suggestions and if you want to be a part of this. OR if you have a BETTER idea!! As Dianne said to me we need to keep the ball rolling.


Linda Pedersen — I cannot do this alone!

Pupusas and Precautions

I got a WhatsApp message from Rosita saying that there would be Pupusas today.

Deborah had never had them and said we should add it to our list of international food we had eaten lately.

We ate Mexican the other day in Boquete at Antojitos. We had Italian at Verona’s, We had Greek at Tops and now we have Salvadorian Pupusas from Rosita.

Rosita asked about Lilliam and I told her that Lilliam was in Panama City, but I had a guest that was staying with me while her mother recovered from being shot in Potrerillos. Rosita said it was really getting scary in Chiriquí.

Rosita said that yesterday afternoon she noticed four young men watching her house. She said she going to have to start securing the house more during the day.

I live in a good area of David and everyone is getting nervous.