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Tom McCormack’s Container #17 – Arrives June 30

I just received the following message from Tom McCormack. His latest container should unload Thursday (June 30) around 8AM. Here is a link to a previous container unloading.

Hi Don,
Last news. The driver of the mula is in line waiting to be loaded first thing in the morning.

So you can announce that the loading will start 8AM at the bodaga beside IFARU on Thursday. Any changes will be announced.
Thanks Don Spent all day today with a film crew from TVN.They are waiting to film the unloading.

Amigos de Animales Calendars

I received a request to post the following:

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

Calendars make great holiday gifts for family and friends. Order our beautiful Amigos de Animales calendars and share our beautiful Chiriqui with everyone!If ordered by November 26, we will mail them directly to recipients for you – just give us their mailing information! In US and Canada only. The cost is $10 per calendar plus $5 shipping and handling via the Panamanian mail service.

The calendars will be shipped once payment has been made and the mailing address provided.

To order your calendars for the Holidays, please use our Paypal service at

or contact Carol Hurst at qualityfirst.carol@gmail.com

Report – Chiriqui Flea market – Crime Awareness Day

I received this for posting:

We are pleased to report that we gathered about 250 signatures from both Panamanians (who easily read and signed the questionnaire) and Expats, who signed a separate petition about changing juvenile laws here in Panama – punishment consistent with the crime. Many thanks to the volunteers – Marion Torgany, Carmen Restrepo, Norma Humphries, Bob Gregory and Tom from Alto a crimen, who gave their time to collect information. If anyone still wants to sign this petition you can stop in at Chiriqui Storage office; I will keep these papers until next week when the government is accessible. I plan on bringing the papers to Diputada Athena, and other government officials.

Donations for Marion Clamp added up to about $230.00; hopefully this can help a little with her hospital bill. You can still donate at the Chiriqui Storage office, weekdays between 10 and 3pm.

I should add that I had a donation of $250 sent to my PayPal account, that will be added to the CS donations.

You have my personal thanks for being interested in the efforts to bring more recognition to the crime situation in Chiriquí and across Panama and for the donations to Marion’s hospital account.

Charity Activity In Parque de Cerventes – Saturday

I received a request to post the following,

Hi Don, I am sending you information about an activity that will be held at Parque de Cervantes this coming Saturday. This activity is to raise funds for ” Ostomizados” ( children, young adults, women, men and the elderly whom suffer problems with their Colon). This Foundation is going to collect money for these people specially for a little boy name Bryan.

There will be live music, food, activities, Zumba and all for a great cause. We hope to see a lot of cooperation from everyone. One donation can go along way.

Don, Stella asked me if it is possible for you to share this on your blog. Stella and other students from Colegio Nuestra Senora de los Angeles will be volunteers that day.

Thank you, we will see you soon.


Number 15 is in the Books

Tom McCormack had his number 15 container unloaded yesterday. He had plenty of help scheduled so I didn’t post an advance notice. 15 containers of medical equipment and supplies that benefit all of Panama.

I did take a few photos which will be at the end of of the post.

The photo I will post as a standalone follows. As the line had formed and items were being passed down the line, we noticed a flock of birds directly overhead circling. Now I don’t know if this was because so much medical equipment in one place usually implies pending death or if there was another reason.

I did hear Tom look up and say, “Not today!” However, the birds continued circling.

The last three photos show the bodega after it was filled. Not bad for one container and some items had already been distributed. Tom did say he has enough at his house in the US to fill 1/2 of another container.

Howard Hill Benefit

I received a notice that there is a benefit that is going to be held for a friend of mine in Boquete (Howard Hill), and I was asked if I would post the benefit.

I will add a personal note. I have known Howard for several years. I met him because of an Embassy case I was called to support. The case was a difficult case and without Howard’s help, the individual’s situation would not have ended well.

I have known Howard to be a giver and not a taker and I am happy to call him my friend. He has been a real asset to both the Panamanian and the English speaking communities.

His situation is unfortunate and not of his own making. Without some help from his friends, Howard’s life will be cut short.

Following is the write up provided by the benefit organizers.

During working life, Howard Hill did a wide variety of things, including developing instructional media for a university system, and writing grants to bring federal money into children and family programs in western North Carolina.

His twelve years of retirement have largely been characterized by volunteerism. Howard was a founding member, and twice president of the Rotary Club of Boquete, wherein he was involved in numerous projects to improve school facilities and learning conditions in Boquete area schools, as well as school and water projects in Bocas del Toro province and the Comarca. He has variously been a donor and volunteer with many of the local civic organizations, providing free photography and sound systems, or just an extra hand, for the Handicap Foundation, Amigos de Boquete, Animales de Boquete, BCP, and the Boquete Biblioteca. However, due to catastrophic personal losses in 2007, Howard leads a very simple existence, and was left without means to afford health insurance.

Howard currently does not have health insurance and is suffering from a worsening case of congestive heart failure. He immediately requires various costly treatments and surgeries, and his life is on the line.

To reach our goal, your support is fundamental, and we greatly appreciate anything you can do for Howard.

Joanna Dodge, one of the organizers, has set up an INDIGOGO fund which may be contributed to via the Internet.

Gran Bingo Anual de Casa Esperanza

I received the following email today and this is a very worthwhile organization. I wrote up Casa Esperanza quite a while ago and Here Is The Post.

Asiste este jueves 30 de Mayo al Gran Bingo de Casa Esperanza
Club David desde las 7:30 p.m.
Muchos premios, cultura y tradiciones
Donación: Bl. 25.00
Casa Esperanza Website is http://www.casaesperanza.org.pa


Si quieres conocer más de nuestros servicios escríbenos a sales@ch4publicidad.com
Si no deseas recibir más boletines informativos haga click aquí
CH4 Publicidad – David, Chiriquí
Derechos Reservados 2015

I Must Be A Masochist

Boy oh boy, did I get beat up for the previous post on charities. I must be a little masochistic or I would not post anything that might provoke thought or discussion. The post obviously struck a nerve with several people and I seem to have ruffled more than a few feathers. I received hate mail, was called names, and some mail bordered on threats. WOW. What a reaction.

Still, I think anything that encourages discussion is probably a good thing. I am thick skinned and can take it if I dish it out.

It is my opinion that people moving to Panama from a foreign country, and are planning on living in Panama, need to assimilate into the community. To me, that means making an effort to learn the language, understand the culture, and trying to give back to the community.

I also realize that the older we get, each of these things become more difficult. Not all of us can do as much as others. Continue reading I Must Be A Masochist

Charities Outside of Those in Bid 4 Boquete

This time of year, and throughout the year for that matter, I seem to get bombarded by emails, and other Internet notices, wanting donations for Bid 4 Boquete.

I have to tell you, I would be more excited if it were Bid 4 Chiriquí.

While I think B4B does good work, I think it is good for everyone to realize that there are many other deserving organizations, causes and individuals in Chiriquí, besides just those in Boquete.

I got turned off last year, when I was trying to find a hospital bed for Robert, who had a stroke in David. I contacted the Boquete Hospice organization, who had an available bed, and was told that they only supported people as far south as Dolega and I was outside the supported area.

Now since I knew they received their beds from Tom McCormack, I was kinda ticked. I would have thought they might say, if I provided the transportation they could loan me one, but they didn’t.

Luckily Tom supports all of Chiriquí and even has people coming in for prothesis help from outside of Panama. As it turned out, one of Tom’s beds became available and he delivered it. He has no boundaries on his benevolence.

Now if B4B offered the option of directing where the money went from an auction item I might buy, then I would consider purchasing some items. When I used to contribute to United Way, I specified exactly where I intended my money to go. However, since B4B doesn’t have that sort of option, I send my money where I can see the results of my contributions.

In case you are looking for other worthwhile organizations I will mention a few. If the names are in RED, then clicking on the name will take you to an area with more information.

Tom L. and Linda J. Foundation – I have known Tom for years and there is no individual that gives more to the people of Chiriquí.

Nutre Hogar – This organization helps malnourished children all over Panama. If you ever have a chance to visit the facility, you will see children that will tug at your heart strings.

Fundación AMIGOS del Niño con leucemia y cancer does a lot to assist children with cancer.

Churches – Our church, like many churches, has a program that supports young people’s needs for school. Lilliam and I contribute $60 a month to our church’s beca fund. They always have a special Sunday, at the end of the school year, where the children that received the beca money say “Thank You”. I enjoy seeing what fine young people I got to help.

Damas Rosada is a women’s organization that provides assistance for those in need and often are in the Women’s and Children Hospital (Hospital Obaldia).

Volcan Quilters (Las Hermanas de Acolchado de Volcan) This organization in Volcan has taught over 400 women how to sew and quilt and earn a living from their newly acquired skills.

There are so many needy individuals and organizations in Panama that it is impossible to mention them all. B4B has gotten to be so big, that maybe they will decide to expand their support and change the name to Bid 4 Chiriquí or at least provide the option of specifying where the donation should go.