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Container 22 on its way

In case you missed Tom McCormack’s comment on a previous post, He will be in David with container # 22, on September 17.

More medical help for the residents of Chiriqui.

For more info on previous container deliveries, search for Tom McCormack in the search area above.

Hi Don, Glad to see you two (3) are doing well. Shipping container # 22 17 of Sept.
800 new legs to date.Anxious to get back to David.

Tom McCormack’s Container #19 arrives Tuesday (July 4)

I just got word from Tom McCormack that container #19 will arrive and start unloading at 7AM on Tuesday at the casa de jubalodos beside the jail in David. Turn left at the light to go to the casa de jubilados. Going right puts you at the jail.

Tom said if you wanted to play a roll in unloading the contents to be there at 7AM.

To see more posts on previous container arrivals and Tom’ endeavors assisting the Chiriquí area, click HERE.

FICADEN Group @ Chiriqui Storage Flea Market (January 15)

I received a request to post the following.

January 15th @ Chiriqui Storage Flea Market
The FICADEN Group will be at the flea Market and available to talk with individuals about supporting the Ngabe Nation whose Capital is in Llano Tugri.It is a beautiful drive up there with breath taking views along the way. The drive is about an hour up the road once you enter San Felix. Good asphalt road with a few pot holes. Mr. Armando Dixon one of the FICADEN Board members will be there sharing his life story…..adopted by an American family and later returning to teach his people (Ngabe’s). Recently was sent by the Panamanian Government to China for a month. He is currently studying for his Masters Degree.
I am having at Tables 5&6 there with a lot of DIY stuff; different coax cables, wires, battery powered drills,CB radio, turn of the century digital camera with 3.5 floppy drive, hedge trimmer, Scotts Lawn Spreader and about 600′ of low resistance coax cable suitable for Ham Radio. and other stuff!.  All the proceeds from the sale items go to FICADEN and the outreach in Llano Tugri. Our ministry, is sponsoring the work at Llano Tugri. Currently we have initiated an after school Feeding Program and support the after school Learning Program ,whereby we were able to get a large supply of teaching materials when we made the trip up there on December 18th.
Our web site is:
http://www.cleftoftherockministries.com/   ( There are so many ministries similar in name_ use this specific site)
Facebook:Our Trip December 18th

Help Tom – Help Chiriquí


The other day I mentioned that Rubi Ciana is up for the Héros of Panama. It is now time to vote and you can vote on an hourly basis.

There was an $8,000 award for being nominated and there will be another $30,000 for the winner.

The McCormack Foundation will be able to help a lot of folks if Rubi wins.

To vote, click HERE and vote often. You do not need to be in Panama to vote. As the graphic says, voting stops on November 20.

Hard At Work


Tom McCormack is still delivering the contents of Container #18 to needy Panamanian recipients. Arm and leg prothesis are being fitted. The good work goes on.

You may wonder how you can say “Thank You”. Well, a good way is to continue putting in votes for Rubi, his trusty assistant. That would provide his foundation with $30,000, which would allow Tom to help more people.

Click HERE to vote.

AttaBoy Tom

I just noticed a post on Tom McCormack’s FaceBook page. I felt it was worth a huge AttaBoy from Chiriquí Chatter.

Our last container #17 has just about been delivered to areas of need. To date more than 3000 wheelchairs, more than 3000 walkers, more than 4000 pairs of crutches and around 100 home hospital beds. We just fit number # 392 new prosthetic leg. Hundreds of breast prothesis and wigs, thousands of glasses and lots of hearing aids. Still going strong.
Thomas L. and Linda J.McCormack Foundation.Thanks to all our volunteers in Panama and U.S.A.

You may remember on my Container 17 post, that TVN was here filming the process. They were here again this week doing more followup for  A Panama Hero promotion. Those nominated will be awarded $8,000 for their good work. The winner will be awarded $30,000, if I understand correct.

Obviously everyone in Chiriquí already recognizes that Tom is a hero, but it would be nice to see his foundation pull in the $30K. Think of all the people that Tom would help with that money.

Chiriquí Chatter thinks there is no more deserving winner. Let’s hope that TVN decides the same in December.

A Feel Good Day

Last Thursday, June 30, Lilliam and I took our morning 2 1/2 mile walk.. I called Tom McCormack to verify that Container 17 had arrived. It was on its way. It had been held up in Colon because there was heavy equipment on the road and it had not been able to leave on schedule.

Still, they drove through the night and it was in David around 8:00 AM, where some 70+ volunteers were ready to help with the unloading.

When I got there the doors had already been open and items were being passed down a line to be placed in the bodega.

There were many gringos, but more Panamanians. Many of the Panamanians were there to say “Thank You” for members of their families who had benefited in the past or would benefit in the future. There were some who had already received one of Tom’s gifts.

20160630_082120Rubi had gone to the port to get it cleared through customs and escort it to the bodega. Rubi is Tom’s trusted assistant who has learned how to fit the arm and leg prosthesis. When Tom is in the US getting more donations, Rubi continues to work with those in need in Chiriqui. Continue reading A Feel Good Day