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Multi Motores in David

I received the following Chatter Charrer reader review of Multi Motores in David.

From……: Dorreene Reynolds

Hi Don Ray,

Over the last 11 years of living in Panama, I’ve grown accustomed to marginal service from businesses, so when I find one that delivers excellent service, I think it deserves mention.

I recently bought a used car and then sold my old car at Multi Motores in David (on the Boquete road about ½ mile past Ricardo Perez). The owner Jose Gregorio Castrellon….. speaks English and was wonderful to do business with. His office handled all the car registration paperwork in both Panama City and Changuinola quickly and competently.

When I put my car on consignment with Gregorio, we signed a contract outlining the price I would receive and the condition of my car, including all scratches and dings. Gregorio then detailed the car and did some cosmetic painting to make it look good. Within 5 weeks the car sold and I delivered the registration for the transfer. At this point, Gregorio wrote a check for my full payment and signed a document stating the money would be deposited in my bank account once the registration transfer had been made. The next week, he followed up in an email with a scanned copy of the bank deposit.

The sale of my car from start to finish was completed with just two visits to his office! It doesn’t get much better than that.

New Daihatsu Terios in Panama?

I see that Daihatsu has updated the Terios. I haven’t seen it at the dealer. The new one has a definite Rav4 style to it. When I owned a Terios, I really liked it. I never got less than 34 miles to a gallon. It had a Toyota Yaris 1.3 engine in it. I see that the new one has a 1.5, which is the same size as the current Toyota Yaris.

I found this blog, which had a post on the Terios. I saw a photo in the July AUTOPISTA, so that implies it is now in Panama.

Now here is the model I would like to see here. I would buy one.