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Renault in David

Yesterday, I stopped by the new Renault dealer in David. It is in the Chiriquí Center close to Verona Pizza.

I was especially impressed with the KOLEOS model. It and the DUSTER look like they will give other SUVs in the city competition. I liked the KOLEOS better than Lilliam’s Honda CRV. If I were in the SUV market, the Renault would be on my list to consider.

If you stop in to Renault of David, tell Janice that you heard about this dealership on Chiriquí Chatter.

Renault comes to David

David is soon to have a Renault dealership. With that, those that purchased a Renault in Panama City will not have to depend on the Panama City service.

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The dealership is in the Chiriquí Center (Home of Verona Pizza). Click HERE for the full Google Map.



NOTE to self: Verona Pizza is not open on Tuesday. Why won’t this register in my mind. I went by to get a Pizza and that was why I noticed the Renault sign.

Car Shopping Observations

As you may have noticed, the Terios post has been taken down and it will be picked up Monday when the title is transferred to the new owner.

I haven’t spent anytime looking at new cars since 2004, when I bought the Terios. I had a car picked out, prior to the Terios sale, but that deal fell through.

Thursday, Natalie and I went to almost all of the dealers in David to get an idea about what was available. I am going to give you some of my observations from that exercise.

First, I made three trips to Grupo Siliba, over the last week, because I thought the Kia Soul was the car I wanted to buy. The first two visits were ordinary, just looking and I did pick up a Kia Soul brochure. Continue reading Car Shopping Observations

Motores Japoneses

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P1030361I stopped by Motores Japoneses yesterday in Plaza Felipe Rodriguez specifically to look at a new line of cars that they are carrying.

Motores Japoneses is the selling arm of Suzuki in Panama. A few months ago they started selling the Great Wall and JAC products from China.

I spent the last few days researching the Great Wall on the Internet. This is a company that is on the move and they are putting money into their products to make them a world product.

While Motores Japoneses sells the vehicles, Felipe Rodiguez does the service in David and provides the showroom.

P1030366My focus on this visit was to take a look at the Chinese products, but I did take this photo of a new Suzuki that had just come in. Motores Japoneses carries a large selection of the Suzuki models.




Following are photos of the Great Wall pickup. The pickup has an Isuzu motor.


Here are some photos of the Great Wall Haval H5 SUV.


The Haval H5 uses a Mitsubishi Diesel engine. I was pretty impressed with the interior. It has an all leather and all the bells and whistles. The radio even had bluetooth to connect with your phone.

Here is a photo of the JAC car. The interior was also impressive on this car.


Here is the Great Wall Panama dealer website. http://greatwallpanama.com

Here is the Panama JAC website. http://jacpanama.com

Here is a review of the H5 in 2012. While it doesn’t get an outstanding review, it does get a respectable review.

The Chinese seem to be where the Japanese were 40 years ago and the Koreans were 20 years ago. The Chinese have proven they can build quality products,

I have seen Chinese cars and pickups being driven in David before, but this is the first time I have seen them in an actual dealership.



If you drop in, tell Alexander that you learned about him on Chiriquí Chatter.

A Small Amount of Time At the David Fair

I bet you thought I would never get around to posting the time I spent at the David Fair last March 15th, 2013.

I really wasn’t certain if I would make it to the fair this year or not. I almost cooked last year and I told myself I would never go to the fair before 5pm the next time if I went.

While I was still wondering what I would do this year, I received an Invitation to attend an inaugural event for Petroautos. It was going to be at 7pm and have food catered by Cuatro. Sounded like a plan to me.

We arrived around 6:15 and entered the fair. Since the event wasn’t scheduled until 7PM, I had time to spend walking around and taking photos.

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I was passing the Toyota exhibit and it looked like they were going to uncover a car, I assumed it was a new model. Maybe I would have time to drop by later. I did have time to take a couple photos of some lovely Toyota ladies. Continue reading A Small Amount of Time At the David Fair

AutoStar – David

I have meant to post this for several months and am just now getting to it.

DSC00797AutoStar is the dealer servicing Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, Dodge Ram, Chrysler and Jeep. They have dealerships in David, Chitre, and Panama City. Formally Most of these brands were under Grupo-Q.

Mazda, who was also under Grupo-Q, is supposed to now be with Grupo Silaba, which is the Kia dealer.

A Chiriquí Chatter reader had notified me of their location on Ave. Miguel Brenes, not far from the light on the InterAmerican Highway on the left East side of the road.

Here are a couple photos inside the showroom.


I spoke with the Manager and his card follows. If you stop in, tell him you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter. The company website can be found HERE.


Conúltenos, S.A. – VW of David

The VW dealer in David has been open for about a year, but it was only a week or so ago that I dropped in. From what I have read, VW is wanting to increase its world presence.

Besides VWs, they are also carrying Audi. Their presence in David will no doubt have an effect on sales in Toyota and Honda.

I had stopped in about a month ago and they have a small VW that I really liked. I didn’t have my camera on that day and when I took these photos, the small models had been sold.

I have seen a lot of VWs driving around David, so the word has already gotten around.

If you stop in the dealership, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Panama Automotive

The other day, when I went to have my car worked on, I met Marvin Morgan. He has opened a used car dealership on the InterAmerican Highway. I get a lot of question of where to go to find used card. This is information and not a recommendation.

This is a dealer that does speak English and that is important to many that read this blog. If you stop in, tell Marvin that you read about him on Chiriquí Chatter.