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Hyper Media in David

I had to do some maintenance on a backup PC the other day, which I was selling, and Kelvin King introduced me to Hyper Media. I guess this store has been here a couple of years, but I didn’t know about it. It is sort of David’s answer to YOYTEC in Panama city.

Here are a couple photos in the store. Continue reading Hyper Media in David

Panama Caribbean Tobacco Company

The other day I was in Bugaba/Concepcion and I visited the Panama Caribbean Tobacco Company.

I had met David Reynaga at the David Wednesday Market and I thought it might be interesting to tour the facility.

David had called ahead and they were expecting me and ready to provide the tour. My understanding is that all of the tobacco is grown close to Bugaba.

We started at the back of the building where tobacco was in various stages of aging. This was recent tobacco. Continue reading Panama Caribbean Tobacco Company

Treating Myself to Lunch at Hotel Ciudad de David

Since I am batching it for a while and tired of bologna sandwiches, I decided to take my self to Hotel Ciudad de David for a noon buffet.

I always enjoy their buffet, which is one of the better ones in David. It is $12 on Monday through Saturday and $16 on Sundays. Jubilado’s receive a 25% discount.

There is always a good soup, plenty of salad, two meat dishes and vegetables and super desserts. A complementary wine, iced tea, or soda goes with the meal.

I recorded my drive to the hotel and it follows:

Annual Physical

I am still going through the annual physical process. My primary physicion sent me to a new Urologist for a prostate exam this year.

I went to Dra. Marta Sánchez at Hospital Chiriquí. I really liked her. Her English is very good.

The blood tests revealed normal PSA numbers and ratio. All that remained was the digital exam. There is a benefit to having a female doctor for the digital exam – SMALLER fingers! 🙂

If you go to Dra. Sánchez, tell you read about her on Chiriquí Chatter.

I am including a video that shows the way I go from Plaza El Terronal to Hospital Chiriquí. There are obvious many ways to go, but this is my easiest route.

First Car Cam Video Posted

As I said in a previous post on new technology, I purchased a new camera to take videos as I drive. One of the uses will be to document the location of various places in David. All Videos taken with the Car Cam will have Tags of “Car Cam Video” and a Category of “Car Cam Video”.

Let me know if these videos will be of use and any special requests of places to get to.

This first Car Cam Video is HERE. This will also let you see the quality of the video that the camera makes.

Popeye’s Pizza Revisited

I was just going through some of the business cards that I had not filed. This one on Popeye’s Pizza I had intended to talk about when I posted the photos from Rome. However, I keep getting more behind and who knows when or if I will get those photos posted.

What I wanted to do was contrast the pizzas in Rome with David’s Popeye’s Pizza. I have been going to Popeye’s since it was originally opened by Pino. He became a good friend and I miss him. How do these pizzas compare to the ones I had in Rome? They are far superior.

Last year, Pino sold Popeye’s and I was worried that the pizza would change. I am happy to say that it has not. It is still my favorite pizza in Panama. This is the only place I go when I want pizza. It is thin crust and cooked in a brick oven. I think I will go there today.

If you stop in tell they you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

UPDATE August 23, 2011: I am adding a driving video to help you find Popeye’s Pizza.

Nutre Hogar in David

As you wake up today, many of you will be facing a day of feasting and enjoying the family. Between now and January 2, you will probably gain a pound or two and may even become tired of turkey and stuffing and all of the foods of the season.

You will be sharing your time with family and friends and will begin thinking of what 2011 holds in store.

To all of you that read Chiriquí Chatter, I wish you the happiness that you deserve and a very prosperous 2011. Continue reading Nutre Hogar in David

Stanza Cheese Factory in David

I had met Manual Linares over a year ago. One evening, shortly after meeting him, I visited with him in his house and learned a lot about the business of Cheese.

Manuel is the owner and operator of Stanza Cheese Factory in David. He had invited me to see the factory and I have been meaning to visit his factory for a long time. I finally did it last Friday.

We found Manual in his office and he provided us with a tour. I have always been a fan of cheese and processes and today I would learn more of the process of making cheese.

Our first stop was to the laboratory where we met one of the keys to a healthy and cost efficient product. The laboratory technician is responsible for determining the quality of the milk that is received by the process. Bacteria is measured. Fat content is measured. Water content is measured among other things.

Continue reading Stanza Cheese Factory in David