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What’s Up With Cable Onda Day 3

Note – Contracted speed is 20 Mpbs,

I have been away from the house all morning and have just tried to use the Internet and found it lacking.

Maybe all problems are not solved.

3:51PM –

7:42 PM – I have placed another trouble call for whatever that is worth. This is the last post on the subject until I have hd a couple days of contracted speeds. May not happen for a while.

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What’s Up With Cable Onda Day 2

Note – Contracted speed is 20 Mpbs,

Looks like nothing has changed in the Internet status. I guess I am going to have to put in a trouble call.

Speed test at 5:10 AM

Speed test at 6:30 – Better, but not what it should be.

Second test.

6:45 –

As a side note, I tried to place a trouble report. I called and was told to press 2 for English, which I did, Press 1 for residential, which I did, and press 2 for technical support.

After waiting a couple minutes, I was connected to a technician who answered in Spanish. Spanish would have been fine, but I said I thought this was supposed to be an English line. I was told uno momento and placed on hold and then disconnected. This is Panama.

I just placed a second call and was immediately connected to an English speaking young lady. She took my client # and checked the status. She came back and said that there is a known problem in the David area and technicians are working on the problem and hope to have the problem solved in the next few hours. Her English was very good and she was very professional.

7:10 –

7:39 – Wow. I could use more of this.

8:00 – Yawn –

9:18 – Not showing much progress. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/6304547045

10:54 –

I have checked the speed several times over the afternoon and this is the latest test. It appears that CO has resolved their problem.

What’s Up Cable Onda?

What is down is CO’s performance. Over the last week or so I have noticed unpredictable performance. It will be down in the 3 Mpbs range and the next day when I check, I may find it back at 20Mpbs.

Not loving it at 7:13PM.

Test at 8:09 PM.

Test at 8:48 PM.

Test at 9:15 PM –

Test at 9:45 PM –

Cable Onda is the premier provider if Internet in Panama. If you are moving here and planning on working on the Internet, don’t expect perfection. I am going to bed. Have a good night.