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Buyer Beware

I received the following information from a local resident that is concerned that some unsuspecting person might be approached to buy some property that is currently under contention for ownership. In Panama, it is not all that unusual for properties to be sold and then the new owner finds that he/she has a legal problem..

Here is the Spanish notice.

Atencion: Las siguientes fincas se encuentran secuestradas, por lo que no pueden ser vendidas for persona alguna.

Fincas: 2301 – 8259 – 8260 – 807- 11565- 9118 ubicadas en San Vicente carretera hacia Volcan.
Finca 9038 ubicada en San Martin
Fincas: 31104 – 5974 – 5503 – 6354- 5842 – 41565 ubicadas in Cabecera, Distrito de Bugaba

Here is my rough translation.

Warning: The following properties are seized, it can not be sold for anyone.

Farms: 2301 – 8259 – 8260 – 807 – 11565 – 9118 located on road to San Vicente volcan.
Farm in San Martin 9038
Farms: 31104 – 5974 – 5503 – 6354 – 5842 – 41565 located in Cabecera, District Bugaba

Turning A Sow’s Ear Into A Silk Purse

I took on a project that has turned out to be a little more difficult than I expected it to be. Maybe there are a couple lessons to be learned, so I will give some details. Part of this is Panama related and part isn’t.

I have a good friend that was buying some items for his residence, in a store in downtown David, about three years ago. After making the furniture purchases, he mentioned that he was in the market for a PC. The store attendant immediately saw $$$$ and said he had a relative that was an engineer that built PCs.

MY friend give some basic specifications for what he expected in the PC, including CPU type, DVD writer, amount of memory, Windows in English, etc. He was quoted and paid $1,300+ including the monitor. Not being technical, when he got the PC, he thought he got what he ordered and assumed the price was reasonable. He was told it was and he trusted the person he had worked with.

One day he invited me over to check out his PC. Here is what I found. Continue reading Turning A Sow’s Ear Into A Silk Purse