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Los Tejidos in David

IMG_0552One of Lilliam’s many hobbies is sewing. Yesterday she wanted to go downtown to buy some fabric at Los Tejidos, which is across from Parque Cervantes. Click HERE for a Google Map. Obviously the location shown on the map didn’t come out completely correct, because the store is not in the Park, but directly across the street on the opposite end of the block from Romero’s.

IMG_0551Anytime Lilliam wants fabric, needles, thread or other sillier, it seems this is where we wind up.

She was commenting how much cheaper the fabric was here than the fabric she bought when we were in Austin last year.

I never pass up an opportunity to take a photo of a beautiful young lady. Yesterday the opportunity arose when the cashier modeled with two parakeets that I had seen caged in the store.


If you happen to stop in Los Tejidos, tell them you learned about them from Chiriquí Chatter.

There are a lot of bargains to be found in downtown David. It may be a little difficult to find a place to park, but it can be a lot of fun once you are parked.

Su Carne

I have heard for some time about Su Carne, which is a meat market in David.

Su CarneTuesday I decided to see if I could find it. It is run by Jorge Martinez.

I had met Jorge, when I had gone to see Robert Watson for my back injury.  We both commiserated about Robert’s untimely death and what a great loss it was.

Su Carne is easy to find if you know where it is. However, in David, with typical directions, you may never find it. Natalie and I would not have found it if if we had not called while driving there.

HERE is a Google Map.

Su Carne

Su CarneSu Carne

I didn’t buy anything on this visit, but I did see the meat being processed. He was filling a large order of hamburger patties to be delivered to one of the local restaurants. He carries two types of ground meat. 80-20 for hamburgers and 90-10 when you want less fat.

They carry beef and pork ribs. You can order them without the membrane. I saw a very nice prime rib that had been aged for 14 days.

Now that I know where it is, I will be giving it a try. With all of the recommendations I have had, it has to be good.

Here is the contact information for Jorge Martinez. Contact him if you have a special order to fill and tell him you heard of Su Carne on Chiriquí Chatter.

Jorge A. Martinez
Work # – 507 7742495
Cell # – 507 65214286
Cell # – 507 67816141
Email – yoyomartinez @ hotmail.com (Remove the spaces)

Multiservicios Díaz

Lawnmower Parts and Repair – Click to Enlarge

I have looked for a good lawnmower service shop several times. I had one, but got the feeling I was being over charged and asked at Rodelag where they would recommend. They directed me to Multiservicios Díaz, which is close to Rodelag.

I have used them now for two items and I like the people that run it. They are nice friendly people and my equipment came back running well. Here is a Google Map. Their number is on the photo. If you stop in, tell them that you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

The Bookmark

I received a request to post the following. If you want to know the history of The Bookmark, you might like to read this post by it original owner.

The requested post follows:

Hello everyone,
My name is Michael Ellis, the owner of the bookstore “The Bookmark” located in Dolega. Many of you know me or at least the bookstore.

I wanted to inform everyone that The Bookmark is up for sale for $55,000 (BARGAIN). This does not include the property, only the books, furniture and of course having the honor of being the most famous bookstore in Panama.

Unfortunately, I also have a more pressing problem, I need to move the bookstore to a new location as my landlady has basically decided to move back into her house(IE my business) this upcoming month. I do have a year+ or so remaining on the lease, but, honestly it’s not worth the cost/effort/headache of going through a legal battle, which, in the end I would likely lose, being a foreigner in a foreign land (yes, that’s cynical but true).

And so, if you’re not interested in buying the business, please at least spread the word that I’m on the look-out for a rental, unfurnished, with a sq footage of approximately 500 sq meters (20X20). It wouldn’t have to be fancy, as long as I can fit around 45,000 books and shelving.

I can’t stress enough the element of time.

With that said, thanks for your help.


Michael Ellis; Contact Information: Ellis_m_1@yahoo.com   776-1688   6468-9547

The Bookmark, Dolega.

Importadora Americana

I have been to a couple outlets in David that sell Ropa Americana, but last week I went to a new one that is well laid out and has a lot of products that were well priced. I walked out with two pair of shoes.

Besides clothes I saw a lot of pillows and bedspreads.

Importadora Americana is located to the left of Revilla on the street that runs in front of Super Baru and past Romero’s and Rodelag.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge.

Los Angeles Arts

Donna and Ray had notified me a while ago about a new business that they were sure I would like to see. I asked if they would mind going and taking some photos and doing a writeup because I didn’t know when I would be able to get it. They graciously accepted the request and sent me the following. Thank you Donna and Ray.

A new gallery has opened on the Via Boquete that promises to be the place to go to find fine hand crafted art.

With items from all over the world, Caesar and Antoinette can surely fill all your personal and gift needs. There are masks from Africa, paintings from Central America, leather goods, beautiful wood turnings, ceramics made in Panama, jewelry, furniture, clothing and games.

Caesar and Antoinette have the experience to make this project successful. They ran a large gallery and restaurant in Belize, then had a gallery in Naples, Florida. The store is small now, but there are plans for a larger store closer to the road that will be able to hold even more beautiful things.

Los Angeles Arts is located on the Via Boquete shortly beyond the horse stables, on the right side of the road going toward Boquete. Look for the orange sign, the gallery is set back from the road.

Caesar, Antoinette and Lucy will be pleased to welcome you.

Donna & Ray

When you stop into Los Angeles Art, tell them you learned about them from Donna and Ray and Chiriquí Chatter.

Ferro Arte Chiriquí

IMG_0647As a further strengthening of the security in our house. We replaced the original front door with a new door from Ferro Arte Chiriquí. This was custom built to the exact specifications required by us.

I couldn’t be more happy with the quality of the build or the professionalism of those involved in the installation.

I believe this door really adds a lot of beauty to the front of the house, but the door is much more than just a pretty face. This door is virtually impervious to break-in.

Not only that, but the glass you see behind, the ornamentation, opens to allow you to see who is at the front door without having to provide access to the house. It also allows for air flow through the house without having to have an ugly iron security door that many houses have.

Ferro Arte Chiriqui is owned by a young Panamanian couple. The owner worked many years in the U.S. and his English reflects the time spent there. We had priced other ornamental security doors in David, and Ferro Arte Chiriquí was the most reasonable.

They build many things besides just the security doors, including simple gates, window security bars, terrace furniture, adornment for gardens and they work with stainless steel.

Ferro Arte Chiriquí is located on Via Boquete 2 houses down from the old PTJ and on the east side of the road. their phone numbers are 774-2134 and 6651-9085. Their email address is ferroartechiriqui @ hotmail.com.

When I have a chance, I will place a Google Map.

If you drop into Ferro Arte Chiriquí, tell them you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

David Locksmith

The other day I needed a locksmith. Lilliam got the name of Arcadio Vargas, who has a shop near the five corners intersection. I forgot to take a GPS, but if you go toward town on the street in front of Super Baru, when you get to the Revilla at the five corner intersection, turn into the Revilla parking lot. Exit on the other side of the lot and his shop will be directly in front of you.

I had a file cabinet that was locked and I had lost the key. I brought him to the house and in less than a minute the cabinet was open. The cost a mere $10.

I highly recommend him. If you contact him, tell him you learned about him on Chiriquí Chatter.

Dairy Queen Less Than Ethical in David

This is a warning as to how DQ’s cash register system works. The other day we stopped into DQ. There were three of us and when we ordered, the cashier was told that two were jubilados and wished their discount.

Nothing was said. When the bill was presented, I asked if the cashier remembered the discount and was told yes.

When I went to the table I looked and only one discount was given. I went back and told the cashier that she had only given one discount. She called the manager.

He began by telling me in fast food restaurants they give less discount than other restaurants. I told him I understood and that the discount was 15%. I showed him the receipt.  Then he said their system was only set up to deliver one discount per receipt.

He told me that if 10 people were on the ticket or only one was on the ticket, both would receive the same discount.

Normally, I would ignore asking for a discount, but with U.S. franchised operations, I ask, because the discount is built in to their business model.

Lets look at the difference. Assume 10 jubilados went to DQ and one person picked up the tab for all. Lets also assume that each one had a $4.00 order.

The discount for one would be 60 cents. For ten people that would be $6.00. The company pocketed $5.40 (as in stole from the clients).

If you want the discount, that the law allows, you have to request all bills to be separate.

I told the manager that the problem with his particular store was that when the cashier was told that two wanted discounts, she should have rung them up separately. Instead she said nothing. Possibly due to her training.

To me this is a matter of ethics and it appears that DQ has been found lacking.

bebé nook

I am always happy to introduce new Panamanian businesses to my readers. This post is about a new Internet business owned and operated by a young couple in my church.

I told them I would be happy to spread word about what they are offering.

I am sure that most of my readers won’t be in the market for the products as they are aimed young families, but I am going to tell you why you might be interested in remembering this website.

First you can just spread the word about what they offer. You may have young families in your area that may not have heard of bebé nook.

However, maybe more important, you might want to use this as a way to help a young Panamanian family that is struggling. For instance, you might make an anonymous 3 month purchase of formula or diapers for a new born.

Most of us come down here to live the good life and forget that many are just trying to make ends meet. I am sure bebé nook will be happy to deliver to a family for you and keep it anonymous.

You say you don’t know any such young couples, but if you did you would be happy to help. I will tell you a secret, if you go to any church in Panama and ask the pastor if someone in his congregation could use your help, you will have a dozen names before you leave. Deliveries are free in David. Outside of David, will require a small delivery charge.

Following is the information for bebé nook.

Hello & welcome to bebenook.com!  My name is Carmen & along with my husband, Daniel, we are the parents of two fun-loving kids.  Like you we are very acquainted with those daily visits to the pharmacy or supermarket hunting for just the right items to keep our kids healthy and on the go.  Each year we would visit our family in Panamá and noticed that parents still had to take precious time from their day to go to the store to pick-up diapers and other items for their babies. So it hit us! bebenook.com

bebenook.com enables you to buy what you need from the comforts of your home or office and we will ship right to your front door.  All this with the advantages of not only saving time but also with the guarantee of getting great brands & high quality products. Let our Family help make your life a little easier…
Putting the easy into life….bebenook.com


Somos Daniel y Carmen, papás de dos hijos de 5 y 3 años. Como es de esperar, al tener niños pequeños es parte de la vida diaria hacer visitas a la farmacia o supermercado en busca de artículos para el cuidado de nuestros queridos hijos. Pero fue en Panamá, visitando a nuestra familia, que nos dimos cuenta que no existía una alternativa para simplificar la vida ocupada de tantos papás. 
Entonces nació nuestra idea! bebenook.com.

Una empresa confiable que le permite ingresar sus pedidos de artículos para bebés y niños por Internet desde la comodidad de su casa u oficina y recibir su pedido a domicilio. Todo esto con la ventaja no sólo de ahorrar tiempo sin tener que pensar en el tráfico o haciendo largas filas, pero principalmente garantizando la entrega de productos de calidad reconocida y con el respaldo debebenook.com, cuyo propósito es el bienestar de su familia.