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New business in David

I received a request to post the following new business announcement.

Good Morning Don Ray. I want to thank you for for giving me the opportunity to share with your other readers information about a new business in David. The business’s name is FISER Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center. The owner, Jazmin Abrego, is a licensed Physical Therapist, who’s experience includes 5 years as a Physical Therapist at Chiriqui Hospital. Jazmin uses a variety of therapeutic techniques to treat conditions such as muscle pain, injuries or post operative rehabilitation. She is also the only Physical Therapist in Panama who uses a technique called dry needling, which is similar to acupuncture. I, personally, have used Jasmine’s Physical Therapy services for over a year and I can attest to her knowledge, professionalism, and kind and caring personality Also, she is fluent in English.

Her office is located at Ave 3rs Oesta, Plaza Pinatal, Local #5 in David. Her cell phone # is 6927-1878. Please call for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Thank you.
Kathy Reny

G&B Import/Export, S.A.

I received a request to post the following. For all things of this nature it is your responsibility to do your own due diligence.

We have opened a new household door to door shipping service from the USA and Canada to Chiriqui and also services returning to the USA or Canada. We have offices in the US and Panama and have over 50 years experience with ocean freight shipping, customs clearance and logistics.
We are also contemplating a monthly shared container service with distribution warehouse in Chiriqui and welcome input for those of you who would be interested in this.

G&B Import/Export, S.A.
507-6900-0764 (Panama) (whatsapp)
843-603-1020 (USA)

Tops Stylo Y Sabor – For Sale By Owner

It saddens me to post this announcement of a business for sale. It was the only place where I have been able to buy a good Gyro in Panama, and yes, I have had a gyro from Mr. Gyro in Boquete.

Today I stopped in to confirm the rumor I had heard.

Following is the information on the sale.

Facebook and Tripadvisor .. The boutique side has quality American clothing and the cafeteria side has all new USA equipment. It has 4 Frozen Yogurt machines, 1 fridge with 24 compartments for accompaniments of yogurt.

For more information please call 6985-9000, Bill



En Facebook y en Tripadvisor .. En la boutique hay Ropa Americana de damas, de buena calidad y de moda y en la cafetería todos los equipos nuevos de USA . Y 4 máquinas de Frozen Yogurt y 1 nevera con 24 compartimientos para los acompañamientos del Yogurt .

Para más información por favor llamar 6985-9000 , Bill



Following is a YouTube video on Tops. Stylo y Sabor.