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Paradise Gardens Is OPEN

I just received the following email confirming that, contrary to rumors, Paradise Gardens is very much open.  This is an attraction that you should not miss if you are visiting Chiriquí.

From……: April

Hello!  I was hoping you could help us out at Paradise Gardens.  I am a volunteer that has been working here for the past 6 weeks.  During this time, I have heard rumor after rumor that we are closing and/or closed.  We are very much open and need visitors to help us support the animals that come and go.  We have proud new Tamarin Monkey parents and would like the suggestions from the public in naming the twins.  We are holding a Name the Babies Contest.  Entries cost $1.00 and must be in by March 9th at 12 pm.  Name suggestions will be posted at PG and voted on.  March 13th the winner will be chosen and receive a dinner for two at Las Ruinas.  If you are able to post this and pass it on to other contacts that you have it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance!

Time in Boquete

On January the 1st we went up to Boquete to let my Costa Rican visitors see Panama’s version of some of the Costa Rican landscape that I saw on my trip in December (I am working on the CR photos and hope to have the next post up this week).

While we were there we drove around the typical drives in Boquete and then stopped into Valle Escondido to have a cup of coffee. This was the first time I have been there since the major rain that caused land/mud slides.

I saw a couple areas that indicated that there had been slides. Here is one photo. You can see a strip of bare land that looks like it previously had trees.

Here is a different position showing the same area. You can see a lot of recent work has been done moving dirt possibly after cleaning up the area. You can also see a building to the right. I would not have wanted to have been in that building when the storm was going on. Continue reading Time in Boquete

What A Great Day

Yesterday, we got to visit a coffee farm and roast coffee. What fun. I will have a future post to share, but I need time to prepare the photos.

We got to eat at Tammy’s in Boquete, which is one of my favorite places in Boquete to get get a good and reasonably priced meal.

Following Tammy’s we went across the street to see the new location for Sugar and Spice. Same goodies, better location.

Before we left Boquete, we stopped by the Pasteleria Alamana to have a strawberry tart with fresh whipped cream. – Yum!!!!! While we were there, a huge rain hit and we were unable to leave for a while. The poor fellow in the photo below was waiting for a bus. I didn’t envy him. Continue reading What A Great Day

Paradise Gardens Update

Yesterday, I also stopped by Paradise Gardens in Boquete. This has to be one if the nicest places to visit in all of Panama. I was interested in finding out how it was doing with out its founders.

I am happy to say that it is alive and well, but it still can use a little help from the community. They said they can always use fruits for the animals and the donations barely get them by month to month.

They also said they can use a few more volunteers. If you love animals, stop by and offer your services. Paradise does a wonderful service in rescuing animals and returning them to nature.

I did take a few photos yesterday. The next photo is of an animal that I hadn’t seen there before.

Here are a few pjotos of just a few of the birds you can see. Continue reading Paradise Gardens Update


I received a request to post the following:


Join us this Sunday, August 2, at 1 pm at Hotel Fundadores for a showing of SMOKE (1995), starring William Hurt, Harvey Keitel and Forest Whitaker. A discussion will follow the movie for those who are interested.

Donation: $2.00.
Parking in the back of the hotel


SYNOPSIS: Smoke is a slice out of the lives of some Brooklyn, NY denizens connected by their patronage of a local smoke shop run by Auggie Wren (Keitel). The movie’s plot, like smoke itself, drifts and swirls ethereally. Characters and subplots are deftly woven into a tapestry of stories and pictures which slowly emerges to our view. In Auggie’s New York smoke shop, each day passes seemingly unchanging until we start to notice the little details of life. Paul Benjamin (Hurt), a disheartened and broken writer, has a brush with death that is pivotal and sets up an unlikely series of events that affords him a novel glimpse into the life on the street which he saw, but did not truly perceive. Two days, one summer and 18 years are examined in detail by the quirky characters populating the film.

Awards Won
Silver Bear (Wayne Wang) Berlin International Film Festival, 1995
Danish Film Critics Bodil Award for Best American Film, 1995
German Film Award for Best Foreign Film, 1995
Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay, 1995
(From Wikipedia/ IMDB.com)

Look for Sunday at the Movies each first Sunday of the month. Arrive by 12:45 pm to secure a good seat. Bring your friends.

Our next movie, on September 6, will be in the mystery genre.