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Angels in Panama

bookcover2I have several copies of Larry Matthews’ book Angels in Panama. It is available on Amazon for $15.95 in Kindle format, $34.95 in Hardcover format and $29.95 in the paperback format that I have.

You may be familiar with Larry’s blog. Larry is a retired Air Force officer that lives in David.

He has a current article about a medical situation he has been experiencing.

I was visiting with him this morning as he is still tethered close to his oxygen. He asked if I would let my local readers know that until he gets rid of the paperback copies, that he will let them go for $5.00 each. I will add that anything over $5.00 will be appreciated.

Many readers are turning to Kindle and he wants to move these as soon as possible. You can contact me and I will meet you with the book. I am doing this as a favor.

Here is an idea. Someone could buy the 10 copies I have on hand and then put them on Bid for Boquete. That would help Larry and Bid for Boquete too.

Superstition, Pirates, Ghosts and Folklore of Bocas del Toro, Panama

My good friend, Malcolm Henderson (author of Don’t Kill The Cow Too Quick), has just produced another book that newcomers to Panama will want to read

Its title, Superstition, Pirates, Ghosts and Folklore of Bocas del Toro, Panama, tells it all. Malcolm has taken a great deal of time in researching this book, and I recommend it.

I have heard many of the superstitions from Tom McCormack, who has made several presentations on the subject in Chiriquí. The superstitions are not localized to Bocas, and I suspect are universal to most of Panama.

Malcolm has interviewed many native Panamanians and his time spent in Bocas shows.

The book is currently available at Island Traders in Bocas. If anyone in this area would like a copy, you can email me at donraycc@gmail.com. I have made arrangements with the author to hold copies in David. You can pick them up when you travel to David.

The price of the book is $9.99.

A Spanish edition is in the works. Watch for an announcement when it is available.

The Volcán Barú Adventure Reviewed

In a previous post I told you about an ebook that has been written by Ryan Grassley. I finally got around to reading it and I recommend it to anyone living in Panama and wanting to live the adventure of going from sea level to the top of the Volcán Barú.

I say “live” the adventure because the book is published using the new iBooks iAuthor software, which produces ebooks for the iProducts of Apple. This particular book has close to, if not more than, a whole hour of videos taken on the journey.

What Ryan had to do was to position his camera at various locations and then ride through the area, then he had to retrieve his camera and find the next location to tell his story. Incredible. Only a fellow his age with a touch of insanity would have take on this project.

He starts out the lower Barú portion with two other companions. Ryan made it to the finish. Live through his falls. Live through is night camp out. Live through his being able to see the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. Wow. I was tired just living the adventure vicariously.

If you own a Nook or a Kindle or other ebook reader, this may be your reason to buy an iPad. After all the New iPad is has been announced and will soon start deliveries. It also demonstrates a lot of the authoring features of iBooks iAuthor. For $2.99 you can’t go wrong.

You can buy Ryan’s eBook HERE.

Here is a video preview of what you will find in the book.

The Innocents Abroad by Malcolm Henderson

Last week I met a good friend of my for a cappuccino and a chat and he brought me his latest book to read. I had met Malcolm several years ago on one of my neighborhood walks. It was at that time I read his first book, “Don’t Kill The Cow Too Quick”.

Since reading it, I have considered “Don’t Kill The Cow Too Quick” to be a must read for anyone considering living in Panama. This book is sort of an autobiographical experience of Malcolm’s time in Panama up to the date the book was published, if memory serves me well. I recall thinking often as I read it, “Been there and done that” and a few times “glad that didn’t happen to me”.

I had heard that Malcolm had a new book that had been released and when he gave me a copy, I felt very honored. Had I not had several interruptions, this book would have been no more than a two day read for me. I am not a fast reader. For most readers, it will probably be a day because I doubt that you will want to put it down. I didn’t, but some things are not under my control.

This book is a novel set in Panama with all of the elements to keep you turning pages. Plenty of Panama influence and culture, a dash of sex, toss in some international intrigue, a thought provoking social order in the making and a good reading list to prepare you for the book that will follow “The Innocents Abroad”.

Malcolm took an interesting approach in writing the book. It is done as a set of diary entries and email communications between the small number of characters. I was impressed that under such a simple approach, he was still able to dramatically tell his story and flesh out all his characters. And for the clincher, he ends the book with you considering the premiss of the story and letting you know that the characters will continue in another volume.

I enjoyed the book. I think you will too.

Need Something to Read?

I received an email from Robert Hatting this morning related to his latest book, Murder in Panama. Bob helped me a tremendous amount with the sale of property following the death of a gringo that I became involved with through the U.S. Embassy.

He introduced me to Nutre Hogar, which has become a pet project of mine and gives much of his time and money supporting them.

Not too long ago, Bob had a heart attack and took on an almost spiritual attitude in changing his eating habits. He started canning his own foods, baking his own breads and even utilizing a new ozone treatment. I have to say, the change has been good for him. I have known Bob for at least six years and I have never seen him look better.

His latest book hits close to home for me. I have gotten acquainted with four actual murders and some attempted murders by being a Warden in David for the U.S. Embassy. I intend to download it and give it a read.

I have no problem promoting Bob or his writing endeavors because I know the man and I know where all of the money he takes in goes. If you want to try out the first in a new series, knowing that the money will be helping kids in Nutre Hogar, click on the photo above.

I already did and the book is sitting on my iPad.

Get a Free Kindle Book and Feed a Child

I happened to see a post by Bob Hatting on Boquete Ning giving away a Kindle Book to the first 10 people that write him. The money goes to Nutre Hogar. I have one of Bob’s books and plan on reading the rest.

Bob’s Post follows:

Please help settle a bet.  I proposed that I could offer ten (10) kindle books to the first ten people that wrote me with their -mail address and that it would happen in three (days). I have a friend that says I won’t get half.  So, here the deal.  If you write me with your e-mail..bobhatting@gmail.com., I’ll send you absolutely free, my eBook, “Alaska be Damned”.  You can check it out at

This bet closes out in 3 days.  Oh, by the way, the proceeds go to Nutre Hogar.

There you have it. Bob wins a bet and you feed a child! What a way to start off your day.

Kicking It Up A Notch

As many of you know, I do my best to try to help the country that has adopted me. I have been fortunate to have had some effect on several worthwhile projects and my time is always full. Being retired doesn’t mean that you have to quit being productive. When I feel that something I have done has helped someone else, I feel better and enjoy life more.

One of the local organizations that I have recently gotten involved with is Nutre Hogar. I was most impressed with my visit to their David location and you can see my post HERE.

I have been talking to Bob Hatting about some other ideas related to helping Nutre Hogar. One of the things Bob is doing is donating all of the proceeds (from his book sales) he receives through March 31 to Nutre Hogar.

He just sent me some information with an idea how we can kick it up a notch on his sales, which has a dual benefit. It helps Nutre Hogar, and it also helps Bob. Personally, I would like to see Bob make a fortune on his books.

When I needed help on the auction for Paul Nunes, Bob jumped right in with Chris Smoot and took control. He didn’t ask for a dime because he knew that the Nunes’s kids needed the help and without his and Chris’s help, the auction would not have been a success. Continue reading Kicking It Up A Notch