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Setting Records

It seems that I am gaining a new talent. I have been banned from the second Chiriqui forum. First by Boquete Ning and now by Chiriquí Life.

I had respectfully requested that my membership and profile be removed.from Chiriquí Life twice. I first requested by Chiriqui Life messenger and once by email.

This was my third request.

Click to enlarge
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I see that part of my request was granted, however is a manner that was not requested and that I find offensive. The profile was not removed but instead, I was banned from visiting the site.

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I better be careful or I will find out that I have banned myself from Chiriquí Chatter.

It Is Only Fair

I have given my fellow blogger, Richard Detrich, a lot of static lately on his being soft in his presentation of crime in Panama and Panama in general.

Therefore, it is only fair that I recognize his most recent posts, one on crime and one on Panama in general.

His last post on “Blowin’ Smoke Where The Sun Don’t Shine” was exceptional and like all of his posts,  extremely well written. I wish I were 1/2 the writer that Richard is.

If you are considering Panama as a retirement location, I invite you to read his post and digest it. Don’t just look for the things you want to read.

Do as he says, read everything you can get your hands, including his latest book, THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE: OUR EXPERIENCE LIVING AND RETIRING IN PANAMA.

The only qualification I would make, in what he wrote, is that if you test out living in Panama, make sure you have a minimum of 3 months experience in both the rainy and the dry seasons. He did recommend 6 months, but if you don’t know the seasons, you might just experience the rainy season.

A Final Thought On A “Personal” Blog

I posted a comment on Richard Detrich’s personal blog saying that my refer back comment had not been posted. A refer back is a link from another source that is related to a current Post. My comment also contained a link to my post, which is what the refer back would have done.

It got posted because I have commented there before and WordPress remembers you. I took a screen capture of my comment before I posted. It is below.


I then posted the comment and when it displayed, I took a screen capture. It stayed up long enough that I thought Richard had no problem with his readers seeing a differing opinion. I was happy to see that and deleted my screen capture.

Richard’s blog received a lot of hits because of my post and he commented on my blog.

Then, I guess he saw my comment on his blog and responded to it on my blog stating why he does not allow refer backs. He must have had second thoughts and decided to delete my comment from his blog. Possibly he concluded that it wasn’t putting him in the most objective light.

When I saw that my comment had been deleted, I posted another comment, which went into moderation mode. Shown below. Continue reading A Final Thought On A “Personal” Blog

Worthwhile Read

Another prominent blogger, in Chiriquí, is Richard Dietrich, His current blog is probably a worthwhile read. I usually don’t direct people to his blog because I view it an a “for Profit” blog as evidenced by the $1,144,000 property he is selling, other ads and promotion of his books.

The fact that he spends more time on cruise ships lecturing than living in Panama makes his Panama experiences different than the majority of people moving from the U.S., thinking they are moving here for a slower paced and cheaper way of life.

Depending on one’s age, it may be neither of those.

In his current post, he touches on items such as the “Pensionado Discounts”, “Gringo Bingo”, “Healthcare” and a new chapter to his latest book called “Exit Strategy”.

It is the Exit Strategy, I would like to spend a little more time on. No book, magazine article, or blog should be sufficient for making the decision of a permanent move to Panama, or any other foreign country for that matter.

At best, they may provide a reason for a closer look. The closer look needs to be intensive. You have to live like a resident for a minimum of 6-10 months in both the rainy and dry seasons. The longer the better.

You need to experience waiting in lines to pay bills, waiting in lines to get over charges removed from bills, language and cultural differences, water outages from hours to weeks, electricity outages from hours to days, continuous electricity fluctuation (which may damage connected devices), non English TV, gringo pricing, Internet outages (assuming you can get Internet), healthcare, healthcare insurance, and on and on.

With those 6-10 months, you may not need an exit strategy. You will either realize that Panama is a mistake for you or you will know a few of the things you have to cope with. I have lived here going on 13 years and continue to have new experiences.

And yes, I do believe you shouldn’t move here without an Exit Strategy. I know people who are here, who want to move back and can’t do it.

It may be because they put all their life savings into moving and can’t pull together enough money to make the move back. It may be because they came here and a health problem hit and they had no option to return because their health wouldn’t permit it. Many have had health bills in Panama that totally depleted all their savings. Of course, that happens in the U.S. too, except no one ever told you that the U.S. had cheap healthcare.

As a disclaimer, when I moved here, my long term plan was to live here for a maximum of 20 years, sell my property for a $1,000,000 and return to the U.S. I moved with an exit strategy in mind. In that regard, I was no different than my fellow blogger Richard.

However, an error in judgement in a second marriage removed that as a possibility. No I didn’t marry after moving to Panama, but was married in the U.S. exactly 10 years prior to my move to Chiriquí. The good news is that I would never have met Lilliam and her family if I hadn’t moved to Panama.

This reminds me, don’t move here, because you think the move will be good for your marriage. If your marriage is on shaky ground before the move, this move will end the marriage.

Bottom line, buy all the books you can and take advantage of all the media on the Internet to better understand living in Panama. The cost and time will be insignificant compared to a permanent move.

Just remember this old saying my dad used to tell me “ I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

No article, book or blog will compare with your individual Panama experience. HERE is Richard’s book, if you want to assist him with part of his exit strategy.

What Will I Do in Panama

This is an important question anyone wanting to move here should ask. Fellow bloggers Joel and Kris have done a good job of integrating themselves into the community they live in. Because of that, they recently were asked to be judges at a local bilingual school.

This appears to be one of the few bilingual schools I haven’t been in. It is always rewarding to interact with the young people in Panama.

Kris and Joel, I applaud you.

Here is Kris’s post of their day behind the judging tables. Kris also has several YouTube videos that are worth watching as well as a performance of Joel singing Love Potion #9 for the students.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

I thought Richard Detrich was due a real AttaBoy. I see he does actually monitor his site to keep comments from getting in that have not been properly edited by the author.

I have left several comments in the past on Richard’s blog, that I thought had slipped through a crack and for some reason never showed up.

I alway assumed that Richard was so busy and had so little time because of being away on cruise ships and thought that it was an accident that my comments never showed up, or that I hit the wrong key. I now understand that he is just preventing me from leaving a flawed comment.

When I left my latest comment to one of his posts, and saw it on the moderation queue, I took a screen capture so I would remember it and set a reminder to check back.

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

This morning I checked his post and see that the comment is no longer under moderation, but has moved to a location known as purged-atory. This is the place ex-preachers place comments that don’t meet their selection criteria.

I appreciate that Richard didn’t want me to be embarrassed because I hadn’t adequately edited my comment and didn’t see an “of” that was written as “go” or that I used “have” when I should have used “has”.

Thank you Richard, but that wasn’t really necessary. My readers know that a lot of editing slips through the cracks on my blog.

Many readers don’t realize that WordPress and many other blogging applications always leave a comment or a ping back for other bloggers, if their posts are referenced. If the blogger chooses, it will appear in his blog.

Normally bloggers appreciate that others are spreading their blog’s URL because it increases Google’s ranking of their Blog.

Some bloggers prefer to delete comments and ping backs because they may offer differing opinions.