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Baby Bird

P1030394The other day, Lilliam told me a bird had flown into the bedroom. I went in and the bird was at the window, on the screen, wondering how to get out.

I reached out and it didn’t move. I took it in my hand with no problem. It didn’t try to avoid me. I could feel its small heart racing.

I carried it outside and opened my hand. It took off, reversed direction, and flew back into the bedroom and landed on the bed.

I went in and again it didn’t move as I went to pick it up. I carried it out again and this time put it in a planter, so it could rest.

Soon it flew out of the planter and only a short distance to the fence. I went to get my camera and took a few photos. I only posted this one.

While we watched it, there were two bigger birds on the roof watching. One flew down close to the little one and encouraged it to leave. It did. I hope it lives long enough to avoid all the cats in this neighborhood.

Invitation to presentation of Book of Urban Birds

Rural Tourism Association, Volcan Baru Friendship
And The Cultural House of David La Guaricha
Are pleased to invite you to the presentation of the Book
“Between Patios, Cables & branches: Photographic Guide to Identify Urban Birds”, (In Spanish) a work which is the first urban bird guide published in Chiriqui and second nationally. The authors are teachers Luis A. Vargas  & Liliana Castrellón, who work in Arnulfo Arias Madrid Technical High School of the city of David.
Sunday January 8, 3-6 pm
Horticultural Market, Crafts and Tourism Highlands.
We also have the typical dance presentation by the folk group of  The Association of Rural Tourism Friends – Volcan Baru.
Free admission.

Antonio M. Singh C.

Director General
Chiriquí Eventos Cultural
Casa Cultural La Guaricha
Cel. PTY 507-6122-2089
Skype: antoniomsingh