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Ear Lowering Time Again

The main reason I got out this morning was to go get a haircut. I had called Yanie to make sure she was going to be there, but I got no answer. I had a couple of other things to do, so I figured I would just go and if she wasn’t currently in, I was sure she would be before I finished with my other tasks.

As I walked up to the Salon, I felt relieved to see that there was a car there and someone was in the chair. I entered, and saw that Yanie wasn’t the one working, but a new lady. I asked if yanie was going to be in and found that she has moved to Panama City. Well, I am here and the price on the window is the same, so I decided to wait and get the haircut.

Meet Luisa.

I am happy to say that I will not have to look for another person to cut my hair because I thought Lusia did a good job. In fact, she may have given me a better cut than Yanie. She said she had been cutting hair for ten years so she is experienced. As I am sitting here writing, I can tell that it is a little cooler without the burdon of the hair I was carrying around.

If you had seen my previous post about Yanie’s Salon, don’t worry. Yanie is now Luisa. The price is the same ($2.00). I think Luisa cuts hair better.

Time for Another Haircut

My plan was to get up this morning and walk to Yanie’s Salon and get my haircut. Last nights rain had really freshened up the area so it was going to be a pleasant walk. On my way, I took this photo of a house that was on my way. Everything is really green.

I got to Yanie’s salon about 9:00.

Guess what, she wasn’t open. No problem, I have several other things to do, which will show up in other posts.

I asked the store next to Yanie’s when she would be open. He said about 10:00. I returned at 10:00 and she still wasn’t there. I asked the fellow next door if he had her phone number. He did (6-669-4925). I called. She said she would be there at 11:00. No problem, I will go get a snack and a drink and wait.

I return at 11:00 and she isn’t there. I call and she said she was having problems and would be there in a half hour. I decided that I would see her in another month and just go to another salon I had been to.

It cost me an extra buck and it isn’t as good as her haircut would have been, but the good thing about my hair is that it is still growing back.

Do You Need Your Ears Lowered

When my dad used to take me to get a haircut, he would always tell me that it was time to get my ears lowered. Today I decided that it was that time again.

Lately I have started going to Yanie’s Salón. I think she does a good job and for $2.00 I haven’t found better. The first place I was recommended to, in David, charged me $5.00. That was obviously not the charge for the locals. I found a second place that was all right and she charged $3.00. Then Yanie was recommended and I think I will just stick with her.

If you are in David and need your ears lowered, give Yanie a try. Her salon is on the block just past the bus terminal close to Bambol. Tell her you saw her on the Internet.