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No Longer Shaggy

Saturday, Lilliam helped me decide that I needed to remove a little hair. We all went to see Yani. She always brightens my day, I don’t think I have ever seen her without a smile.

I told her I needed to take her photo because it had been a while since I had written about her and many might not know her new location. Here is a Google Map.

Here is the photo that Lilliam took of me, Yani and my $3.00 haircut.

Remember, if you stop in, tell Yani you saw her on Chiriquí Chatter.

Wee Bonnie Yani Has Moved

I have been going to Yani to get my haircut since 2006. The last time she informed me that she was going to be moving. She has several clients that have found her through Chiriquí Chatter and I thought I would inform you of her new location.

For $3.00, she is hard to beat. Besides she always brightens my day. I have never seen her without a smile on her face. As I have always said, smiles are contagious.

To get to her new location, exit off the InterAmerican Highway at the traffic light on Brenes and head toward Supper 99. When you reach the gas station turn right and she has her salon across from the gas station. A photo is at the top of this post. Google Map.

I am including a photo of Yani who will be happy to take on some new Chiriquí Chatter clients. If you drop in, tell her you learned of her via this post.

Are You Feeling Stressed

I don’t know about you, but this time of year is always stressful to me. With Mother’s Day coming up, Lilliam’s birthday, then Christmas and then after the first of the year work on taxes. Well I have some good news for you. I found a new stress remover and it will help solve several of my problems and maybe some of yours.

Back in December of 2008, I researched the therapeutic massage offerings in David. A good massage always brightens my day and it definitely removes stress. It was a tough assignment I had given myself back then, but somebody had to do it. 🙂

A few months ago I happened to be in a store in David that makes signs. At that time there were two women wanting to have a poster made for their new beauty salon. As they were describing their offerings that needed to appear on the sign, I heard “massage”.

That perked up my ears and I asked where it was going to be located. Well today, I went by the K&D salon. It is located around the corner from MicroTechnology, a block down from Super Baru on the InterAmerican Highway.

The two ladies that run the salon are Kenia Rios and Doris Sanchez, both formally with Enma’s Salon.
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Pollo a la Leña

The other day I stopped at Yanies to get my hair cut. She is still the best haircut bargain I have found. She still tells me it is $2.00 for me, but this may be because I have gone to her for over 4 years. I give her $3.00.

When I left, I noticed that there is a new wood fired rotisserie chicken restaurant (Pollo a la Leña) across the street. I stopped in and besides chicken you can get pork chops. I will try it out another day, but thought I would let you know about it.

This is on the left side of the one-way street just past MoviStar that goes past the ParaFront Bus terminal and Hotel Toledo.

Just A Little Trim Please

Today was my day to go get a haircut. It has been a couple years since I took Yanie’s last photo, so I had her pose following, my haircut. She always charges me $2.00. What a bargain. I was paying $10 back in Texas and my barber in Texas was not near as good looking. 🙂

UPDATE: I should update this post, since I always reference it for directions. Yanni’s price for haircuts is now $3.00. Still a bargain anyway you look at ti.

Not Much Of Nutten

Today is one of those days when I have just not been able to get started. I have accomplished a few small things, but nothing worth talking about. Maybe it was all that rich food I ate yesterday.

I did go to the Barbershop this morning ($1.50). When the barber was done the tailor called me over and reached for a book behind his sewing machine. He opened it up and showed me the photo of his shop that some one had printed off my post and taken to him. His smile was priceless. Don’t tell me that it takes money to make people happy.

Who ever did that, thank you.

Barberia Union

I went by Janie’s yesterday to get my ears lowered and once again the store was locked. When I called the phone number on the door, it wasn’t answered. This is the second time. Remembering the barbershop I had seen next to the Sastraria Union, I went there. Unfortunately for Yanie, I got a better haircut and it was even 50 cents cheaper.

This was an old time barber experience just like the ones my dad took me to as a kid. Complete with the old time tonic and a cheap price. I am always a little nervous about a new barber, but since I know the hair always grows back, I never worry too much. I just told him I didn’t want it too short (No muy corto – por favor). He did a great job. I will go back.