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Boulangerie French Bakery Revisited

After having some receiving comments on an old post, that I had on the Boulangerie Bakery, I decided to revisit it and see if it compared to my previous visit.

The case was filled with many items and I chose several to take home. I also picked up a loaf of bread.

Over the next two days they were consumed. Everything I bought was great. I liked the bread and the cinnamon rolls I got really hit the spot.

Overall I felt that it was as good as the first time I visited it. Here is a Google Map to the bakery.

Santa Clara

When I was talking to Joe Morales in his disfrutas Panama, he said there was a new Colombian Bakery a couple doors to the right that I should try.

That is what we did. This is a photo of the store front.

We picked up a variety of different sample. They have many sweets, some snacking pizzas, and other good eats there. Everything we tried was very good.i want to go back when I have more time. Following are a few photos of the offerings that were there and a scanned coup of the business card I case you want to call in for an order.

Here is the business card if you want to verify your favorite item is there.

Panaderia California in Volcan

I don’t know where this bakery is, but I want to find it the next time I go to Volcan. They make the best butter cookies I have ever had. I bought two bags the other day and had I known how good they were, I would have bought a bunch more. They are thin and crisp and really yummy. I wish the also made molasses crispy cookies too.

Panadería Renata in Boquete

Can you say YUMMY?

I have been told that the best bakery shop in all of Panama is now open in Boquete. I tried it out on Sunday. It is called Panadería Renata. The owners are from Germany and the desserts are from heaven.

It has a nice little area inside to relax and try some of the best tasting desserts and cappuccino you will ever have tried.

Here are a few of the things that will tempt you. Not to worry, all pastries are low in calories. First is a mandarin pineapple flan cake. YUM! The person that ordered it said it was the best things she had tasted since moving to Panama. Continue reading Panadería Renata in Boquete

Mara Pan in David

A recent comment reminded me that I hadn’t posted the following photos. I stopped in Mara Pan the other day. This is one of the best pandarias in David. Their cakes are as good as I think you can buy here. They make a cake called Flan Escondido (Hidden Flan) that is really special.

Here is a photo of one of their cake cases from the other day. The brown cake in the center is a German Chocolate cake and I wanted to buy it.

The next special occasion, I am going to pick one up. It was priced at $14.00. Here is a closer look.

While I think their bread is good by David standards, it is still basic white bread to me.

Mara Pan is located on the same street as IDAAN, but in the previous block.