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Upcoming Apple OSX 10.10.3 Update

Apple has a new OS X 10.10.3 update that will soon be released. It is currently in Beta test and the actual release date has not been announced.

My reason for writing about it now is that this update will require some decisions that may not be obvious.

One of the big changes in 10.10.3 will be related to the new Photos App. I have been looking forward to this release. When Release 10.10 (Yosemite) came out, Apple users were notified that Photos would replace the iPhoto application and the Aperture application, which I used, with a simpler all-in-one editor.

When I installed OS X 10.10, I removed Aperture from my systems and started using GIMP on the interim.

While Photos will not be as capable as Aperture, on release, it should satisfy my needs and has a much nicer photo management system. That is the good news.

It also will begin using iCloud storage for the photo library so that it can sync across all Apple devices. iCloud storage only provides 5GB free and if I were to chose to sync across all of my devices, it would not contain all of my library.

There are pricing plans for increasing your space to meet your requirements.

While cost is a factor, my recent test of using cloud storage (iDrive),  proved to me that, in Panama at least, this may be a very bad idea.

While I had been looking forward to this upgrade, I am not sure I want to upgrade to the new Photos application until I know more. I do know, I will not move to the new iCloud storage. Cost is one factor, but performance under Cable Onda is another.

It appears that, with the update, I will be able to decline iCloud Storage and use only local storage. As long as this is true, I will upgrade. This is the first truly controversial Apple upgrade I have encountered and it will require thought before blindly installing it.

Up In The Air

Apple releases IOS 8 today. With the reviews I have read, it should not go on any iPad 2 and possibly not on the iPhone 4S, which is what I have. I may put it on one of my 4S iPhones and see how bad the performance is. If it is too bad, then I will consider trying to get an iPhone 6 when I am in the U.S.

What a shame. I really didn’t want to change iPhones till the next model.

It also means buying any of the iPad Mini’s that may still be in Panama stores is a bad idea since it uses the same cpu as the iPad 2.

The other problem I will have in not running IOS 8 is that I want to move my desktops to the Yosemite OS in October. I am afraid if I have IOS 7 on my iPhone, it will no longer sync with Yosemite.

I will be coming back from the U.S. with some new technology, the only question is what it will be. October, Apple is supposed to announce new PC hardware and possibly a new Apple TV.

The jury is out on how much Lilliam will allow me to bring back.

I should add that I am running the third beta distribution of Yosemite on my MacBook Air and it is running great. The second beta distribution removed all of the problems I saw in the first distribution and brought no new problems. By the time it releases in October, it should be rock solid.

HERE is a really good article on Apple.

Evaluation of Apple OS X Yosemite Beta

After one week of using OS X Yosemite Beta, I must say I am very impressed. I went into this expecting to be rebooting my Apple MacBook Air several times a day. That has not happened. For the most part, it has been very stable. Out of 7 days of usage, I have had to reboot only X times.

The first problem I had was trivial and happened right after installing the system. I had enabled to encrypt all data on the PC. While it was encrypting the data, a warning notice appeared saying that that encryption could not be done unless the PC was connected to a power source. It was connected when the message was presented. The encryption was performed and the message was erroneous.

I have had one occurrence of a memory leak. A memory leak is when an application obtains memory to perform tasks and when the application shuts down, it does no free up the memory. On this one occasion, I received a system message that I had run out of memory and should shut down some application. However, I only had Mail and Safari running. I think the culprit was Mail.

It took me a little while to get used to Safari. However, now that I have learned the differences, I like it better than Safari on OS X Maverick. I am using a new “Dark menu bar and dock” option and I think it looks much better.

Performance is not as good as maverick, but that is always true in Beta systems. My only complaint is that it is still over a month before it is released to the public.

Apple’s WWDC14

Today Apple held it’s World Wide Developer Conference in California. I watched it live via my Apple TV. While I am no longer a developer, I do get a kick out of seeing what Apple is up to and I thought today was pretty special.

Today was all about software and specifically IOS and OSX, Apple’s mobile and desktop systems. What I saw was a continuing improvement in integration between the two platforms and applications running on them.

More than that was Apple’s emphasis on the development kits available to developers. There was a lot of information provided in the WWDC keynote and I think many would enjoy watching it.

Seeing what will be in the Fall release of OSX and IOS really wetted my desire for these releases.

No real hardware information was given other than iPhone 4 will not be supported with the next IOS. However, with the new features in the operating systems, I expect the next hardware release to be special as well. Luckily I am using iPhone 4S, so my phone will still have a little more life in it.

I sent some of my grandkids the WWDC14 video to watch. If one or more of them show any interest, I will consider getting them setup with a development kit. No matter what career they choose, being able to develop an Apple Application would be good experience, and Apple is making development easier than it was when I coded in assembly language.

Ah to be young again.


Video Surveillance Software For Mac

Seems like I haven’t made many posts lately. Lilliam and I have several projects going that have been consuming much of my time. Lilliam has a fairly significant remodeling project and I have been tired just watching it.

I have mentioned some of my security projects in past post. One of those security projects, is my video surveillance camera project. I had it completed and all working, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with it. I decided to design a different system using a MacMini. That is what I am going to discuss today.

When I built my previous system, I started off with a Dahua standalone NVR (network video recorder) and four Dahua 2100 ip cameras. I ordered all of the system components directly from the China distributor and had them delivered direct to David at a savings over buying the components in the US and shipping here. I could not find what I wanted in David. Continue reading Video Surveillance Software For Mac

Significant Hardware Improvement

IMG_0658I recently purchased a refurbished Apple AirPort Air Capsule from the Apple Website and had a friend bring it to me from the US.

I received it this morning. After plugging it in, my local area network and wireless network were up and running within 5 minutes. This is by far the easiest router I have ever installed.

This device is Apple’s 2012 model and as such was much more cost effective than the 2013 model. This Apple AirPort Time Capsule contains a 2 TB hard drive and will automagically take system backups of all of my Apple PCs connected to it on an hourly basis.

What I have been able to measure is that my WiFi transmission rate has improved by a factor of 2. Apple makes it very easy to measure the transmission rate between the PC and the Time Capsule or router. Continue reading Significant Hardware Improvement

Apple Announcements

I tuned into the Apple announcement at noon yesterday. I watched it live on my Apple TV. It was better than being there because I didn’t have to pay to fly to California or pay for a seat in the auditorium.

The only surprise for me was that there wasn’t an upgrade announcement for the Apple TV. Apple has reduced the price of Apple TV in the refurbish store to $75 and I was sure that would mean new hardware. I guess it wasn’t ready for prime time or they decided to just wait till next year and announce the full TV.

The rest of the presentation was pretty much as speculated by many. Two new iPads and two new MacBook Pros and the new PAC Pro.

The larger iPad got renamed to the iPad Air. I am in the market for a new iPad and the question now is to go with the full sized or mini. I am undecided.

The other announcements were software. Apple’s office suit has been greatly upgraded for both the iPad and Mac. Apple also upgraded their iLife suite. All are free for all new hardware purchases. I received free upgrades for the applications I had previously installed.

Also there was the release of OS X Maverick. Another slap in Microsoft’s face since this also is a free upgrade.

Along with all of the individual improvements is the continued improvement of integration among products. I thought it was a great set of releases.

I downloaded Maverick and prior to installing it, I saved a copy of the install to prevent the need of downloading again for my Mac Air. Everything went smooth. The upgrade was so smooth, that I really have no reluctance to immediately installing on the Mac Air.

I thought the event was very informative and entertaining. You can watch it by going to the Apple site. The event took an hour and a half.

This industry is really changing. There are a few companies that are facing huge problems. Microsoft and Google have been pushed into the hardware business. Both are now manufacturing their own smart phones to compete with Apple. Microsoft is also in the tablet market as a manufacturer.

This is really raising the hackles of Dell and HP with good cause. Microsoft is no longer just a provider of their OS, but is now also a competitor in hardware. The same is true now that Google bought Motorola cell phones.

Both Microsoft and Google had to get a manufacturing arm to have a chance of competing with Apple. I see the possibility that Dell, HP, Gateway, and others may eventually drop put of the PC arena. Dell and HP both produce servers, but both firms are struggling.

It is interesting times we live in.

Apple Macbook Air WiFi Problem

Yesterday, I had a problem with my Apple Macbook Air not connecting to the Internet. It would show that it was connected to the router, but would not access the Internet.

Since the device could see the router, I was convinced it was some strange configuration problem or corruption in the OS. It took me yesterday and part of today to solve the problem.

Luckily, I still had hardware to access the Internet and research similar problems others had and how they resolved them.

The solution that I found, that worked for me, is the following:

  • Open System Preferences (Found in Launchpad).
  • Under “Internet & Wireless” open “Network”
  • At the top of the window you will see ”Location”. Click on the current location, which will probably say “Automatic”. Select “Edit Locations”
  • Add a new Location, named anything you like, such as “New”.
  • Select the new Location and “Apply” and if your problem was like mine, you will be up and running.

That saved me a call to Apple Support or a trip to PanaFoto to find an Apple Expert.

Two For Two

Carlos Arauz has done it again. I don’t know if my iPhone had been hit, but about a 1/4 inch of the screen has been dead for several months. This problem prevented me from changing to numeric or changing languages.

I took it to Carlos and had him replace the front screen. Now I have a brand new (hardware wise) iPhone 4S. It is working perfect. I am super happy!

I dropped off an original Apple Mac Mini to be diagnosed when I picked up my iPhone. I also have another friend that has an iPad with a busted screen that I think Carlos will get the opportunity to work to work on.

I am very pleased with the work Carlos did. He is a very professional young man and very experienced with Apple, having worked for Apple in Panama City for five years.

If you are in need of Apple service and don’t want to wait for the item to be sent to and from Panama City, drop me a note and I will provide you with Carlos’s contact information.