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Bird Watching and Waiting

I am still trying to get a photo of a redbird that has been visiting. These birds are really alert and know when you are close and don’t show their face if you are close. The will sit in a tree branch and just as soon as you leave they return.

We have to hide the bananas in the house and cover them with a towel. Still they find them and nibble under the towel. I never knew that birds had a sense of smell, but that is the only explanation for it.

I didn’t get the redbird, but I did get some nice photos of a blue one.

And You Thought You Knew Hummingbirds

I received an interesting video today on hummingbirds. I noticed that Google is working on software to put the voice that is spoken into subtitles. Futhermore, you can translate the subtitles into other languages  and in this case, I used that function to make it easier for Lilliam to enjoy the video.

The video follows. This should add to your knowledge of hummingbirds.

To use the caption translation ability you will have to view it on the YouTube site and can find this video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjnc1kHMDDo

Puppy needing a good home

Hi Don

This little one showed up by my house yesterday. She is very skinny and has been through a lot by the looks of her. I gave her some food and since then she has not left. She is timid but sweet and needs a good home and some love. I will do what I can to take care of her, her tail was cut off right down to her body and she has some other cuts but I have two dogs, one I took in the same way.

Please help me find someone that can take care of her, a good home not tied to a wall for the rest of her life. Hopefully someone has room for this poor little thing.

Scott 6550 5201

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Koki Kan Be Korny

Koki says hello to all of the people that have written to see how she is doing following her operation. I will tell you that she is doing outstanding.

She really brings a lot of pleasure to this house. Unconditional love is something that everyone should have and she gives it everyday,

She is always coming up with something new. Sometimes I think she is trying to talk. I may have to record the sounds she makes when she is looking at you and doing her best to communicate. She cracks me up.

Recently she decided that she liked to eat corn on the cob. I swear that she thinks she is a human and anything you eat is something she thinks she should eat.

Back To Normal

Koki asked that I let everyone know that she is feeling like herself again following her surgery. Saturday afternoon, she was still feeling the effects of the anesthesia and didn’t want to do anything but sleep. By Sunday afternoon, she was pretty close to her normal self.

This morning she said she thought it was time to take a walk so she could see all of her boyfriends and tell them she wasn’t interested.

David Spay Clinic

A few days ago, Koki and I were having a conversation. She was telling me that I might not realize it, but sometimes she has this motherly feeling come over her and when that happens, she said she was not sure she could control herself and she was afraid she might immediately fall in love and get pregnant.

Being a responsible dog, Koki told me that she thought I should investigate the David Spay clinic that is in David once a month and for only $15, I could save her and us from all the problems of having more little Koki’s running around the apartment.

There is nothing like being educated by a dog. Yesterday, she reminded me that today was the day of the clinic and that I should remember to take the food up at night because she was afraid she might forget and eat and she knew that was not wise before an operation.

Koki told me that the David Spay Clinic is held at the Pan Deportes Complex, which is two blocks up from the Chiriquí Hospital. It is on a first come , first serve basis. The operation is about 20 minutes for a female and 10 minutes for a male. Recovery time to be ready to go home, is from 40 minutes to an hour.

She said I should plan on pampering her and keeping her calm for the first day, but by the second day, she should feel pretty good. She said I might be able to take her for a short walk after the second day, but it would be wise if I didn’t ask her to play and get to frisky for a few days. She said she would tell me when she felt like it.

With that, I decided I should follow her advice and I took her to the designated location this morning. If you are driving toward Hospital Chiriquí keep your eye toward the right and you will see the Pan Deporte building. Turn right and at the end of the building is where the registration area is.

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