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Been to The Airport Lately?

I had to go to the airport today and it has been a while since I was there last. The car rental building has made a lot of progress and it doesn’t look that far away from opening.

The most interesting part of going to the airport today was that the main road going to the airport was blocked by a student protest. From what I could gather from asking the guard at the entrance to the airport, it was probably related to conditions in the school. There were police directing you to exit left and take a detour. If I hadn’t been following another car, I would not have known the way. Shortly after turning left we made a right turn onto a trail. I am sure that several regular cars hit high center on this drive. It was one way and this must be a well-known route for the locals. I now know it.

On the return, all cars basically backtracked except there was a different trail. I took the following photo and you can see cars that are on the way to the airport. Talk about a drive in the country in the city.

I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of the protest. Probably just as well, the police might not have liked my slowing down traffic.

Some Good and Some Bad

I have mixed emotions about David’s airport initiating flights to the US. The first flight that has been announced is a Copa flight from Florida to David. The initial flights will be using planes in the 737 class until the runways are enlarged for the larger class planes.

For many, this may be looked at as a good thing. I guess it is something that had to happen, but I am not sure I look forward to this change coming. David has always had a pleasant little airport. Bringing in direct flights from the US will change that and it will begin having some of the same problems suffered by all international airports serving the US.

It can’t help but impact the travelers that are just commuting to Panama City. I haven’t seen any change come that hasn’t brought a reasonable amount of pain with it. Maybe if I had a direct flight to Houston, I would think differently, but at the present, I don’t look forward to the changes that are going to come as a result of these pending changes.

El Chiricano Webzine reported this story which was published in http://www.aeronautica.gob.pa/

I hope El Chiricano will give its personal view of what the average Chiricano thinks of this move.

Aeropuerto de David

David Airport

I needed to stop by the David airport today to purchase a ticket. While I was in line to buy my ticket, I over heard a couple complaining about having to pay for excess poundage on their bags. If I remember correctly you get 30 pounds per person and over that will cost you.

If you have to pay an overage, don’t take it out on the baggage handlers. They just work there and don’t set the policy.

Stop Right Where You Are And Put Your Hands In The Air.

National Air Service Helicopter 132
If you remember yesterday, when I landed from returning from Panama City, I took a photo of a National Air Service helicopter that I saw at the airport. It was the first time I had seen one there and I thought it was unusual for them to be there.

Today I read that around 1:30 PM yesterday, the helicopter and its11 man crew was involved in shooting down a Mexican Cessna, in Puerto Armuelles, carrying about 400 Kilos of cocaine.

Read the rest of the story here.