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AeroPerlas Special

I received the following information, by email, that may be of interest to those of you needing to fly between David and Panama City.

Aproveche nuestra venta especial y compre su boleto ida y vuelta de Panamá a David o viceversa con una tarifa de solo $ 99.00.+IMPUESTOS

Condiciones de la tarifa:

1- La tarifa no incluye impuestos y cargos, los mismos deben ser cancelados por el cliente.

2- Fecha de compra: del 19 de abril al 25 de abril del 2010.

3- Fecha para completar el vuelo: del 19 de abril al 31 de mayo de 2010.

4- La venta de boletos está sujeta a la disponibilidad de asientos al momento de la compra.

5- No aplica para venta de boletos de 1 vía.

6- No se permite cambios de fecha. Aplica nivelación tarifaria en caso de cambio de fecha de vuelo.

7- No se permite reemisión del boleto. Aplica nivelación tarifaria y cargos administrativos vigentes en caso de reemisión.

8- Esta tarifa no está sujeta a descuentos u otras promociones.

9- La tarifa no es comisionable.

Lo invitamos a visitarnos en www.aeroperlas.com o llamarnos al 378-6000 para hacer su compra.


Take advantage of this great promotion & buy a round trip ticket from Panamá to David or viceversa at $ 99.00 fare.

Fare conditions:

1- Fare does not include taxes and surcharges.

2- Parchase date: from april 19 to april 25, 2010.

3- Date to complete de the flight : May 31, 2010.

4- The sale of this fare is subject to availability at the moment of the sale

5- One way tickets are not available in this promotion.

6- Change of dates are not permitted with this fare, must be reemitted to a full fare ticket to apply.

7- Remission of the ticket are not permitted with this fare, must be reemitted to a full fare ticket to apply.

8- No discount or promotions are available with this fare

9- This is a no comissionable fare.

We invite you to visit us at www.aeroperlas.com or call us at (507) 378-6000 and buy your ticket today.

New AeroPerlas Flight schedule

I just received this email related to a new schedule for the AeroPerlas flights between David and Panama. Also there is an announcement about the flight from David to Boca.

Estimados clientes:

A partir del 26 de enero les ofrecemos un nuevo horario:

DAV PAC: 7:55 am    (lunes a domingo) (Monday through Sunday)
12:55 pm   (lunes a sabado) (Monday through Saturday)
6:55 pm    (lunes a domingo) (Monday through Sunday)

PAC DAV: 6:30 am    (lunes a domingo) (Monday through Sunday)
9:55 am     (lunes a sabado) (Monday through Saturday)
5:30 pm     (lunes a domingo) (Monday through Sunday)

NOTA: Les anunciamos que a partir del lunes 25 se reanuda la frecuencia de DAV-BOCAS ISLA (11:20am)


Ma. Magela Miranda ● Ejecutiva de Ventas

Edificio del Hotel Puerta del Sol, David – Chiriqui. Rep. Panamá

Office (507) 721 – 1230  ● (507) 721 – 1195

Office (507) 775 – 6812  ●  Fax (507)  775 – 7779

E-mail: apventasdav@aeroperlas.com

TACA Airbus Accident in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The accident yesterday in Tegucigalpa, Honduras was tragic, but it appears to me that landing there isn’t that easy in the best of weather. If it is raining and foggy, then the difficulty increases.

Here is a video I found on YouTube showing the approach that is required to land in Tegucigalpa. Imagine a rain filled foggy day and you can see that it is an accident waiting to happen.

I have learned to schedule a flight to Panama City from David, or vice versa, in the mornings during the rainy season. Usually the mornings have a better chance of being sunny, while the afternoons always have a chance of rain. It can rain anytime, during the rainy season, but the probability goes up in the afternoon.

You may be aware that the David airport is funded to lengthen its runways to accommodate larger international flights. I hope they are planning plenty of extra stopping room for these planes. Of course with the way fuel prices are going, that runway extension may take several years.

UPDATE: For some more photos of the accident check out this blog’s post with photos.

TACA Connects To David, Chiriquí Panama

On February 18, 2008, TACA had its inaugural flight to David, beginning a service that will allow travelers to come to David without spending the night in Panama City. I was fortunate enough to have an invitation to this event, and what an event it was. The first thing I noticed, when I entered the airport, was that TACA has taken a visual position at the Aero Perlas area.
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New Air Traffic in David

While I was waiting for a flight to come in from Panama City, I watched a couple landings, I have seen before.

First was this helicopter.

The second was this private jet.

I asked some of the AeroPerlas employees about the private jet and they told me that private jets have been coming in a lot. Many from Houston carrying people interested in looking at Boquete. Color me surprised.

My Latest Information On Copa Beginning Flights to David

There have been several posts on the Yahoo groups recently asking the status of Copa coming to David. This is an update to a previous post in Chiriquí Chatter.
I wrote a friend of mine, Wee-Mingh Fung, who is the President of the Chiriquí Chamber of Tourism and asked him if he had any news related to that subject. His reply follows:

Hello Don, my friend Enzo Polo got together with Mr. Heilbron, Vice-President of COPA and apparently so far COPA is planning to fly directly from Panama City to David. However, Heilbron denied to Enzo that COPA might have plans to fly directly from Miami.

I will look into this matter closely.

FYI, there might be a possibility that a flight might start with a route — Limón-San José-David with “Nature Air” (from what I understand a small airline company that started in Costa Rica). I was invited by the Chamber of Tourism of Limón (and about 4 other Tourism Chambers of Costa Rica) along with the Tourism Chamber of Bocas del Toro and FEDECAMARAS to a meeting that was held in Limón, Costa Rica, with the purpose of joining efforts to make this whole the Costa Rica – Panama region a “sellable multi-destiny” for tourists. The meeting was a success and agenda has been put together to start working towards that common goal. We are having a follow up meeting perhaps next month.

Puerto Limón in Costa Rica will start getting a great influx of tourists as more cruise ships plan to arrive there.

I am also sending this email to a couple of people that I know are interested in seeing this “direct flight” from Florida become a reality (or any other flight from other friendly countries that can bring tourists to Chiriquí.)

Best Regards,

WM Fung