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Upcoming Apple OSX 10.10.3 Update

Apple has a new OS X 10.10.3 update that will soon be released. It is currently in Beta test and the actual release date has not been announced.

My reason for writing about it now is that this update will require some decisions that may not be obvious.

One of the big changes in 10.10.3 will be related to the new Photos App. I have been looking forward to this release. When Release 10.10 (Yosemite) came out, Apple users were notified that Photos would replace the iPhoto application and the Aperture application, which I used, with a simpler all-in-one editor.

When I installed OS X 10.10, I removed Aperture from my systems and started using GIMP on the interim.

While Photos will not be as capable as Aperture, on release, it should satisfy my needs and has a much nicer photo management system. That is the good news.

It also will begin using iCloud storage for the photo library so that it can sync across all Apple devices. iCloud storage only provides 5GB free and if I were to chose to sync across all of my devices, it would not contain all of my library.

There are pricing plans for increasing your space to meet your requirements.

While cost is a factor, my recent test of using cloud storage (iDrive),  proved to me that, in Panama at least, this may be a very bad idea.

While I had been looking forward to this upgrade, I am not sure I want to upgrade to the new Photos application until I know more. I do know, I will not move to the new iCloud storage. Cost is one factor, but performance under Cable Onda is another.

It appears that, with the update, I will be able to decline iCloud Storage and use only local storage. As long as this is true, I will upgrade. This is the first truly controversial Apple upgrade I have encountered and it will require thought before blindly installing it.

Up In The Air

Apple releases IOS 8 today. With the reviews I have read, it should not go on any iPad 2 and possibly not on the iPhone 4S, which is what I have. I may put it on one of my 4S iPhones and see how bad the performance is. If it is too bad, then I will consider trying to get an iPhone 6 when I am in the U.S.

What a shame. I really didn’t want to change iPhones till the next model.

It also means buying any of the iPad Mini’s that may still be in Panama stores is a bad idea since it uses the same cpu as the iPad 2.

The other problem I will have in not running IOS 8 is that I want to move my desktops to the Yosemite OS in October. I am afraid if I have IOS 7 on my iPhone, it will no longer sync with Yosemite.

I will be coming back from the U.S. with some new technology, the only question is what it will be. October, Apple is supposed to announce new PC hardware and possibly a new Apple TV.

The jury is out on how much Lilliam will allow me to bring back.

I should add that I am running the third beta distribution of Yosemite on my MacBook Air and it is running great. The second beta distribution removed all of the problems I saw in the first distribution and brought no new problems. By the time it releases in October, it should be rock solid.

HERE is a really good article on Apple.

Apple Yosemite Beta Testing

The last couple of weeks have not been much fun for me. Lilliam has been in Panama City and it has just been Koki and I looking after each other.

All of my time has been making trips to and from the stroke victims house, to the bank finding options for paying the stroke victims bills, or getting some carry out food. I told Lilliam, on one of my phone calls, that we needed to buy some new dishes. When she asked why, I told her because all of the ones we have are dirty and in the sink.

I am not sure she appreciated my humor. She comes home today and the sink will be empty and all dishes in their proper place.

As I said, I have not been doing anything I enjoy, so yesterday evening, I decided to begin another technology project. Getting involved in studying technology and solving those types of problems, rather than other people’s health problems, relax me and get my mind thinking about something that is fun. Continue reading Apple Yosemite Beta Testing