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Chromecast in Panama

I was just at the MultiMax in Plaza Terronal. I noticed that they are carrying Chromecast for $49. That is about a 40% increase of the price in the US.

However if you were going to order it from the US, you would probably pay the savings in postage to get it hear, so I guess that $49 is a reasonable price.

I would have bought one to play with for $35, but not $49. I have to think it would be a good alternative to the Amazon Fire Stick I use to run KODI and KODI is available in the Google Play Store, so installing KODI should be very easy.

Those wanting to try KODI in Chiriquí now have another source.

Two More KODI Installations

I brought back two Amazon Fire Sticks and finished the configuration after installing KODI on them.

I am still using The Wolverine Build as my build of choice. This is a build that is supported by MrHArias. If you use this build, I recommend adding MrHArias Wizard to your Facebook groups to keep up with the status of his builds.

Amazon is starting to flex its muscles. In a past system update, it made the Fire Starter app incompatible and I am no longer using it. However, the Fire Stick system also added the ability of seeing the most recently used Apps by double clicking the home button and I am finding this good enough to not look for a Fire Stick replacement.

The only downside to no having the Fire Starter is that you cannot upgrade KODI on the Fire Stick to new releases without using adbFire.

Installing KODI on the Fire Stick is reasonably easy using the adbFire application on your PC. However, installing The Wolverine Build was a pain in the butt because I could not get the ARES Wizard to install on KODI on the Fire Stick. I had no problem on the Fire TV, but the Fire Stick was a problem.

I read that Amazon is starting to require KODI to be removed before certain apps can be installed. This isn’t a problem for me since I don’t need any of the conflicting apps.

Two more Fire Sticks have now been configured and I expect the users to be very happy with their purchases. They have cut the cable cord.

Small Tech Update (Good News and Bad News)

For followers that have followed my suggestion of installing the FireStarter app as a front-end to launching KODI, when Amazon Fire TV updates to the latest update (Fire OS, it removes Fire Starter from the system. That is the Bad news.

The good news is that it placed KODI in the recently used app section of the standard Amazon Fire TV menu.

If I learn of a Fire Starter update that allows the app to reside on the Fire TV, I will try it and let you know if it is worth installing.

I haven’t checked to see if Amazon also updated the Fire Stick and removed Fire Starter form it too.

I will update this post when I check my Fire Stick.

UPDATE: It does affect the Fire Stick and most likely the entire Fire line including the tablets.

Moving From or To the Dark Side

I guess it all started when I bought the Premier Smart TV Box. That was really my first Android experience. I have never been a Google fan and therefore not an Android fan.

However, I am a fan of Linux and even though Android is Google’s version of Linux, I wanted to learn more.

My primary reason for buying the Premier Smart TV box was to play with KODI and experiment with Android. When I saw KODI’s benefits, I started looking for other devices to run KODI and that took me to the Amazon Fire Stick along with other manufacturer’s Android boxes.

The Amazon Fire Stick runs Android with Amazon’s user interface on it. For $39 a pop, I was hooked on an another Android product. It was as fast as an Apple TV and could run everything the Apple TV could plus Amazon Prime too. In addition, I could install KODI on it.

I have never considered buying an Android cell phone, but I had a friend come over with a new Nexus phone he had purchased. It was a beautiful phone. I decided to update myself on the current Android cell phones, just for fun. You know, just an academic exercise, no intention to do anything except learn something new. Continue reading Moving From or To the Dark Side

KODI on FireStick

It is always good to get some positive feedback in the morning.

Hi Don Ray,

Just FYI..

I have all the services I want up and running on my 3 sticks, in fact I just ordered 2 more.

Your recommendation for using the Amazon Fire Sticks was well founded, I will certainly recommend the same to anyone who asks.

Keep up the great work.



I will say up front that Dave is not technology challenged. He wrote me asking about installing KODI on the Amazon Fire Stick.

I am going to write the instructions I gave him, that he used to install KODI on his Amazon Fire Sticks. I have cleaned the instructions up a little from what I gave Dave, but admit, they are not totally complete. However, they should give a good idea of what is involved to do the install. Continue reading KODI on FireStick

IPTV and Streaming Hardware in Panama From My Perspective

A lot of this topic has been covered before and can be found by searching for KODI or IPTV or XBMC on this blog.

Today, I want to cover some new hardware that has been announced and the direction I am going.

I have seen a lot of people signing up for a new service provided by Carlos and I wrote him to find out more about what he was providing. I wanted to know the model of the box he was using and pricing.

This what I received.

The name and brand is Avov TvOnline  I am selling the Box for $130. Install/setup fee is $75 ( if I have 3 or more scheduled installs) and the programming subscription is $150 per year or $100 for 6 months or $75 for 3 months.

Installation/Setup consists of: Determining the Internet connection (Wifi or Ethernet) and which will be used followed by a speed test. Configuring the Stalker Middleware with the server information and the unit’s Mac ID. Opening the account and activating the subscription. Once all is good and I start the Tutorial on whats included in the subscription which consists of 3 categories, Live Tv channels, Video on Demand Movies (1230 English and Spanish movies from 2012-present) Radio on demand that all run off the private server.

Lastly I set up a few 3rd party apps for additional additional movies, Tv series etc. I show you how to use the Android Mickey hop Market (20 apps and growing) to get these extra goodies like 1Channel, Movie25, Dream, Kodi 15.2. These apps run off the internet and are not associated with our server.

Average Installation/setup/tutorial is 2 hours

All this is necessary to provide my clients a thorough understanding how everything works. Followed by support via e-mail or phone throughout the duration of the subscription.

Continue reading IPTV and Streaming Hardware in Panama From My Perspective

Exploring KODI

As the result of my previous IPTV post, I received some questions and it may help of I spend a little time walking you through the installation of KODI and give a brief description of the features that the TVMC installation provides.

Note before you start, that you will need a high-speed Internet connection to enjoy Internet streaming.

First, lets install KODI. I have installed it on multiple Android devices and PCs. I am currently using a $39 Amazon Fire Stick and think it is hard to beat for the price to have KODI on a TV.

Lets assume you want to check out KODI and see if it provides value for you before investing in a stand along Android box.

The easiest installation I have found is to use the TVMC installation provided by tvaddons.

There is a short YouTube video that will tell you something about tvaddons, which is one of the primary providers of add-ons for KODI.

Below the YouTube video, are the sources of the downloads for what ever system you are going to install on (Mac, Windows, Android, Fire Stick, Linux and others.)

For the purpose of this post, I will focus on just Mac and Windows. Click on the appropriate “install” and it will take you to the page for that device type. There is also a good description telling you how to do the install after the download is completed.

If you have installed an application on a PC before, I don’t think you will find this difficult. Continue reading Exploring KODI

My IPTV Experience in Chiriquí

I am writing this post to give my experiences with IPTV in Chiriqui. I see so many people writing about their magic IPTV box and it being the solution to everyone’s English TV needs. Many are listing prices that seem a little extreme, unless there is something I don’t understand. I am always willing to learn something new.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocal TV and is the distribution of programming over the Internet.

This requires a provider on one end of the connection with the media and a receiver on the user’s end to receive the programing and deliver it to the PC or TV.

The boxes I am familiar with, to receive programming over the Internet, come down to a basic few.

There are Apple TV products that starts at $149 and the previous model that is $69. There is the Roku family of products that run from $35 to $99. There are, what I will call, the generic Android boxes running Google’s Android OS costing generally $40 to $100. And there are branded Android boxes with the best known being Amazon’s Fire family.

All of these provide the capability of receiving programing over the Internet. Many offer services such as NetFlix, Hulu, etc., which require a monthly fee. Since all programming is delivered over the Internet, it requires a high speed Internet connection.

Now let me spend a little time talking about a software product which will receive programing over the internet called KODI (Previously known as XBMC,  X-box Media Center). This is public domain software that is absolutely FREE. KODI can be added to the either the generic android boxes, Amazon devices, PCs of all types and is absolutely FREE. Continue reading My IPTV Experience in Chiriquí

New Amazon Fire Devices

On September 9th I wrote that I expected Amazon to release a new Fire TV because the current model was out of stock on Amazon.

Amazon did update all its Amazon Fire devices, following Apple’s announcement. The Fire TV got the biggest upgrade supporting 4K TVs, a faster processor, and adding support for AC WiFi.

The 4K feature won’t be worth much in Panama since the bandwidth to stream 4K movies will be much higher and streaming standard definition is a challenge in Panama.

The announcement said that the Fire Stick and Fire TV would support Alexis, which is Amazon’s counterpart to Apple’s Siri. The Fire TV will ship on October 5 and the Fire Stick on October 22. To support Alexis, I assume will mean an OS upgrade. There was no OS announcement, so I will have to wait and see.

I don’t see any change to the Amazon Fire Stick other than they are charging $49 to include the remote with voice control or $39 for the standard remote.. The processor and memory appear to remain the same.

While it looks like the Amazon Fire TV is lagging behind the new Apple TV, it is also $49 cheaper. For my needs in Panama, it still appears that Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV are the better buys since the systems are open to installing KODI.

I would probably buy a Amazon Fire TV, if I could get it here cheaply. I would just move the living room Fire Stick to another TV.