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Anti Virus Side-note

I have refused to buy an anti virus for the one PC that has Microsoft Vista . I have always kept it covered by a Microsoft endorsed product.

There are so many products out there, that I am convinced that you can use the commercial products and not have to use the freebies that are OK but not quite as good in my estimation. Most of the products provide a 30 to 90 day trial. A day before the trial period is over I remove the current product and install the next.

It also gives me a good test of the different products and if I like one well enough, I could decide to buy it.

That brings me to the reason for this post. I have never really had any problems with Microsoft Vista. I run it on a powerful PC and that may make the difference. However, over the last month, I started having some problems. When I would plug in a USB device, I would not get a notification. Sometimes I would have to reboot to have the device recognized.

This was irritating me. I was to the point that I have been considering upgrading to Windows 7. The current AV I was using was G Data, which had pretty good reviews. I had noticed that my PC would slow down at times and when this was going on, the AV indicated that it was updating and running a scan at the same time.

I had about a week to go on the trial, but I decided to switch it out and removed it and installed Rising.  With that change all of my Vista problems left. All USB devices are recognized when they are plugged in or removed. The PC has sped up and all is right with in my PC world.

As you can see from the THIS PAGE, there are enough trial versions to allow you to test for over a year. By the time you get to the end of the list the next version will be available and you can start the process over again. Yes it does cause a little work, but when you live in Panama all you have is time and using 15 minutes a month to change software is almost entertainment.

To this point G Data is the only product that has caused me a problem. If I try it next year, I will not wait as long to replace it if problems arise.