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Moving to Panama – Technology Cons

This is the second post on technology’s role for people moving to Panama.

In this post I will focus on some of the dangers that technology poses for those that are new to using technology.


Let’s start with the most obvious. The technology I am talking about requires the Internet to be useful. Connecting to the Internet will require an email address and an email account requires a password.

This is the first point of failure for most people. They don’t realize how important it is to have a hardened secure password. I have written several posts that cover the password subject and won’t cover the topic in detail here. A search on this blog for “passwords” will bring up old posts.

I will summarize what I have previously written as follows. All sites and emails requiring a password should have unique passwords. If you are using the same password for multiple things, you are already in danger. Continue reading Moving to Panama – Technology Cons

Another Apple Sierra Problem

The previous problem was that Sierra broke magic Jack. I chose to ignore it because I have MJ installed on my cell phone.

Today, I discovered that Time Machine was not doing its backups. Actually. I probably can’t say this is a Apple Sierra problem, but a problem with SOPHOS AV. It is preventing the Time Machine from running. Unfortunately, I can’t uninstall SOPHOS cleanly, so I am going to have to call Apple for help.

I expect SOPHOS needs to be removed by manually deleting some internal files and I don’t trust myself to do that without Apple on the line.

Hope I can get it resolved tomorrow. Tuesday is my day to watch the Google announcements.

Security Alert for AVAST Users

As a result of listening to a couple Netcasts, I have been made aware of a security problem, if you use AVAST as your Anti Virus software. I have used AVAST for a long time, but it has now been removed from my MacBook Pro laptop.

I have replaced AVAST with SOPHOS, which I have used in the past.

This is just a heads-up to anyone using AVAST as their AV.

The following Netcast of Security Now covers the problem, but the video is a 2 hour video.

Chromecast in Panama

I was just at the MultiMax in Plaza Terronal. I noticed that they are carrying Chromecast for $49. That is about a 40% increase of the price in the US.

However if you were going to order it from the US, you would probably pay the savings in postage to get it hear, so I guess that $49 is a reasonable price.

I would have bought one to play with for $35, but not $49. I have to think it would be a good alternative to the Amazon Fire Stick I use to run KODI and KODI is available in the Google Play Store, so installing KODI should be very easy.

Those wanting to try KODI in Chiriquí now have another source.

Two More KODI Installations

I brought back two Amazon Fire Sticks and finished the configuration after installing KODI on them.

I am still using The Wolverine Build as my build of choice. This is a build that is supported by MrHArias. If you use this build, I recommend adding MrHArias Wizard to your Facebook groups to keep up with the status of his builds.

Amazon is starting to flex its muscles. In a past system update, it made the Fire Starter app incompatible and I am no longer using it. However, the Fire Stick system also added the ability of seeing the most recently used Apps by double clicking the home button and I am finding this good enough to not look for a Fire Stick replacement.

The only downside to no having the Fire Starter is that you cannot upgrade KODI on the Fire Stick to new releases without using adbFire.

Installing KODI on the Fire Stick is reasonably easy using the adbFire application on your PC. However, installing The Wolverine Build was a pain in the butt because I could not get the ARES Wizard to install on KODI on the Fire Stick. I had no problem on the Fire TV, but the Fire Stick was a problem.

I read that Amazon is starting to require KODI to be removed before certain apps can be installed. This isn’t a problem for me since I don’t need any of the conflicting apps.

Two more Fire Sticks have now been configured and I expect the users to be very happy with their purchases. They have cut the cable cord.

Small Tech Update (Good News and Bad News)

For followers that have followed my suggestion of installing the FireStarter app as a front-end to launching KODI, when Amazon Fire TV updates to the latest update (Fire OS, it removes Fire Starter from the system. That is the Bad news.

The good news is that it placed KODI in the recently used app section of the standard Amazon Fire TV menu.

If I learn of a Fire Starter update that allows the app to reside on the Fire TV, I will try it and let you know if it is worth installing.

I haven’t checked to see if Amazon also updated the Fire Stick and removed Fire Starter form it too.

I will update this post when I check my Fire Stick.

UPDATE: It does affect the Fire Stick and most likely the entire Fire line including the tablets.

More on the Technology Front

This post will be 100% on technology. It may not be of interest to you, but I have found that some technology has been absolutely necessary living in Panama and therefore, I keep writing about it.


Connecting to the Internet is an absolute necessity for me. I could not exist here without it. I am happy to say that the Internet has improved a tremendous amount, since I moved here. A lot has been because I live in David, but a fair amount has been because of upgrades by the Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Panama as a whole.

I routinely have 10 Mbps download speed. While this is minuscule compared to what is normal in the US, if is fine for me and allows multiple rooms to simultaneously be accessing the Internet at the same time. When Lilliam’s family comes to visit, I may have as many as 8 people connected at one time.

Most of my news and entertainment come from the Internet, which will lead me to my next point about KODI.

KODI Continue reading More on the Technology Front

Moving From or To the Dark Side

I guess it all started when I bought the Premier Smart TV Box. That was really my first Android experience. I have never been a Google fan and therefore not an Android fan.

However, I am a fan of Linux and even though Android is Google’s version of Linux, I wanted to learn more.

My primary reason for buying the Premier Smart TV box was to play with KODI and experiment with Android. When I saw KODI’s benefits, I started looking for other devices to run KODI and that took me to the Amazon Fire Stick along with other manufacturer’s Android boxes.

The Amazon Fire Stick runs Android with Amazon’s user interface on it. For $39 a pop, I was hooked on an another Android product. It was as fast as an Apple TV and could run everything the Apple TV could plus Amazon Prime too. In addition, I could install KODI on it.

I have never considered buying an Android cell phone, but I had a friend come over with a new Nexus phone he had purchased. It was a beautiful phone. I decided to update myself on the current Android cell phones, just for fun. You know, just an academic exercise, no intention to do anything except learn something new. Continue reading Moving From or To the Dark Side