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MStore Inauguration June 4, 2015

A little rain could not keep me away from the inauguration of the Apple MStore in Plaza El Terronal. Lilliam and I arrived around 4:50 PM.

It wound up being a full house. Many people turned out. There was food. There was drink. There was Panama’s Cardinal to bless the business. There were beautiful women. There were plenty Apple products to see. What more could one want.

As a side note I watched the Cardinal demo his iPad for some people. That just goes to show you that Apple is truly God’s chosen technology. 😀

Jual Carlos and some of his staff

I took a photo of Juan Carlos Staff, who is responsible for the David store along with several of his staff. All wonderful people and everyone in the store are 100% Chiricanos!


I had a great time. Lilliam did as well. She pointed out her choice for a new iPhone. She was even more interested when she heard she could get a trade-in discount by using her old 4S.

Karen from Panama City

I got to spend some time speaking with the MStore Panama City technical service manager. It is really nice to have an official Apple service department in David.

It was another successful store inauguration for me. And this is my favorite store. Too bad I don’t have more money.

One of my objectives for the opening was to get at least one photo of me with Karen Jordán who acted as the hostess for this event. Mission accomplished!

Karen Jordán
Karen Jordán

Remember if you stop into the David MStore, tell them you learned about them on Chiriquí Chatter. Not that you need it, but here is a Google Map to the new store.


MStore in David is Open

The new MStore opened on Tuesday. It is really nice to have a dedicated Apple store in David. This is an authorized retailer and servicer of Apple products.

The store is in Plaza Terronal and a few doors to the right of the Samsung store. I stopped in and took a few photos.

I spoke to one of the managers and asked a question I had been asked about training. I was told that training was something they would be looking at, but is not currently available.

English is spoken in the store.

Would sure like to have one of the new iPhones. Maybe for Christmas.

I played with the new MacBook 12 inch. I really like the keyboard and new trackpad.

The store also carries many accessories for Apple equipment.

This store is a good addition and another reason I don’t need to go to Panama City.

If you stop in to MStore, tell them you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Just Signed Up For Apple Care

I just added Apple Care to my Mac Book Pro. I am still within my first year, but outside of the support period for phone support.

With all the changes I expect to appear in the next IOS and OS X release with iCloud and the new Photos App, I am counting on needing Apple phone support. This may be the first time I have ever paid for an extended warranty on any product. At least I don’t remember any other times.

I must say that the Apple Phone support I have received on my Apple products has been outstanding. The support has either been immediate or they have set up an appointment for a specialist to call me.

I have used Dell support, HP support, and others, but I have found no comparison to Apple’s support.

Apple Care isn’t cheap and for this Mac Book Pro it runs $349. Only time will tell whether I feel that I receive value equal to money spent.

I needed to call Apple today because of a problem I was having with my contact list. It required a transfer to a senior specialist and she was able to sort out the problem in about 15 minutes. I can honestly say I would never have solved the problem no matter how long I Googled the problem.