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Saying Goodbye to an Old Flame

It was just about a year ago that I bought an Olympus 550 UZ camera. In only one year’s time Olympus has released two models to replace the 550. Technology, whether it is in computers or cameras, doesn’t have that long of a life cycle anymore.

While, in general, I have loved the Olympus 550, when Casio announced the EXILIM Pro EX-F1, I got the bug. Then as the Casio reviews started coming in, I saw that it had too many flaws in the initial release and that it would take a couple of generations, before it might be worth the money. Plus, it appears to be as large as a SLR.

As I was reading the Casio reviews, I saw Olympus release the new 570. It had changed several items that I interested me. While I thought the 560 changes were minimal. the 570 had made major improvement. I was hooked.

In general, all functions of the camera have been refined. It feels solid. The zoom ring was one thing I wanted. The manual focus has improved. It now accepts an external flash. It has face detection. It went from 7.1 to 10 mega pixels. The lens cover snaps in place. Many more items can be seen on the Olympus site. The one thing that Olympus didn’t change is that it still used xD memory. If Olympus would move to the the SD memory, I think they would increase their sales.

While it is smaller than a SLR, it gives me most of the capability of a SLR without having to change or carry extra lenses. It is larger than most point and shoot, but still small enough to be carried around, which I do all the time.

I am going to send my old flame, the 550 UZ, to my son. I know that he needs a good camera to send me photos of my McKinney grandkids. 🙂 Think he will get the hint?

Camera Ordered And Shipped

After PanaFoto sent me the emails stating that they had sold all of the Olympus SP550 UZ cameras that they had in stock and they had no idea if or when they would have more, I started searching again.

I was fortunate to find one on Ebay and bought it. I received an email yesterday that it has been shipped. I had the seller send it to my daughter’s house in Texas and that will save me over $100 in duty, taxes and handling.

I have always had good luck with Ebay and don’t expect any problems this time. The only bad thing is that it is testing my patience since I have to wait until I get to the US to get it. At my age I have a problem with deferred gratification.

My plan is to take my existing Canon S2 to the US and see if my daughter can get a better repair price from the Canon repair center in Texas. If she can, she will have gotten a good camera out of the deal as well.

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Open For Recommendations

I received a call from the Canon repair shop, here in Panama City, and they want $240 to repair my Canon S2. I did a quick search on the Internet and a new S2 would cost about the same, if I wait and purchase it in the US, so repairing in Panama makes no sense.

If I am going to have to replace that camera, then I can consider replacing it with a newer model. The new Canon S3 is one option. The reason to stay with this same type of camera is that it allows me to also take videos.

Another side of me says that maybe it is time to move up to a digital SLR. This opens up a lot of options and also a large amount of price variations. If the SLRs took videos, then there would be no question and I would switch.

Under consideration are :

  1. Canon S3
  2. Canon S3 competition
  3. Olympus 500 or 510.
  4. Nikon xx – various models
  5. Canon SLRs – various models
  6. Sony A100

Any experts out there that want to make recommendations.