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Spam In The Form of Comments

I remember when I first started blogging that you had to pay attention to all comments that you received. There are spammers that are extremely effective in using spam bots to fill your blog with all sort of nasty unwanted spam comments. To make it difficult to find, the spammers don’t comment on the current posts. They run through your blog until they find old posts and use them as their target.

At first, I had so few people reading my blog that it was easy to just manually delete the comments. Manually isn’t the best way to control it for a couple of reasons. First the delay factor allows the comments to be read by anyone until you get it removed. Second, it is easy to get careless and miss some spam and you won’t know about it until some one reads it and sends you an email.

WordPress has made spam control very easy. It has a built-in plugin, called Akismet, that is very effective. I also use another plugin called Bad Behavior. Between the two, I rarely have to do anything anymore in managing spam.

Below you can see the how these products have helped me.

Akismet has caught 10,023 spam for you since you first installed it.

Bad Behavior has blocked 1039 access attempts in the last 7 days.

If you are blogging and have some spam hummingbird (colibri in Spanish) sticking its beak into your pretty petals of polished prose, then you may want to check into some of the automated spam guards.

There Is Always A Silver Lining

I always believe that there is a silver lining to whatever happens. You can always look at things from a negative perspective or you can see the glass as half full.

My most recent Windows XP problem that knocked out my PC reminded me of this. Since I had to rebuild my PC, I decided to install the 90-day trial of Symantec software and start another year of antivirus evaluations. As you can tell, this post is going to be technical and anti-virus related so if you are not interested in that you can skip it. Continue reading There Is Always A Silver Lining

Are You The Reason I AM Getting More Spam?

Everyone complains about spam, but few people do anything about it. And what is worse, a lot of the people that complain the most are probably contributing to the problem. In fact they may be part of the ring of computers around the world that are pumping spam and viruses around the net. Continue reading Are You The Reason I AM Getting More Spam?

Spam Comments

Everyday I receive a large amount of “Comment Spam”. When comments are entered, WordPress requires an email and it is also possible to enter a URL of the commenter’s site.

Spam comments obviously don’t have legitimate email addresses. Most fake a yahoo or hotmail address, though I am starting to see that gmail addresses are increasing in use. Continue reading Spam Comments

Reverend Willy Graham Is No Longer With Us

It is with deep sadness that I notify the fans of Reverend Willy Graham that he is no longer with us. I do not know if he succumbed to one of the many viruses that he received in his emails or if he suddenly became wealthy beyond his wildest dreams and is off doing good for the less fortunate. I understand that at last count he had over 8 new propositions that offered him great wealth.

I only know that his email address has been removed. Wherever you are Reverend Willy, we will always remember you.