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Economica Auto Rental

While I was out the other day, I noticed a new auto rental company. It is Economica. To get to the rental location turn off of the InterAmerican Highway on the road going toward Super 99 and McDonald’s.

You will find the company on your left before you get to Super 99.

Here is a photo of the site.

Here is the business card with contact information.

I visited with the staff and they spoke good English. They said they had been in Panama City for the past eight years and were now opening in David. They do not have an office at the airport.

If you stop into Economica, tell them you heard about them from Chiriquí Chatter.

David Auto Rental Companies

While I was at the airport today, I picked up the business cards for the car rental companies that were at the airport. I have created a separate post for each company. Hopefully the information will help those that are looking for rental car accommodations in David.

If you use the companies and want to report your experience, it would be better to post a comment on that company’s individual post rather than this post. Also if you find that this information is out of date, I will try to update it.

This post will act as a index to all rental car companies in David that I know about.

I am not associated with any of these companies and know nothing about their rates. Also don’t write asking for a recommendation. I have told you all I know.

The companies, as I know them today, are: