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A Surprise

The ExecutionI went by the postoffice yesterday and had a note stating that a package was being held for me. The package was a signed copy of The Execution. This was the second copy that Sharon Cramer, author of The Execution, had sent me.

The first was not sent registered mail and walked off. I contacted Sharon, after I thought sufficient time had passed for me to receive the first book.

I regret that she had to pay $22 to send this one registered, but I am grateful that this one survived the Panama mail system. It was postmarked January 21 in the US and I was unable to find the date it was received in David.

The Execution has been a memorable experience for me. In my original post, i wrote how I came to find the Execution and how the writing affected me.

However, to me the book brought me more enjoyment than just a good read, because I gained a friend by getting to know the author. Only a friend would send not one but two books to ensure that it was received. The Internet has allowed me to meet several wonderful people that I would not otherwise have met.

The Execution, which I would say is intended for an adult audience, is on the opposite end of the spectrum to Sharon’s other books which are aimed at the younger generation, such as my grandkids. Her books can be found on her webpage.

Sharon has been fortunate and The Execution is being released as a movie. I think every author’s dream is to have his or her work turned into a movie. I congratulate her. Her books are available in hardcopy in all the major distribution formats. The Execution FaceBook page is located HERE.

Thank you Sharon for this memorable experience. I look forward to the movie.

The Execution

I am not sure how I became acquainted with the BookBub.  It is a site that notifies you of eBooks being sold at an excellent value. Each day, after signing up, you will receive an email with current specials. The books are available for the majority of the popular readers.

The good thing is that you will be presented with a lot of great reading at prices beginning at $0. The bad news is that in a matter of a week, if you are value conscious like I am, you will have several weeks of reading in front of you. At this rate, I will never get them all read.

It was through BookBub that I found The Execution by Sharon Cramer.

I took mine as an Apple download, but the link I provided above is for the Kindle.

Here is the description the was provided by Amazon;

The Execution is a powerful piece of dark, romantic fiction. A gripping thriller, set in the fourteenth century, it has strong elements of romance and intrigue. This book will propel you along in ways you’ve never experienced as you follow two parallel stories that come crashing together in a stunning finale. Award winning author, Sharon Cramer will break your heart beautifully as she compels you to recall what absolute hate and perfect love truly feel like.

When the young priest, D’ata, faces the ruthless killer to be executed the next morning, all is not as it seems, and things quickly crash out of control for both of them. Set in fourteenth century France, it is an epic, two-sided tale, woven amidst the cataclysms of that magnificent and wretched time as the two men tell the astonishing stories of their lives.

Recommended for adults only: Contains Graphic Violence, Sexuality, and Mature, Adult Situations

It was the book cover that caught my eye and I downloaded it with minimal expectations. Amazon’s description is on target. Especially it’s adult reading recommendation.

I am one of those folks you notice sometimes in a movie that is sniffling, if not downright bawling, when a movie has done a good job of doling out a very emotional scene.

It is something I can’t help. I get involved in the movie and its characters and when they are happy I am happy and when they are sad I am sad.

However, I think this may be the first book that produced so much moisture streaming down my cheeks. To say it was a page turner is not enough.

The mental images that are presented in this book capture you and you are transported into the 14th century. You will find yourself deeply involved with the characters and hoping that the next chapter is better for them.

I will make a bet with you. If you read this book’s first chapter to its very end, you will not put the book down.

I need a tissue.

Chest a Little Bigger. Heart a Little Fuller.

Before I start, I want to apologize to those that drop in to Chiriquí Chatter expecting to see something relevant to Panama and Chiriquí each day. I know other blogs have more discipline in that regard, but I just write what is on my mind at the moment. It is sort of therapy for me.

This morning, I feel about 10 feet tall. Yesterday, my daughter sent me an email with a link to her blog. I had not checked it for a while and was surprised because I thought she had quit writing it. I read the current post and then I read the previous two posts.

I had mentioned, in a past post, that my daughter and granddaughter were collaborating on a book together. Now in today’s age, that in itself is an accomplishment. To have a young college student and her mother in a good relationship is worthy of a blue ribbon all by itself.

Her current blog posts were about her moving along the path of writing her first novel. Within these posts, she gave me credit for her testing her writing skills and actually allowing others (and now with the Internet – everyone) to be apart of this writing journey.

I know that I am a little biased, but Kim has talent. She had posted things in the past, about her daughter Olivia and her son Carson, that cracked me up. Erma Bombeck wasn’t any better.

As she said in her email this morning, she has realistic goals. In today’s world it is difficult to stand out and become a top seller. However, she is loving what she is doing and as she says, “..that is worth more than money..¨.

In the posts I read, she also mentions Jane (Britt) Vasarhelyi of Boquete for helping her. Jane, I thank you also for your kindness and support.

Here is the short email that made my day today and probably several days to come. It was her reply to my email thanking her for mentioning my encouragement to write in her blog.

Well you really and truly are the reason I began writing in the first place. You convinced me to start a blog years ago and last year you encouraged me to write a book when I probably would have never even thought of doing that. The more I write, the more I love it. I’m very realistic about my chances of writing a best seller as there are so many people writing now because it’s much easier to publish. But the day I hit that “Submit” button and upload my book will be worth more than money to me. It feels good to finally have an attainable goal in life.

Glad you like the blog. 🙂

In case you are interested in the three posts in Kim’s blog that got my day off in fantastic fashion, here they are in order.





I have just realized another reason I prefer reading a book on my iPad instead of in paperback or hardback form.

It is WORDS!

I guess I never read the way some people read, with a dictionary in one hand and the book in the other.

I never took the time to look a word up in the dictionary when I was reading a book. If I hit a word I didn’t know, I would ignore it and get the meaning of what was being written by the surrounding sentences that had words I understood.

Had I not been so lazy, maybe my vocabulary would be better now and maybe my spelling too. Thank goodness for spell checkers.

Back to “words” and the iPad. When I am reading a book on the iPad, it is simple and quick to tap on the word and a define option appears. I tap on “define” and a nice window pops up and I am no longer wondering what the word meant.

I suspect it it may be the same with the Kindle as well, but since my Kindle reader is an Apple app, I can’t be sure.

I am reading a book by Stephen King (On Writing) and have hit the define request several times. I got my copy from the iBook store, but the link I gave you was to Amazon. I buy my books from Apple if the prices are the same.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the last verbally challenged reader out there.

In a previous post I mentioned another reason I enjoyed reading using this medium, that being able to crank up the font size.

Well, I am going back to the book, but since I had this revelation, I thought I would share it with you.

The Healing Book

So after years of my daughter saying she was going to do it, she is actually doing it! Kim Frank (my daughter) and Lindsay Kaye Corse (my granddaughter) are co-authoring a trilogy together! They anticipate the first book to be released sometime this summer. It will be available on Amazon and possibly Barnes and Noble online as well. Please “like” their page for The Healing Book. They will be revealing a little about the storyline in the coming weeks and will hopefully have the cover design finalized within the next month.

Angels in Panama

bookcover2I have several copies of Larry Matthews’ book Angels in Panama. It is available on Amazon for $15.95 in Kindle format, $34.95 in Hardcover format and $29.95 in the paperback format that I have.

You may be familiar with Larry’s blog. Larry is a retired Air Force officer that lives in David.

He has a current article about a medical situation he has been experiencing.

I was visiting with him this morning as he is still tethered close to his oxygen. He asked if I would let my local readers know that until he gets rid of the paperback copies, that he will let them go for $5.00 each. I will add that anything over $5.00 will be appreciated.

Many readers are turning to Kindle and he wants to move these as soon as possible. You can contact me and I will meet you with the book. I am doing this as a favor.

Here is an idea. Someone could buy the 10 copies I have on hand and then put them on Bid for Boquete. That would help Larry and Bid for Boquete too.

The Innocents Abroad by Malcolm Henderson

Last week I met a good friend of my for a cappuccino and a chat and he brought me his latest book to read. I had met Malcolm several years ago on one of my neighborhood walks. It was at that time I read his first book, “Don’t Kill The Cow Too Quick”.

Since reading it, I have considered “Don’t Kill The Cow Too Quick” to be a must read for anyone considering living in Panama. This book is sort of an autobiographical experience of Malcolm’s time in Panama up to the date the book was published, if memory serves me well. I recall thinking often as I read it, “Been there and done that” and a few times “glad that didn’t happen to me”.

I had heard that Malcolm had a new book that had been released and when he gave me a copy, I felt very honored. Had I not had several interruptions, this book would have been no more than a two day read for me. I am not a fast reader. For most readers, it will probably be a day because I doubt that you will want to put it down. I didn’t, but some things are not under my control.

This book is a novel set in Panama with all of the elements to keep you turning pages. Plenty of Panama influence and culture, a dash of sex, toss in some international intrigue, a thought provoking social order in the making and a good reading list to prepare you for the book that will follow “The Innocents Abroad”.

Malcolm took an interesting approach in writing the book. It is done as a set of diary entries and email communications between the small number of characters. I was impressed that under such a simple approach, he was still able to dramatically tell his story and flesh out all his characters. And for the clincher, he ends the book with you considering the premiss of the story and letting you know that the characters will continue in another volume.

I enjoyed the book. I think you will too.